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SNSD TaeYeon voted as the female idol singer with the best vocals

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is picked as the female idol group member with the best vocals.

A poll was conducted for 9 days on online community portal site DCInside from 3rd August till 11th August on ‘Which is the main vocal with the best vocals from female idol groups?” And TaeYeon got voted #1 with 1,725 votes out of 16,639 votes.

f(x) Luna and Brown Eyed Girls Jea are voted #2 and #3 on the survey with 1784 votes and 1114 votes respectively. Other than them, other female idols voted on the survey include 2NE1 Park Bom, SeeYa Kim YeonJi and WonderGirls SunYe.


78 Responses

  1. taeyaeon ran away with over 10,700+ votes. the closest (2nd) is a measly 1700+. 10,700+ people cant be all wrong!? these are names that are available in the poll so take it for what it is and stop putting (put singer/idol name here) on your list thats not there.

    I personally thinks taeyaeon is quite good! congrats to her!

    • what’s wrong with having our own preference??? it is a poll anyway. so everyone should be entitled to “vote” whether it counts or not. =__=”

  2. In terms of Idols: CSJH Lina>Tae. Other than her yes Taeyeon would probably be considering the best. With Luna, Yeeun, Sunye and Soyeon and Ji eun etc.

    OUTSIDE of just idols, NO WAY. Lee Haeri, Kim Yeonji, Girl from Lady collection, Gummy etc >>>Tae

    Similar to Xiah Junsu being considered the best of male idols but Naul, Kim Bum Soo, Kim Johan, KWill etc would destroy him.

  3. Really all i think is that this poll is based on popularity, really becasue it’s everyome’s own opinion. OH bom is better than taeyaeon, but Yeeun can sing too, and davinchi are vocal groups. Well, I have to admit that you may not think of Davinci as idol but they’re technically are becasue they are singing for a living, making cds and performing on stage. Also all the girls that were mentioned can sing, your prefrence really onlydepends on the music you listen to. Park Bom she is know for her soulful voice that isn’t common in kore, Taeyeon her voice is powerful and she is really the only one in snsd that can sing really well that is why her voice stands out. so yeah…

  4. actually, i think bommie rocks it more with ballads. her songs with 2NE1 doesn’t really show off her full range and her abilities. she does have an r&b flavor, but she works best with slowjams like r&b and ballads. her downfall is singing while dancing. i have seen her perform live and she was never shaky or out of breath. but when she needed to incorporate dance as well, she gets weak.

    i think taeyeon is good, but she’s not my fave and i think there are two or three others who are better than her.

    this is a vocals with IDOL girls poll and it doesn’t include technical skills so my vote goes as;

    1. bommie – 2NE1
    2. jieun – secret
    3. sunghee – exKARA

    the rest are taeyeon, tiffany, sungyeon, minji, hyolin, luna, yeeun and sunye in no particular order.

    • “1. bommie – 2NE1” ROFL really????? lol
      Jieun sing way better than bom

      • that is MY vote. what’s it got to you??? if you think jieun sings better, then fine! go make your own vote list. =____=” but IN MY OPINION, bommie’s voice is more unique, powerful, rich and pleasant than jieun’s vocals. jieun is tecnically better than bommie live. but bommie sounds better than jieun. that’s MY opinion. again, MY OPINION.

        get off hater. i don’t want your virus all over me.

    • since when Boa is a idol singer ????
      boa is not an idol.

  5. where is BoA??!!

  6. i think jessica has got 1 of the best female idol vocals as well..i dig taeyeon’s vocals,but i gotta say that luna’s vocals are more powerful and energetic..so,luna would be 1st on my list followed by jessica and then taeyeon.. =)

  7. The main vocal from the group SECRET is one of the best voice I’ve heard on kpop girls. Taeyeon would be second to that and then Luna. I guess this is also based on fans vote not who they really think is the best voice. I agree Taeyeon should be in top three lis but not the first sorry.

  8. its a just a poll people chill out LOL..there’s a lot of great singers out there but its hard to judge, it all depends on the tone of voice you like more.

  9. Yeonji is a far better singer than Taeyeon. FAR BETTER.

  10. Yaaay Taeyeon ^^

  11. i like both wg yenny’s!

  12. i think gayoon and jiyoon from 4minute should be there too they amazing voice .

  13. where’s hoylin from sistar? the girl can definitely go head to head with taeyeon in the singing department
    minzy should be up there too… she’s a rapper but the girl can easily be the lead vocal of any other idol group.

  14. Once again people need to know that DAVICHI and SEEYA aren’t idol groups. If they’re considered idol groups, I will let Big MAMA pawn all of them. lol

    And about Taeyeon chosen as the best vocally doesn’t always mean she has the widest range or the best techniques. it all depends on preference. There are people who love Tiffany’s vocals more than Taeyeon.
    Like Bom… She has good vocals but her color is more on R&B that I have never heard her singing other genres like jazz, ballads, or rock so I don’t consider her as my fav since I prefer those who can belt notes while singing ballads.

    My ranking:
    1. Lina CSJH
    2. Sunghee ( KARA ex-member) –> she’s too amazing that I can never forget her.
    3. Taeyeon SNSD

    • Oh my goodness, your post made me miss Sunghee. Such a waste that she had to stop before. I hope she comes back.

  15. the thing about taeyeon is that she is head and shoulders above the rest of her group members, that it somehow makes her seem all the more talented. imho, there are better singers. i think taeyeon lacks a lot of emotions and it shows when she performs. the times i’ve seen her performed, she doesn’t look happy 80% of the time -.- it just puts me off. her voice can get really strained too. and she cracks the most in the list. but that’s not to say, she is a bad singer. she IS great, but i wouldn’t put her top of my list.

    bom used to be so amazing. i used to think so highly of her. i was anticipating her debut so much because i had seen her performing during her trainee days. but now i see her as a great singer who doesn’t do as well live. she not only lacks the stage presence, her voice sounds shaky as well.

    sunye is a complete package. i think her 7 years of training contributes a whole lot to that. i think in that list she has the best control over her voice. she just never cracks her voice. idk why, probably because we see her as a complete performer more than a singer (it is a shame to just sing a ballad and not show her amazing talent in dancing, thus she has to do a solo number which has dancing+singing), people don’t really see it for her. but she’s definitely a gem since she’s the personnel jype’s artists and trainees alike look up to.

    • Sunye cracks a lot and ran out of breath very often. I’m a fan of hers but I’m not in denial. Yeeun is more stable.
      Sometimes I understand when Taeyeon or Sunye cracked. Their schedules were unbelievable for normal human-beings. They were also often forced to sing when they were sick. Even Kelly Clarkson sounded strained and raspy when she was sick. Although Kelly didn’t crack but she was on another level. I was just taking an example.

      And to say that Taeyeon stood out coz her fellow members were far below her is kinda too much. Seohyun is more stable than Taeyeon when they had to sing and dance at the same time and she reached high notes on point. Jessica’s vocal is also good but not many people love her thin voice. I personally like her voice and think she sounds like As One. If she has thicker voice like Taeyeon, more people will think that she was on par with Taeyeon.

      Taeyeon simply stood out coz of the position given to her. Just like Sunye. Many people prefer Yeeun over Sunye but Sunye was always the one considered as the best singer. Why? Coz of PROMOTION and the LABEL attached to them as the main vocalist…
      But this only applies to 2 members that have similar vocal talent. it wouldn’t apply if u give the title to members like Sohee, Yoona, Sandara or Uee. No offense… I love those members but they are the worst singers in their groups. So, like SJ for example. If the main vocalist label was given to Yesung instead of Kyuhyun. Do u think majority will consider Kyu as the best singer in SJ? My answer is no. We’re just used to the labels that without realizing we’ll always refer to the members labeled as main vocalists as the best singer.

      • mm I think YeEun definitely has powerful vocals man. Shame she got over looked. But I do think SunYe isn’t half bad. She can dance powerfully and sound great better than other singers who can’t manage to do both. But when she is still and sings she is amaaaaaaazing especially in ballads Stickwitchu, Saying I Love You, Survivor and more..

        Taeyeon is the same as SunYe, she can dance powerfully and sound just as well. But when she isn’t moving she sounds amaaaazing. Seohyun yes is consistant but isn’t that great if she had her own song. Taeyeon and Sunye I think would make it as solo artists in my opinion…

      • Taeyeon stood out the most in snsd because she’s simply the BEST in the group
        jesika -> can’t sing. whines most of the time. uses her cutesy tone in ballads. overly exaggerating in pronunciation. totally puts me off
        seohyun -> potentially the next best in the group. lacks emotions.
        tiffany -> great voice. terrible control & techniques
        sunny -> so-so voice.

    • “sunye never cracks her voice”
      are you serious? lol

    • I understand both rw and q’s position. Although I do agree yeeun is a powerful vocalist, that isn’t to say sunye can’t be as well. I don’t know where you got they marketed her as a powerhouse but I don’t see how its a detriment. She has proved her herself not to mention the ads I think you’re referring to are that of when she tried out for the talent show. Even then, as a tiny young girl, her voice was beyond her years. But yes, she runs out of breath but who doesn’t. Yeeun is great too but I don’t know, I guess its just a matter of giving credit where credit is due and because yeeun was a new member with little training and experience compared to sunye, who has countless years under her belt. Sunye is also in a group of 5 as compared to taeyeon’s 9 so obviously taeyeon would have less opportunity to lose breath. As for taeyeon, she’s amazing too and I would without a doubt place her as number one as well. As for her emotion when singing, you must’ve watched the wrong singer. Known for her infinite expressions, I mean, really? But everyone is entitled to their own so all good. I just believe the poll, although may be voted based on popularity, has some support and legitimate reason

  16. dana!!!

  17. wondergirls! yayyyyyy

    • and who ever say the WG need to seriously rewatch 2DT live performance.

      • And whoever hasn’t watched wg should seriously watch their irony days, 1000 song challenge, and other festivals when they sang other popular songs. It’s okay though, you’re not a fan so I would assume your assumption is baseless

      • We all have our opinions πŸ˜‰
        Although you should seriously watch their “Love You I Do” Cover. It is amazing.

      • @White Star sounds like a kpop newb. Do your research.

  18. What about Yenny ? I love her strong and steady voice…

  19. yeah taeyeon can sing. she seriously makes snsd seem more vocally talented than they really are

  20. Agree to this vote.
    TaeYeon has gorgeous vocals,
    and she is sweet and beautiful.
    I support her! =)

  21. SeeYa and Davichi are NOT considered idol groups

  22. Taeyeon is an amazing singer so I kind of agree with the result of this poll πŸ˜›
    also, one of the best vocals would be one of the girls from Davichi.

  23. Love Jea, Davichi, TaeYeon <333333

  24. honestly I agree with that poll.
    Taeyeon and luna have really good vocals.

  25. Taeyeon’s voice sounds really pleasant to me~ my vote goes with her!

  26. Tayeon is a wonderful vocalist, but I would definitely put BEG’s JeA, SeeYa’s Yeonji above her since I firmly believe these two women have the best vocals in kpop.

  27. Uhm…sookyeong..i think u got the info wrong. Taeyeon got ~ 64% of the total votes something not just around 1k :/
    anyways congratz to my kid leader Kim Taengoo πŸ™‚

    • congratz to MY kid leader Kim Taengoo

      I lol’ed at this comment.

      • Uhm..have issue with that?

      • ^ lol i also laughed at your comment. I never heard this before lol

      • I don’t see what’s wrong… “my” in this case doesn’t necessarily mean possession. I don’t quite know how to explain but I do it too. It’s a common thing

    • “Taeyeon took first place with 10725 (64.5%) votes, and that’s not a surprise since she pulls off any song she covers effectively. Second place went to f(x)’s Luna, who took 1,784 (10.7%) votes. ” AkP.

      • Um, I think you’re forgetting her duet with Park Hyoshin of “Snowflower”. That was….. awful. Luckily, PHS was there to make up for her lack of practice.

        I think this poll could be true if you don’t consider Davichi, Seeya, and those kinds of girl groups as idol groups. If idol groups include only those young dance-pop groups like f(x), WG, SNSD, Kara, After School (Fine, they’re not ALL young… ), 2NE1. But her voice is not that interesting tone.

      • The fancam of the perf tells otherwise though ^^

  28. wait.. i’m confused.. it says taeyeon has 1725 but luna has 1784… so then wouldn’t luna be number 1?

    • I notice that, too 0__0
      So confusing haha.
      But I agree that Tae Yeon vocal is very impressive. Tiffany is not bad, too

    • Taeyeon actually received 10,725 votes.
      The reason Davichi was not included in this poll is because Davichi is a duo and not considered an idol group.

  29. It’s just another form of “Which idol group is your favorite?” survey.

    If it’s not biased, then where is Boram? Where is Davichi? They’re not popular but they sure have nice vocals.

  30. It’s just another form of “Which idol group is your favorite?” survey.

    If it’s not biased, then where is Boram? Where is Davichi? They’re not popular but they sure have nice vocals.

    • Only Fools will believe this type of polls. Most of the polls are popularity survey. No surprise Ty is top there since snsd is in top of the career. And they will win most of the polls coz most of their fans are teens who will sit 24hrs in front of the computer and vote for them. When comes to vocals, Davichi are the best ><
      I dun hate them but I find they are wayyyy overated. Oh well this is kpop πŸ˜†

      • this is “Female IDOL singer” poll so yeah..there’s no Davichi or SeeYa in here. And idk where did u get that info most of SNSD’s fans are underage and 24/24 sitting in front of the comp and vote for them.

      • Oh well. Many antis bashed SNSD for having only ahjussi as fans now this one said that SNSD’s fans are teeny boppers who sit in front of comp 24/7? Why? coz ahjussis work n have no time to vote? lol
        SNSD has all kinds of fans from all ages n both genders.
        U can say this is popularity vote. Well yes indeed. but people have preference. So what if people love Taeyeon’s voice the most? Nothing wrong with that. That girl can sing.
        Btw, since when Seeya and Davichi become idols? They’re vocal groups.

        I personally think Lina CSJH deserves the top spot. Taeyeon n Soyeon T-ara can take 2nd n 3rd.

        I wanna choose Jea instead of Soyeon but until now I never consider them idols coz they started as vocal groups with one rapper. BEG was never an idol group but for the sake of more popularity, they changed concept to idol groups.

      • I love you anna for pointing out SNSD teen fans. SNSD is always associated with ajuhshi fans. so thank you for pointing that out πŸ™‚

        Among those idols stated above, I love Taeyeon’s the most. but among SNSD, I love JEssica’s unique vocal eventhough she’s not the best singer.

        In this video, I love Taeyeon’s the most. so clear & strong & powerful..

      • Davichi, Taeyeon, SunYe – Stand Up For Love

    • LOL. I agree with ya. WG yeeun is also missing. In my opinion, Yeeun has the best voice.

  31. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by aboutkpop and JoΓ£o Alberto, mai. mai said: K Bites: SNSD TaeYeon voted as the female idol singer with the best vocals http://bit.ly/9OS36h […]

  32. i think bom is better.. or someone in secret i forget her name… or davichi.. this girl is voted the best because her voice is waaaaaaaaay better than the rest of member’s……

  33. i don’t know about that i think YeonJi, Jea and Luna better than her.

  34. no comment…everybody will have their own bias so, yeah…

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