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GP Basic reveals full debut song ‘Game’

Upcoming girlgroup GP Basic reveals the full song and MV to their upcoming debut number ‘Game’ as well as song ‘Lalala’ on 13th August.

Go under the cut for the full song of ‘Lalala’.


56 Responses


    Even though they’re young, they’re a lot more talented then a lot of us here!
    I’m the same age as most of them (14) and I haven’t done anything special in my life lolol

    So even if they don’t succeed greatly, they still have a whole lifetime to improve and really do something great!


  2. I surprisingly like it. The smallest one is the cutest one. Hahaha. They are still young and have full of energy. I like that they danced almost all the way to the MV.

  3. I think their too young for that…

  4. me tooo…they should wait when the time is right ok.

  5. WTF is this?????

  6. i have a feeling this group wont last long

  7. hmmm… i’m not really feeling the song cause of the autotune. There’s too much of it. It doesn’t show their vocals enough, which is what i was afraid of. They need to prove themselves when they debut. Everyone does. So they should choose a song that atleast somewhat showcases their vocals. Although, from what i heard in this song, i like a few of the girls’ voices.
    I’m not digging the rap either. it doesn’t really sound like rap to me…
    But the dancing isn’t bad 🙂
    I’ll wait till a perf. to judge them

  8. Dude. Why do I hear a chipmunk like voice rapping?
    what is this?!
    sighhhhh I feel they are tooooooo young.
    If they debuted maybe 3-4 years later then they would be better off and probably more popular.
    annnnd LaLaLa sounds like K$esha’s song and Lee Hyori’s Toc Toc Toc. .. tsk tsk

  9. Which entertainment/label produced this group?!?
    Must be a bunch of ahjummas.

  10. Can’t they just debut as kids-singers?
    Who sing kid’s songs too?

  11. omg, their make-up looks so funny on them, cause they r so cute and young!

  12. GD didn’t debut at that age, lol. he debuted at 17! lol. even if he did come out at 13 doing cameos in YGFam songs and concerts, at least he wasn’t trying to be pretentious. at that age, GD really had something to show.

    unlike these girls, who tooootallly come off as being pretentious (i think that’s the company’s fault for making the girls come off as so) and add to that, this song is pretty crappy. there’s basically nothing in this song.

    face it. in the music industry, the younger you are, the MORE talent we expect coming out of you. if you’re mediocre, then what the hell are you even doing here. that’s why the young girls and boys in kpop had to all be exceptionally talented to debut young. minzy is awesome in dancing and her vocals are great. GD came out at 13 and he was already doing litlle roora and had impressive rapping skills. charice has her voice, maydoni back then had super impressive vocals and she didn’t even get to debut properly. heck boa kwon was already impressive at that age when she debuted and she didn’t do no chest pump and hip thrust either.

    compared to all that, THIS is hardly anything to be raving abt. saturated with autotune, face caked up with makeup, generic dance moves, flashing lights and skimpy clothes. it’s not only the age we’re turned off abt. i was willing to take back my jailbait comment from earlier if i see any existing talent, but this just seals the deal. they’re not even singing in this song. =__=”

    • maybe it’s too early for me to judge, but srsly. srsly. right now, DNW. soz.

    • THANK YOU.

      If only I could just ring this comment in flashing lights because this is the TRUTH.

  13. soz but their name is ridic!!….that and the fact that we call our local doctors in the UK GP’s…lol

  14. I think GP Basic can succeed.

  15. I think a lot of people noticed this but Lalala sounds exactly the same as Toc toc toc – Lee Hyori ._. …

    I’m not feeling the other songs either… ._.

  16. can someone come up with a list of all the idol groups in Korea right now…its ridiculous the market is so saturated with these kinds of groups and the factory keeps churning them out one by one.

  17. i don’t get people coming with all sorts of useless arguments. either you like it or you don’t!

    there are enough songs with voicoders that work well. there are a lot of young kids who’ve got that star potential and are big stars now.
    props to the 12-yr old who debuted way younger than others, may it be luck or skills.

    either way, i think the song is cachy.

  18. They say the beginning sounds like Ke$ha’s take it off.

  19. whoa.. so many releases these 2 days..

    so much fuss about the age.. GDragon was this age when he started rapping..
    she’s cute.. maybe not ready for a full out schedule yet, but wtvr.. her age is nothing compared to some jpop idols. if she can hold her own on stage, i think she’ll do fine.

    the song bores me though.. but they seem ok.. i’ll wait for later releases to see their ‘talent’..

    • when GD debuted at young age, he was considered as a young talented rapper
      while with Janey, well so far people are like her voice is annoying
      and her rapping is nothing special

      i think the song is ok
      but reminded me too much of 4minute
      from the instument they used for the first few second (Hyuna’s Change) to the girl with the glasses

      younger and cheaper version of 4minute?

  20. O_o

    I don’t like it.

  21. It’s just creepy to me
    they would’ve needed more years of training, and to debut a normal age…
    Janey… she looks like a puppy
    come on
    that’s not rapping, it’s squealing

  22. This is a fucking joke, right? I mean I already doubted these girls and took them as a joke cause of their age but the company kept on talking about their “TALENTS”…uh yeah, how the hell am I supposed to see their talents if the whole song is AUTOTUNED? The MV looks freaking cheap, wow.

    Like it’s not enough no one believes in these girls, u gotta go and make them look even more stupid by giving them a cheap ass MV and a completely autotuned song that sounds like another song? That’s amazing.

    • 1) Even top stars like Se7en and Boa are using autotune, why is it ok for them but not for this group.

      2) This MV DOES NOT look cheap, the hell, it has 3 different scenes and different outfits too. I have definitely seen waaay cheaper MVs.

      Just had to say this. However, i’m not feeling the song too ^_^

      • 1) Uhh your examples make no sense whatsoever. First of all Se7en’s album is titled “Digital Bounce” for a reason, and even if it wasn’t BoA and Se7en are both known for their amazing voices, they don’t have to prove it to the world anymore. So if they want to use autotune, there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s not like theya re doing it to hide their crappy voices. And plus they didn’t use it throughout basically the whole song like these girls did. These girls have something to prove to people and in order to do that they need to show us their vocals, not autotuned voices.

        2) I have seen cheaper MVs as well but this is one is cheap. The sets look cheap, nothing extravagant, and very poor lightining. Even the clothes looked cheap.

      • ^^agree with alee

        se7en and Boa are at the point of their career where they don’t have to prove anything. thayve been in the business for what? se7en, 6-7 yrs and Boa 10 yrs.

        but, i don’t think this MV is cheap. definitely not the best but one have got to remember that NEga isn’t SM,JYP or YG to splurge all out for a debuting group. everyone has got to start on something. HOWEVER, for a song, autotune for a debut single is not the way to start.

        i can hear soem decent voice there and girls got skills, tho still needs say 1-2 years of training more. and aside from trying to make 12 yrs olds grind/sell their bodies, i think they’re pretty decent.

  23. did one of the girl try to be like Junglasses( ji yoon) of 4minute ?

  24. the maknae so cute~their voices seem dont fit with their appearances,lol~first song really 4 minute-ish~

  25. At first I thought I was listening to a chipmunk version of the song. Janey’s voice is straight up annoying since she hasn’t hit puberty. Way too much autotune and it doesn’t display their skills, and whats up with the hip thrust dance move? That’s not really right.


  26. LOL chest pops and pelvic thrusts?…Uh, I think they should refrain from doing that. The verdict? Wait 5 more years then come back and debut again

    • sooo agree with U~

      • Agree 100%.
        So this must be Korean KidzBop! lol

        I cringed when that little “baby” came on and started to “sing”. I was like, Oh god this is embarrasing, even though im not even korean.

  27. You can’t actually say if any of them is a decent singer or not because really, there’s nothing in the song except autotune.

  28. aw i think they are cute, esp janey.
    wish them the best but i think people are still hung up on their age to give them a fair chance.

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  30. full mv is out as well..

  31. Awww…they’re actually not bad but releasing their first song and it sounds like someone else’s music isn’t going to do them any good 😦 I just hope they’ll be able to take the criticisms of antis maturely. I mean they’re too young too young 😦 Anyway, good luck to them.

  32. lalala == Lee Hyori’ Toc Toc Toc

  33. the best song of all the releases today
    looking forward to the mv

  34. girlicious sucks, see a trend?

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