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Criticisms against f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s ‘bad attitude’ blown out of proportions?

Amidst criticisms against f(x) members Krystal and Sulli with a post posted up by a CF officer “The basics are just not right”, netizens bring up a post written by Sulli when she was young.

A post by a netizen has surfaced on 11th August on an online portal site on 11th August titled ‘How bad f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s attitude are”. The netizen then attached captures of posts by f(x) CF production team’s minihompy. The minihompy posts read “It is summer and we brought along some of our interns to do interviews with f(x) but anyway, the conclusion is that Sulli and Krystal these kids don’t even have the basics.”

With criticisms against the f(x) girls, netizens also brought up the case where Sulli had revealed a diary entry she wrote when she was in elementary school. Back then, netizens have thought that Sulli’s diary entry was cute but now with the recent criticisms, many thought that the diary entry sounded rude.

Even though there are netizens who thought the girls’ attitude is bad, there are also netizens who defended the girls in this event, “What is written is not confirmed, we should wait a while and see how things go”, “I hope this is not a case of a witch hunt” etc.

S: Newsen

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  2. errrmmm I really don’t get the whole story.. It seems like the article is either vague or incomplete..
    people tweet all the time.. mostly about complaints.. One day i’ll tweet saying gosh i hate britney, the next day i’ll say god I love britney… How does the statement represent the real thing?
    I don’t know is the CF staffs allowed to divulge and insulting thier client?? I think that alone can give SM the right to sue the CF company for tarnishing thier star’s image, no?
    I’m not defending those f(x) maknaes, putting their age aside, I wouldn’t say they have attitude problems, they might have personalities that are unfavourable to others. there are some of our own attitudes and personalities that can make others dislike us. It’s all depends on how ppl perceive them, they might not realise it.. We all need to cut off some slack..

  3. omg..nahhh not a fan of fx or even them….
    my say…bad attitude or showing ungratefulness and unprofessionalism will Not bring them Success into the world of showbiz.

  4. Krystal has always been a bitch, what’s so surprising?
    and Sulli, i thought she was this sweet girl & shxt but after seeing her attitude when Luna had that showoff with Charice I realized she’s a brat too.

    Krystal dude u look like a guy so idk what ur so conceited about cause u dont even got the looks nor the talent to back u up honey. ur not all that.

  5. I don’t trust the picture, for it could be a bad shot. A picture captures a moment, not the whole process of the filming. And not smiling is still ok. However, I heard that a staff tweeted sth like this (c:AKP)

    “f(x) filming. Only Victoria and Luna are likable. Listening to Krystal and Sulli’s demands are harder than picking stars out of the sky.”

    This totally ruins their images. I’m not an anti or whatsoever tho. But this tweet showed that they’re arrogant and have attitude problems. Being young doesn’t mean that they can have whatever they want, order everyone around like that.

  6. look at her reaction when luna cried when she heard charice’s voice. luna cried and sulli didn’t like it. she dared charice that’s she gave a sample!

  7. It’s scary to think how mocking-esque their attitudes could be like towards Amber and Victoria. Krystal’s gorgeous, but there’s always that certain ethical line on peoples faces that tells a certain aspect about them and her atmosphere was never really that “nice”. Sulli just always had a really negative look in her eyes. They have beautiful faces but really, they should know by now that being an idol means you have to bottle up your own desires and feelings for entertainment.

  8. Maybe they’re pmsing. I’m not even joking. Many people get angry at female idols when they’re not in a good mood – they immediately think they’re rude or stuck-up. But I’m pretty sure they still get their monthly visit.

  9. umm.. isn’t this getting out of hand?? remember they are only humans, not “smile-machines” plus they ar only what 15-16 years old.. i am aware that idols have more of a responsibility but c’mmon i think they can be forgiven.. everyone makes mistakes ..

  10. for all we know, this could be fake. and the staff who wrote those stuff on twitter, i wonder if they’re telling the truth or just one of those pathetic jealous antis.. seriously people, this is the entertainment industry, you can never be sure what’s true and what’s not.

  11. I’m not excusing their “rudeness,” but isn’t it a bit hypocritical to point fingers when we all know we’ve had bad attitudes before? And what were our excuses? I mean, these girls have extremely tight schedules, and they probably get no rest. Comparing them to Luna and Victoria is just dumb, too.
    Those are two completely different people. You don’t know what was going through Sulli and Krystal’s heads, so it’s not right to judge them. I hate to use it as an excuse, but they ARE young. All of us have had our “bitchy” days or our days where we didn’t feel like dealing with anything.

  12. Why is it a surprise? Snsd are their closest senior afterall…

  13. Puh’lease Krystal is as a bigger bitch than her other bitch of a sister, Jessica

    • Not a sone, but from the staff accounts of snsd, Jessica according to them is actually kind, considerate and professional. Don’t brick the hella outta me LOL, it’s from the staff accounts too.

    • Urgh..let’s see who’s the real b! ch here…

  14. People need to calm down

  15. fx is rather rude to me their face is pretty got talent in dancing but no talent in wiriting songs they just wait there to sing..what RUBBISH ! even big bang started writing songs at such a young age and they never being vain about it…what is fx ? huh child actress and sister of snsd another useless group
    if u are pretty and humble like hyori people will like u
    if u are pretty and no manners people hate u
    get ur life jerks

  16. hope sulli doesnt get any more “love calls”, she doesnt deserve the cash, fake-ass b**** (:

  17. I don’t think the people who made those remarks are in the wrong at all, it’s called freedom of speech and they’re just stating what they saw and experienced albeit it might not be completely true, maybe for that instance but not all the time. Idols don’t have to put on smiles all the time some idols have serious faces but are really kind inside.


  19. I’m glad Sookyeong is reporting this in an objective manner. Thanks. As always, u’re reliable. ^^

    My take is only the fact that Sulli’s diary entry has nothing to do with the recent attitude issue. LMAO
    Those netizens who brought the diary up better attend reading comprehension class instead of scrutinizing others. The diary entry was nowhere near rude. She wrote about her confusion as to why people kept calling her cute n pretty when in fact there were many others who were prettier than her. Plus she was a grade schooler then.

    Btw, i don’t buy this. We were all moody and emotional when we were their age but most of us learn from our mistakes n grow more mature although there r also some who don’t learn. These girls will learn and in the future we can see them as better adults. That’s why i don’t approve of comments that sounded like condemning them. Those who comment that way need to check themselves.

  20. They’re so young (15-16), and given their schedules, it’s just difficult to just deal at everything all at once. And like what ppl said above, some might be mature for their age, and some will take time to do so. We can’t really expect all 16 years old kids to be nice and gracious all the time; that goes to all ages actually, and that’s just how it is.

    That being said, I still hope SME and the girls themselves would do something about this (a little bit of adjustment perhaps), as this was not the first time something like this was written/commented about them.

    • Manners don’t cost a lot! I never once considered 15/16 young ages. When Krystal was showing her bra during performances people were saying “she’s not a baby, she’s a teenager”. Now all of a sudden she’s considered young? too young for manners.

      Also arn’t we all forgetting Luna and Victoria, if they can bother to smile, i can’t see why the others can’t. This article is from Newsen so obviously they can’t appear to be going against a big company like SM. I just hope the girls learn from their actions. Their still new to the industry and need all the support they can get.

      • I don’t know where you’re coming from, seriously speaking. I find 15-16 young, and that would be my similar perception to that bra incident, which is by the way different from this case (and which I have a different opinion, too). If you’re thinking I’m one of those ppl saying “they’re young” conveniently on different arguments, you’re mistaken.

        I wish that Sulli and Krystal could just do what Luna and Vic did, but sadly not everyone is like that. Some are mature and are patient enough, some are not and still takes time to learn. I did say that hopefully SME and the girls would do something about it (because it might hurt their careers in the long run), right? Did you not read the last part of my post?

  21. Those staff member are probably scared out of his/her wits right now from potentially getting fired because of those remarks.

  22. You’re right saying if she wants to be a celebrity she has to go through things like this, but still, is it too difficult to give her a little more time to grow up =.= Some people are more mature for their age and there are also some people who need a little bit more time. I also have days where I have to work from early morning until late night, I was so tired that I couldnt even eat or speak, so I totally understand that they also can get tired sometimes ..
    There are really people who are just physically stronger than other… You can’t expect everyone to be the same.

  23. everything in kpop is always blown out of proportion ><

  24. I won’t take sides because the issue is not confirmed but you guys can’t tell people that they shouldn’t judge them. They don’t call them Idol’s for nothing, people look up to them as their idols. I don’t think age should be an excuse for their behavior because if they can’t handle the lifestyle, they shouldn’t have decided to debut at such a young age.

    And it doesn’t help that Krystal had rude behavior on a tv broadcast before. but she did apologize for that

    • agree!

    • ” they shouldn’t have decided to debut at such a young age.”

      Well, why don’t you say that to SME.

      • You can’t blame SME for choosing young girls. It is easy to blame the big bad company for all these young girls’ actions, but ultimately, these girls decided to debut at this young age. It was their own decision to sign a contract with the company. No one forced them. So whatever actions they take, they need to take responsibility for it. But this is all he said, she said. There’s no solid evidence yet, so let’s all stop criticizing them of what may have happened.

  25. Krystal’s just embarrassing her sister. Gosh, she really need to stay out of trouble. This is the 2nd time krys! Not surprised about sulli though. She does look kinda bitchy sometimes.

    immature little kids….

    • lol she is embarrassing her sister ? wth

      Jessica wasn’t even mention here.

      • but since she’s a Jung. She’ll always be known as Sica’s sister. Everyone knows Krystal because of her sister.

        Don’t u know that dumb ass.

    • Kids are meant to be immature, and they learn from that. What are you even saying? I bet a lot of people their age are even more immature

  26. Some of the male idols are just as bad (won’t state names here). People need to be harsh on all of them.
    By doing that, you’ll be helping them so they can learn.

    • + Minho doesn’t smile –
      “Awww oppa. are you tired! he looks tired. take a break! don’t work so hard!! minho hwaiting! kekekekeke”

      + Sulli doesn’t smile –
      STUPID BITCH AND HER ATTITUDE PROBLEM! Suck it up, you whore. It’s your job. You chose to be an entertainer. You don’t work hard. You’re stupid. You are conceitd. You are the worst person in the world. How dare you consider yourself pretty in your diary when you were 6 years old. You are so overrated and i hate you. Forever. I always knew you had an attitude even tho i never met you.

      Boy idols have it so much easier.

      • sad but true..

        We should be more concerned at why women hate on other women so much.

      • @r2d2: Woman in general act way more catty than males every will. Sad truth.

      • @sara i have to say that i literally loled at your statement cuz it’s so true… and because it«,s 3h53 am here.
        Anyways… Everyone’s rude at one point in their life… especially in their teens *coughsullikrystalcough*.

        F(x) fighting!

      • tsk…never liked minho anyways…

      • If you said that male idols got more attention from the fan,thats true…but if said about minho and key are as rude as the girls…

        I’ll ask you..where did u find that they make a some rude things?gimme the proof!

        I’m not SHINee biased actually

    • Haa.. another example would be:

      – Key is a bitch
      “omg Key is such a fierce bitch, love it!! total HBIC. love this diva’s attitude & how he’s so frank about everything. Oh Key, never change bb”

      – Krystal is a bitch –
      “wow, Krystal is damn bitchy. who does she think she is? I mean, just look at that ugly expression on her face. gurl better change that disgusting attitude”


  27. the girls are only hurting their own careers. if they develop a reputation for being difficult, then they might lose future opportunities like cf deals, magazine spreads, etc. fans can excuse and defend them, but people who work in the business might not forgive them so easily.

  28. out of the huge number of idols .. they can’t be ALL perfect, that’s what makes them human, it’s not like going through training can erase all your inherent flaws.

  29. what?! a celebrity who isn’t the poster child of perfection?
    what? a 15 year old acting like a KID?

    *gasp* THAT’S never happened before.. how dare they.

    =.= [/sarcasm]

  30. I don’t like them, but I think you guys are too harsh. They’re at an age where they can still learn from their mistakes. People mature differently, so don’t even use the argument that the other members were polite & they’re close to the same age.

  31. it has been done..whatever the truth is..
    i think NOW is the time for Sulli and Krystal to prove those statements wrong..

  32. I think most have gone thru that age where we become so much irrational.
    I know kids that age and sometimes they pissed me but then I realized, kids that age really tend to be like that, irrational, moody, rebellious.


  34. idk but how can someone judge on others when they didn’t even meet them? Calling them rude and bitches? I dare u to say you’re better than them when your hands aren’t that clean either.

  35. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mai and aboutkpop, João Alberto. João Alberto said: Criticisms against f(x) Sulli and Krystal’s ‘bad attitude’ blown out of proportions?: Amidst criticisms against f(… http://bit.ly/bVBgwd […]

  36. Honestly I don’t know why netizens can’t cut her some slack, Sometimes ppl who are overworked have a temper, big deal, krystal and sulli might not know how to deal with these issues yet as they are both still very young –16, although u might not think this is a great excuse, but everyone have their temper once or twice.. but they just did it in a wrong time.

    Everyone makes mistake, I feel really bad for them, They’re at the same age as me and they are going through so much more than me.

    • same i do feel bad for them seeing how many antis they are getting, but personally the age thing doesn’t cut it for me….because they were the ones who decided to debut as an idol/celebrity. I’m sure there are great perks to being an idol but they need to accept the consequences and responsibilities of wanting to become a idol< such as watching their personalities. Even though they are overworked. its self inflicted, i mean they are the ones who wanted to have this kinda job so they shouldn't go round showing their temper, not only Krystal and Sulli, but all celebrities.

  37. I always thought Sulli was rude and indifferent. She kinda looks down on people 😦 As for Krystal, I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s rude, but rather that she’s conceited? x) She reminds me of Gyuri, only a tougher, more gangsta version of her.

  38. Since none of us was there and we didn’t know what rl happened so I’ll hold back the judgement and see how SM and the girls are going to handle this 🙂

    • I don’t think there’s a point in seeing how SM and the girls handle this…they are either gonna ignore it or they gonna apologise (which I think netizens won’t believe and just think they are faking it)

  39. You cant judge everything with single picture and 1 uncertain statements…
    I feel really injustice seeing Sulli and Krystal being hated. C’mon Everybody make mistakes, and they still young still doesn’t mature enough…

    • It was actually 2 statements from 2 different ppl if I remember correctly (one on cyworld and one on twitter)

      But I agree with your statement – I personally don’t think the way they’ve acted has warranted such reactions. I’ve seen worse from boy band members but for them ppl are always making excuses but when females do the littlest thing wrong, ppl are tend to blow up. Sexism at its worse.

      • So agree with u. Why is it so hard living as girl idols and actually girls in general? That’s why I don’t care when elders tend to nag at me about how i act too boyish n how girls are supposed to act certain ways.

        Sexism is everywhere n what is ironic is how most of the netizens who bashed on the female idols but defending the males are actually girls themselves. Pitiful… Instead of defending n protecting people objectively, they resort to defending their fav boys in a batshit manner just bcoz those boys have d***s.

    • if i remember correctly, this is not the first time. There was a time earlier this year when Krystal was accused of being rude during a variety show.

  40. some of you are saying crap about those girls when you should really start looking at yourself.

    If you can say all that crap after looking at yourself then honestly, I will be amazed.

    You people are saying that she is rude and shit. Look at what you’re doing yourself? Don’t you think all that fucken crap you are saying about her and to those other people is rude?

    • It just that I’m not a celeb. All celebs are obligated to be a good example for children. That’s why people are pissed at these two arrogant girls and beside they’re just kids to me. If they have these kind of manners when they’re just 16, I don’t want to imagine what they’ll be like when they’re actually star.
      Sulli image is cute, sweet and innocent. That would make people even more pissed because we might feel like we got fool by a kid.
      Some of you might mention about other singers but I believe every celebs will get the same reaction if they’re rudes.

      • “If they have these kind of manners when they’re just 16, ” — what kind of “manners” are you insinuating? Do you exactly know what these girls specifically did? You do not know the specifics, and you don’t even know the circumstances they are in. A lot of the 16 year old fangirls I know are possibly even more whinier brattier than Sulli and Krystal. Oh, but..they are celebs you say?

        It is true that Sulli and Krystal are idols and therefore receive a lot of public scrutiny, but at the end of the day they are also humans. It seems as if you’re saying- it’s okay for normal people to act bitchy, but if celebs act bitchy it’s preposterous! That is double-standards right there. It is unfair, because behind the cameras and makeup, they too are normal people, except that the burden they carry is even heavier.

        Of course that Sulli and Krystal should learn from these incidents. But I feel the bashing towards them is really getting out of hand and are sometimes a little hypocritical.

    • you sound extremely angry and your post is ruder than all the ones you’re accusing.

  41. Welcome to reality, netizens.
    Not every idol is as perfect and nice as everyone expects them to be.

  42. the staff who posted those comments are unprofessional too.

  43. I never liked them, but I kinda feel bad for these girls..

  44. Not surprised about Krystal’s attitude.

  45. Everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. A bad day can happen to anyone. Krystal & Sulli were kinda rude when they acted like that in Korea but maybe they mad at something you can never know unless someone comes out and clears the whole situation. Maybe they had an argument with the staffs (the staff did write that they were inexperienced interviewers).

    Netizens always expect the idols to be perfect beings but they’re not. Humans have flaws even animals have flaws. And idols are humans.

  46. “What is written is not confirmed, we should wait a while and see how things go”

    • Who the hell do you think is going to come out and confirm this? It’s not like they’ll come out and say it straight up, they’ll throw on their angel face and apologize just because the company made them. Dumb idiot.

      • Dude. don’t be so rude. if it’s true about the bad attitude, then honestly you’re not better.

        And i’m not even a fan of f(x).

      • I AM rude and I CONFIRM IT. But Sulli and Krystal nor their company will EVER confirm it, they’ll just make up an excuse like “ohhh we were tired. i’m sorry” and dumb ppl like u fall all in love again (in denial of fandom) and forgive them.

      • don’t say that I am dumb cause you don’t know me, and you don’t know what I think about this situation. okay?

        I was just talking about YOU, learn how to read retard.

        and I don’t care about what SM is going to do about the situation, of course they aren’t going to confirm it.
        but I also don’t care about the bad attitude problem. If they want to have a bad attitude, then it’s only going to affect their job in the future.

        But you’re so angry about it. lol … so much hate. and what’s the point of being that mad about this?

        And about the fans forgiving them, let them forgive.

        I would love to see how you react with your favorite idol (male OR female), if you have one.

      • You are totally right.

    • lol why get so worked up over my post? Didn’t have to write an essay to express it. Just smile. 🙂

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