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Park JinYoung to debut officially as an actor in upcoming drama ‘Dream High’ also starring Bae YongJoon

Multitainer Park JinYoung will take up the challenge and debut as an actor.

Park JinYoung will star in upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High’ together with Hallyu actor Bae YongJoon which is set to air from 3rd January 2011. The drama is a 16-episode collaborate production by Key East, JYP Entertainment and CJ Media. Earlier there were reports that Bae YongJoon will act and Park JinYoung will produce the music the drama, but now it is confirmed that Park JinYoung will also star in the drama.

A staff revealed that both Park JinYoung and Bae YongJoon are 72-ers and are experienced in their field in the show biz. And in the drama, they play the roles of teachers discovering the next world stars, set in the GiRin Arts High School in Seoul. There will also be a love story between 2 female students and 2 male students. And one of them named Kay in the drama will win the 2017 ‘Album Of The Year’ award.

The staff also revealed, “We are currently doing the auditions to cast the other main characters like the students. And if fast enough, the filming will kick in in autumn.”

Currently, there are speculations that singers like WonderGirls and 2PM members from JYP Entertainment will star in the drama. But nothing has been confirmed as yet.

S: SportsChosun


16 Responses

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  2. for a sec i thought there was actually an actor named park jin young…. :X

  3. ahh no wonder that he’s been MIA for awhile (talking bout JYP)

  4. I still don’t know if I’ll watch it.. I don’t hate JYP but. ARGH. I think you know what I mean. But if WG or 2PM appear in it I’ll watch it.

  5. i can<t wait to watch this drama! it sounds so good!!

  6. The drama sounds interesting, hopefully it can showcase the darker side of the entertainment industry. If JYP is also gonna be writing songs for it = DOUBLE WIN!

    Ans as much as i love WG’s and 2PM, i hope they cast them fresh faces.

  7. Let me guess the ape at a zoo?

  8. wow! i didn’t know that bae yongjoon is a 72-er. it’s as if JYP is older than him.
    i think JYP is better off being a music producer than an actor…

  9. I’m excited for WG and 2PM ^^
    I think JYP should stay as the music composer for the drama.
    I don’t think him being one of the cast is a wise idea :/

  10. want.

    idc, i still like jyp.

  11. DO NOT WANT!

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