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KBS Music Bank 13.08.2010 – BoA wins #1 with ‘Hurricane Venus’

The solo female singer, BoA won in Music Bank #1 with her comeback title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ on KBS Music Bank on 13th August.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including the comeback stage for Secret, Rainbow, JQT, and Nine Muses!

18 Responses

  1. Finally!

    Secret now has enough stage presence to not get eaten up by their own song. They owned the stage. I’m totally hooked.

    Se7en’s stage, a little breathless but smooth as always!

  2. I’m digging SECRET’s song and their voices. I like their choreography too.

    I think Nine Muses prematurely launched their careers. Their voices are very soft you could barely hear them sing. I think someone should tell them how to hold their microphones so that they can be heard.

    SE7EN as usual was very smooth.

    I like BOA’s performance but there is something lacking. Not sure why.

    Miss A my new favorite. Aja!

  3. Man, Nine Muses have no presence whatsoever. Their singing is fairly okay and they seem to be putting some umph into the choreography, but I’m feeling nothing from them. They’re just pretty and really skinny.

    Also, that song is just so blah. The teaser showed potential, but that whole “no” syncopation makes the song so out of whack. I was hoping it would feel better live, but it just makes it look worse, makes them seem all out of sync.

  4. Secret is FIERCE. I was all smiles watching that video because the crowd was soo into it. Glad to see Secret rising in popularity. “Madonna” may be crazily similar to “Magic,” but that is all good with me because I loved Magic. Their vocals are consistent, despite the super energetic and bouncy choreography. Lovin’ them!

    Miss A is also kinda growing on me, they are good. Although I’ll probably be more of an established fan when some other material comes out because “good girl, bad girl” isn’t that catchy to me.

  5. Secret did fantastic, stable vocals throughout the energetic dancing. They need more love.

    9Muses on the other hand…….they are not ready, maybe after a couple more years training.

    And congrats to Boa, the highest selling solo artist of 2010.

  6. SECRET!!!<3<3

    se7en's performance was amazing as usual!!! w00t!

  7. Madonnna ((:
    starting to like Secret. (;
    foshhooo .

  8. o.o..i like jqt and their new song..but their outfits? seriously.. it looks like they got hand me down outfits from 2ne1 ,t-ara, and 4minute..and the image they’re trying to portray with the clothes doesn’t match the song..=/

  9. like I said before Nine Muses get the hell out of kpop

  10. Congrats hopes dj doc wins!

    Thanks sookyeong!

  11. i like chorus part of rainbow’s song but the OH part really sound like snsd OH ,their perf. quite good~

    secret did a great job eventho sometime i feel that they overdid their choreo/dancing to hard~

    im starting to like queen song quite addicting

    se7en,he’s toooo good~eye candy,singing ability,dancing=perfect~remarkable perf.<333

  12. OMG, what an explosive stage from Secret! Their vocals are seriously amazing.

    Also, goodbye Miss A T_T, i’m seriously gonna miss them. I wonder if JYP is going to take them overseas now?

    Is DJ Doc ever gonna win, they’ve been topping online charts for a while now. Still, congratulations to BoA.

  13. i’m so happy minho’s back dancing with the rest of shinee. but i don’t think this was their best. too tired? they sounded off, and their dancing isn’t as strong..

    seven is as sexy as ever.

    lol i was singing to secret’s madonna.. and realized i was singing “Magic magic” … xD

    DJ Doc and Boa is so cute.. in the interview and when boa won.. i lol’d xD dj doc makes things so fun, even though they’re so old xDXD

  14. Rainbow’s comeback ❤

  15. First!!!!
    Woo infinite!!!!!!!!!

    Ma Donna Donna~ haha secret rocks!!!

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