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BoA and Super Junior EunHyuk’s cute and awkward handshake

BoA and Super Junior EunHyuk reveals a set of photos showing their awkward handshake.

The photos were released on KBS FM ‘Sukira’ official homepage on 12th August and it features guest appearance BoA who appeared on the show on 10th August.

In the photo, DJ EunHyuk and BoA were seen in an awkward handshake. EunHyuk said, “Even though I’m from the same company as BoA, we are still awkward with each other” and netizens’ comments are “I hope you 2 get close soon”, “really awkward”, “Even though it was awkward BoA’s smile shone in the photo” etc.


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  1. 4j4j4j4j4j4!

  2. i hope they get close soon too!

    i think its just more awkward for celebrities because they know of each other but dont “know” each other

  3. so cute ❤

  4. I always giggle everytime I see eunhyuk when he’s shy, so cute…
    BoA is really like a sunbae, they are too cute…I hope they get closer soon…

  5. Boa is so beautiful but eunhyuk … LOL

  6. Digging the pics a lot..boA and eunhyuk looked super adorable..they looked shy.. it’s like as if they are meeting each other 4 the first time in their lives even though they are under the same company.. =p

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  9. lol
    thats actually very cute photos

  10. I don’t like BoA because of Eunhyuk 😦

    • You don’t like BoA because of Hyukkie? D:
      Just because BoA is around a guy that you like, that shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t like her. You don’t own him.

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  12. oh i thought we have this so called “SM Family” then why feel so awkward? LOL..SME never had a family atmosphere in the first place..

    • family can be awkward towards each other too. sometimes if siblings don’t spend time alot together, they grow apart and get awkward. but it doesn’t mean they aren’t family.

    • you are so naive

  13. aah, they’re the same age too
    those pics are really cute though

  14. you are right

  15. man, if there Intimate Note is still airing, these 2 should’ve been there! hehehe~
    i didn’t know they were awkward, since they’re talking in twitter and all.

    sookyeong-unni, i read you twit abt not translating much…please don’t mind the inconsiderate readers. they’re just bored. 🙂

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  17. oh lolll i never knew that they were awkward haha

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