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Secret reveals full MV to their comeback title song ‘Madonna’

Girlgroup Secret comes back with their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’ with the title song ‘Madonna’.

The MA was revealed on 12th August at midnight. Love it or not?


39 Responses

  1. A+ for consistency. I absolutely loved this mini album! Their title song might seem like Mazik v.2 but weirdly enough it didn’t even bother me at all. I hope they get awards for this one!

  2. I love Secret but this song is too similar to Magic. If they were going to promote this song they probably should promoted it instead of magic since between the two this is the better song with much better choreography. I really wish their entertainment company was smarter with their management because it would be really sad to see such talent go to waste.

  3. not bad~

  4. I like it
    Madonna is better than Magic..
    I am ok if this is called magic 2.0

  5. their company must’ve have high hopes for the to spend so much, wheras other girl group can only produce mini albums and d.single at times…

    • no surprise. because these girls actually have something to show. not just pretty packaging. they got the talents and not bad in the looks department either.

  6. im no fan of secret, but madonna looks promising. though i was wondering what it sounded like, then you guys said “magic pt.2”, then i went “Oh!”. but still the choreo and the song is catchy. even the mv is good.

  7. I always like Secret’s songs. All their tracks are worth listening. I can’t listen to this now but I’m sure this one doesn’t disappoint. Girls need more spotlight. One of the most talented female rookies.

  8. I like it, it’s not bad.

  9. definitely reminded me too much of magic. but i guess i am the only one who likes magic better which i liked at the first listen. this one may take some time getting used to.

  10. I think am gonna like Secret more after magic…
    the song is nice and catchy but listening to it sounds like ‘magic’…

  11. another ver of mazic ??
    well this is better in every thing ^^

  12. The best comeback song today. Hands down. Seriously, this is AMAZING. Thank you for using an original concept.

    Hyosung!!! *fangirl scream*

  13. First, i will breath a sigh of relief, the last article made it sound like they were gonna release an autotuned track (electric dance). I love how we can actually HEAR the band in the background (rarely do i hear instruments in Kpop, just digitalized sound).

    The more i listen to it, the less it sounds like magic, this is definitely an upgrade but with all the awesomness of Magic (i.e the power focals, insturments…) kept in but with better lyrics.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, João Alberto. João Alberto said: Secret reveals their comeback title song ‘Madonna’: Girlgroup Secret comes back with their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’… http://bit.ly/a9DsW5 […]

  15. mmm.. I don’t like it :/
    NEXT !!!

  16. All I know is that HyoSung is smokin’!!!!

  17. Lol they’re soo beautiful and they aways shaking their body XD. zinger!!! Looks hot.

  18. Love it ❤
    the yellow dresses are cute ❤

  19. these girls are SEVERELY UNDERRATED. magic ver2?? LOVE IT. i see nothing wrong with a version 2 of a previous song which was also a great song. it’s execution was fun and they worked it. love them and their songs are great as usual. they can do no wrong in my book. <3<3

  20. love it

  21. Wow, the comments weren’t joking when they said Magic 2.0. But I didn’t like Magic, and I don’t really like Madonna either (Although I’m very happy there is no Mazik in this one). Truthfully I would’ve liked Magic better than Madonna if it didn’t have the weird “Mazik” in it.

  22. Too similar to Magic (MAZIK)!!
    At least this song they pronounce it as Madonna and not Mazonna!

  23. “oh wow, fierce!!” no…

  24. yeah def magic version 2. just no annoying pronounciation of madonna.

  25. They look gorgeous but the overall vibe of the song and choreography is too similar to Magic.

  26. AMAZING ! Totally love itt !

  27. I’m glad that they found their niche but the song and choreography seriously screams Magic V.2. All the best to Secret though, their mini-album is amazing like always.

  28. Secret is gonna have one hell of a comeback!!!
    It is sorta like Magic but it’s 100x better. Secret Fighting!
    They’re definitely coming out with a BANG!!!

  29. first of the few to saw that mv
    its almost the same as their hit magic
    but i guess it works
    because the dance and mv concept rocks

  30. glad that they stick on ‘Magic’ (Mazik x)) concept.. hope they have an impressive coreo for this

  31. a ripped off of Magic…MAGIC ver. 2

  32. isnt that a MAGIC remix with different lyrics? but damn this is 100x better than magic and it is cacty as hell!

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