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B2ST & 4Minute Win Gold Disk Awards Oversesas

Both B2ST and 4minute received the honor of receiving Golden Disk Awards from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand at the 2010 Summer CUBE Stars Party on August 10th.

B2ST received the awards from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for “B2ST is the Best” and 4Minute was given the honor by Thailand for their debut LP, “For Muzik. Although, 4Minute were busy promoting in Japan they sent a video expressing their gratitude as a Cube representative accepted on their behalf.

B2AST’s leader Yoon Doojoon said, “We are so thankful that you gave us such a big award, and we will work even harder from now on. We will work harder to get awards like these.”

  • Source: Newsen & Asiaenews
  • Translating: kiwiannabear@4-minute.com

25 Responses

  1. GD wannable annoys me much

    • whoa, stop on the haterade man.

    • GD wannabe??? who???????/

    • yeah the leader jonghyun or w/e i cant fucking stand that guy. such a GD wannabe man it rlly pisses me off.
      u cant be any more obvious dude & ur not even half as good looking as GD. but then again all of beast is ugly.

  2. what’s with all the negativity? just be happy for them.not even a fan of either group and im happy that they’re getting whatever recognition anywhere. i commend cube for making their stuff available in those countries and aggressively promoting their artists. i wish my yg faandom would do the same.

  3. whatever lol

  4. Since when Malaysia have that kind of awards. This is so LOL moment.

    • IKR? like, malaysians don’t even look positively on the kpop culture as a whole. suddenly they’re giving out awards? i didn’t know my country even had a CUBE Ent. party. haha^^

      (trust me, i’ve been having a hard time defending the kpop culture with fellow malaysians.)

      either way, congrats to them i guess.

      now if only malaysia would start importing original korean albums. that way we won’t have to buy illegal rip-offs. srsly, i bought BIGBANG’s hot issue album thinking it was original since they had almost identical packaging only to find out that they misspelled GDragon as GDradog. hmmm…

      • THERE ARE sources and shops where we can find original albums just the thing people always barks about the price and went to look for cheapo/pirated ones. btw, even for a pirated one i dont think they’ll simply redesign the album. get real, u should know the importance of the hologram logo. duhhh. call me unreasonable but i hate to see such people who love blaming this and that instead of working it right.

      • i have no idea Malaysia has such award.. congrats to beast n 4minute.. haha

        i second u.. i can find korean albums in cd stores in Malaysia but have to look carefully whether it’s original or not.. i found beast and 4minute’s original cds.. that’s so cool.. LOL.. but it’s hard to find bigbang original cds.. *sigh*

      • @siti rafida: you’re so rude. EXCUSE ME. lol. i would know what i’m talking abt. i KNOW that there are shops to buy them, but i live so damn far away from those places that by the time i actually get to come, the albums are out of stock. and i’m financially well enough to easily afford TWO original albums in one go. the only reason i even bought the rip-off HOT ISSUE album was because i didn’t know it was a rip-off in the first place.

        sorry if i pissed you off because i didn’t notice there wasn’t a hologram logo. it’s my freaking money that got wasted on a knock-off not yours. damn. rude comment was rude. and i’m not complaining that there aren’t original albums available. i’m complaining that there isn’t enough of it. if universal malaysia or whatever labels requested and bought the rights for these albums to be distributed, then it would be ieasier for ppl like me to stay on the legal side. THAT was my whole point.

        if you can tell me where in Kelantan i can get access to such things, pls, feel free to let me know. if not, just stfu.


        p/s: that rip-off copy of hot issue was redesigned to look exactly like the original. that’s why i didn’t know until i checked the cover closely. not to mention the store had a sale at the time, so i thought rm50 wasn’t bad for an imported album.

        again. =_________=”

  5. Congratulations to B2ST and 4minute.^^

  6. they received the award because they sold 5,000 copies of their album in those countries
    i wonder what award suju get then since they properly sold more than 5,000

  7. “2010 Summer CUBE Stars Party” does it means the award is for CUBE artists? kinda confused here.

    • LOL WTF. exactly. if the party is for cube ent. stars, then obviously the only choices would be them, 4min & beast?
      or are they saying the awards were given to them at the party? either way 4min & beast are not popular, like extremely popular at any of those countries, t hey just had a tour but that’s about it.

    • LOL maybe the award is to boost their confidence up. i mean they arent doing that great (in korean or anywhere else)

    • no the 2010 Summer CUBE Stars Party is the concert, where all CUBE’s artists and trainees perform, all that happened was that at the concert, they received it and gave their thanks, not like it was a n award made for that party.

  8. wow..congrats,b2st..u guys totally deserved the awards.. getting recognition from other asian countries show how well-known these guys are..their hard work has paid off handsomely..hope that b2st will continue 2 make their fans proud with their talent and achievements.. looking forward 4 their comeback album in sept.. i’m pretty sure the album will b as daebak as ‘shock of the new era’.. b2st is undeniably the best! =)

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