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Rainbow reveals full MV to ‘A’

The full MV to girlgroup Rainbow’s new song ‘A’ has been revealed on 12th August.

Love it or not?


20 Responses

  1. i dont know how to say this but why their eyes look surprisingly BIG !? they look like cats. are they using contact lenses ? especially the girl who has a thick eyebrows, i’m kind of scared.. but yeah i love the song anyway

  2. not bad~

  3. One of them looks like… Narsha? the other Suzy from Miss A..

    correct me if im wrong.. is this the same rainbow with the song gossip girl? if it is.. they look diff. =)

  4. never liked this group since the debut..but this song is much better than the previous ones…

    idk whether its the lightning or wut but some have too much powder on their faces that they look whiter than the necks -__-

  5. i didn’t like the song so much after i saw th mv :/

  6. oh yeah, kangnam room salon girls dancing (aka shaking, seizuring a bit, bending over, then posing)… and with booty shorts not covering their asses?

    guys dream baby

  7. sounds familiar and the MV looks skanky.

    thumbs down for this one.

  8. idk, all songs from rainbow,secret and nine muses are just plain for me. catchy, but i dun think they wud win no 1.

  9. o_O they’re clones aren’t they !!
    hmm song’s ok. type of choreo that’s going to be all over the place live though.. we’ll see on their comeback

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  11. it sounds good!!!!!

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  13. kinda reminds me of 2NE1’s fire spacee MV the black and white set……but suprisely the song is quiet good.. :))

    • I hope no-one bashes you and or starts a fanwar. Please understand that it’s just an OBSERVATION not a blatant comparison between blank and blank. So I ask for fans to be mature and not generalize a certain group of fans. On a different note I love the song but the MV seems bland/boring, what happened to MVs with semi story lines.

    • You’re really asking for a fanwar, aren’t you?

      • chill dude,im a blackjack, n i dun get offended. she’s just saying what she saw, duhh
        i too think that some parts of the mv reminds me of 2ne1 fire n 4minute’s muzik. but overall, NO.
        people have to chill man.

      • umm NO i’m not askin for a fanwar i’m just saying that it reminds me of fire space verison a little bit?… just chill…..

      • ^Lol no. It’s ’cause last time when somebody said that a big fanwar happened =]

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