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Nich Khun and Victoria pose for a photo with their ‘daughters’ f(x) members

A photo taken of MBC We Got Married newly joined made-believe couple Nich Khun and Victoria together with the other f(x) members garners interests amongst netizens.

The photo was posted up on an internet portal forum site on 11th August and in the photo, Nich Khun was seen smiling and posing for the photo with the other f(x) members. Amber who is currently in the States was not present in the photo.

The f(x) members are said to be the ‘daughters’ of the couple as they are used to calling Victoria, the leader member, mother.


27 Responses

  1. the photo looks so cheap

  2. AMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really like this pic. they look like a family.
    F(x) hwaiting !!!

  4. why is Victoria so pretty? -___-

  5. He looks like eminem with that coloured hair ~ XP

  6. they should another family pic when amber comes bk! love Khuntoria!

  7. opppa fighting….<3 khuntoria so much….

  8. Awwh! That’s so qt! :DD

  9. Victoria looks a million times prettier with her side swept bangs. I♥Khuntoria.

  10. Victoria and Nickhun <33333

  11. He needs to lay off on the dye job not a good look for him

  12. wowo best wgm family ever

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