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Secret-Nine Muses-Rainbow for a ‘showdown of the girlgroups’ with new music releases on the same day

Girlgroups Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses come together for a showdown with their new album released on the same day.

Amidst the absence of strong girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA etc, the 3 girlgroups released their new albums on 12th August. We first had Secret releasing their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’ – the minialbum and MV was released at 12 midnight and it went up to the #1 spot on GomTV MV chart.

And there is also 7-member girlgroup Rainbow releasing their new song ‘A’ and the MV to the song on 12th August. The girls are back since their debut song ‘Gossip Girl’ with improved and more charming features. We also have rookie girlgroup Nine Muses releasing their debut single on 12th August. The group has garnered much interests even before their debut for their modeling background and are given the nickname of ‘model-dols’.

Nine Muses released their debut title song ‘No Playboy’. The song is said to have its lyrics written by Park JinYoung.

With so many girlgroups already out there, much attention is on whether Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses will be able to have breakthroughs or write a new history in the Kpop scene.


20 Responses

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  2. I like Rainbow’s song the most
    But Secret’s Madonna is good too

  3. I prefer Secret’s out of 3.
    The song’s wonderful!
    The golden outfit’s adorable.

    Rainbow’s following. The song’s cool too, but not really catching at the first hear as ‘Madonna’.

    As for Nine Muses, well.. Nothing really impressed me so far.
    The vocal ability can’t really be seen from the song.

  4. SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333

  5. Song: A>Madonna>No Playboy
    MV: Madonna>No Playboy>A
    Group: Secret>Rainbow>Nine Muses

    I honestly think Secret has the best chance of being successful now that there aren’t as the article said any “strong girl groups” promoting.

  6. I really like Secret’s new song. ^^
    I really think that Nine Muses needs a lot more work. But their MV looked good. :]

  7. SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333
    SECRET <33333

  8. hmm, surprising i like nine muses’ mv the most.

    i like it that they made good use of their model advantage. the mv was cool (: but none of their songs impress me D:

  9. rainbow looks maddddd slutty. me likey ;]

  10. lol i dont know anyone in rainbow or nine muses…

    secret fighting

  11. Rooting for secret the most, followed by rainbow, then nine muses. Best of luck to these girl groups! 🙂

  12. secret and rainbow ftw!
    Nine muses? hmm….did u guys hear the intro of their song? it sounds so much like Genie’s intro.
    oh well, whatever. So much for anticipation.

    Love Madonna! ❤

    • I almost expected Genie to play actually instead.

    • Agree that the intro sounds like Genie.
      And the middle part reminds of of Wonder Girl’s style.
      Are they another JYP’s girlgroup?

  13. Secret and Rainbow’s songs are great. Nine Muses’ song is bleh.

  14. Song-wise, Rainbow’s won me over. =]

  15. i watched all three but i definitely love rainbow’s song and secret’s dance, will reserve my view on nine muses, 9 is really a huge number for me, still can’t recognise who is who

  16. Like their seniors (SNSD, Kara and 2NE1), I hope all groups can succeed. I love Secrets Madonna because of their vocals and Rainbows song is very catchy. Nine Muses look very polished for a rookie group. Good luck to them all.

  17. wow look at those LEGS..

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