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TaeYang reveals sneakpeek into upcoming MV

TaeYang reveals a photo taken during the filming of his new MV.

TaeYang wrote on his Twitter on 11th August, “in the middle of the shoot” and posted a photo of himself in white sleeveless top and wearing a bandana covering half of his face.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Really look forward to the new MV”, “Look cool like a real gangster” etc.

Meanwhile, TaeYang also revealed photos taken during the MV filming 2 days ago on his Twitter, garnering great interests from fans and netizens.



19 Responses

  1. wow! since when did he has a twitter account?!
    time to follow follow YB! 🙂

  2. DAMN, his hair NEVER changes huh? LOL

  3. hot dayuuuum 😉

    sooooo i’m a cassie, but i definitely don’t mind becoming a vip as well for this hottie.

    • lol. don’t worry. there are also alot of vips who don’t mind being a cassie out there. VIP cassies. lol^^

  4. baby you’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate ~ .. no seriously. damn..

  5. He’s back to the old days concept. This reminds me of Goodbye Baby days. ^^

  6. haha I read what people are tweeting him is so funny they got no shame at all lol.

  7. wooot … so delicious-looking!! can’t wait for the international album and the MV.

  8. I love Taeyang…no homo!

  9. he’s back to HOT days
    sexy and simple with his signatures Mohawk and a white tank top
    love with
    19th is a special day for us all

  10. He knows he can do no wrong in my book (outside of You’re My, that was 10 kinds of wrong). Love you Tae.

  11. those arms O.O

  12. nice bandana i want one.

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