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‘Model-dol’ Nine Muses reveals debut song ‘No Playboy’

Upcoming girlgroup Nine Muses reveals their debut song ‘No Playboy’ on 12th August.

After listening to the song and the MV teaser, loving it so far?

25 Responses

  1. It reminds me of an Wonder girls song from the first album “Bad Boy” ;

  2. tsk.tsk.tsk i could really hear Genie in the background 😦

  3. 1. No Playboy sounds like Rihana’s Please don’t stop the music Jolin Tsai’s Real Man. (don’t believe? check it out now!)
    2. Some scene looks like Genie.
    3. Some dance looks like After School’s and Snsd’s. Hey. I actually think that 9Muses is like snsd a.s. They can’t dance
    4. The Song is ok because JVP write the Song
    5. Most, if not all, look plastic.

    So, for anti sones who are saying that snsd is plastic, what about them??
    You can see that 9muses have already a lot of anti groups … Me too 😉

  4. LEGS o_O

  5. 9muses will own snsd!

  6. I don’t know how i feel about this song. It isn’t so great, but maybe I’ll have to listen to it more.

  7. well
    the song is kinda good but for me its kinda boring but who cares go Nine Muses fighting ^^
    i want to see your live stage
    and STOP comparing them to snsd
    snsd = cute
    Nine Muses= sexy

    • ^This. Plus, SNSD is not the first group to ever have nine members so people need to get over it.

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  9. Don’t like :/ they seem too sexy and of course they’ll get more men but I don’t think teens want to listen to this cuz they r more teens into music then adults

  10. well honestly, i didn’t think about “Genie” at the beginning of “No Playboy” x_X

    anywayz, the songs are okay.. let’s wait for the full MV =P

  11. they sound whiny?? i dunno. just my opinion. didn’t like the teaser either. the fact that they mixed garter belts, hot pink suits and half naked men, just kinda screams cheap to me? i’ll wait for the perfs. i’m not gonna hold my breath tho.

    and the beginning of no playboy *screams* GENIE. lol.

  12. seckshi? yes. sexy? no.

  13. lol I can’t get over them wearing garter belts in their MV…

  14. i LOVE this song but not the rap

  15. JMHO No Playboy is a little boring nothing special. Best of luck to them though.

  16. Are they trying to do a Genie II ? They totally failed.

    I’m not even a SNSD fan (I like them though) but the beat at the beginning, some dances steps and the fact that they are 9… They are asking for comparisons. Is that what their company wants ? They want them to be known as the copycat version of SNSD ?

    At least ZE:A had a bit of originality.

    • I agree with you. Since SNSD/Kara will be away in Korea for a few months, hence many girlgroups are debuting and copying the same style as SNSD. You can clearly see the same concept and style of their music and target of audience.

      Seriously, what I see on the MV is the mix concept of Genie and RDR. Secondly, why 9 members?

      • Truthfully the “sexy” concept (If that’s what you’re talking about) is a very common concept. Just because SNSD/Kara left does not mean that they are not allowed to do it. SNSD/kara don’t have the most original concept.

        I have to say if they have a good live with good dance, then this song would be pretty good.

      • first do you think and SNSD is any better than Nine Muses? i mean SNSD is not that orginal either it is not like they own that style or whatsoever…

  17. so Secret, Nine Muses and Rainbow all have comebacks around the same time….sheesh i admit I’m looking forward to 9 Muses and Secret..Rainbow not so much lets see what they got to bring to the table..

  18. Some parts of Ladies sounds like I Hate This Part by the Pussycat Dolls especially the “na na nanananana” lines. Hopefully, there won’t be any charges against them since I’m starting to like the group. I didn’t even expect these past models to have such powerful vocals. Can’t wait for their MV and perfs.

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