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Rainbow JiSook is lookalike to SNSD TaeYeon?

Rainbow member JiSook garners interests with her resemblance to So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

Both TaeYeon and JiSook are known for their fair complexion, and they have similar facial features. And there are even some who questioned, “Are they twins by any chance?”. Many netizens have also posted up photos of comparison for the 2 idol singers.

JiSook has garnered much popularity even when she first debut. JiSook herself also revealed during a broadcast program, “When I saw TaeYeon on TV, I myself was so shocked how alike we look.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow is recently back with the new song ‘A’.



41 Responses

  1. I think they’re both ugly!!!!!

  2. Taeyeon is wayy prettier than that F—– Up face girl!
    She is more cuter and everything else.
    No way they should compare Taeyeon to that Ugly Face Girl!

    Taeyeon is like so pretty, JiSnook or whatever her name is should be glad for a comparison.
    TAEYEON is one of the most good looking idols out there.
    Don’t hate on my comment!

  3. For me Ji sook doesn’t look like Taeyeon but they have similar features.

  4. Compare to Taeyeon, i think she’s more like Jewelry Ha Jooyeon..

  5. jisook doesn’t look like a resemblance to taeyeon based on those pics.. maybe she looks like taeyeon in real life;i think..taeyeon is more sweet looking in the pic..besides, it’s kind of like a marketing strategy on jisook’s part by saying she resembles taeyeon..many female idols have been there;done that..just like how t-ara jiyeon mention how she thinks she resembles kim tahee..this kinda news is nothing new btw..

  6. And they are both ugly

  7. Never seen this girl up close but she said she likes Taeyeon and I think her group mate, NoEul was Taeyeon’s elementary best friend. lol

  8. Honestly, I don’t see any resemblance. Maybe they look similar in other photos but they don’t look the same at all to me…

    Jisook’s eyes kinda remind me of IU’s though…

  9. i think i saw somewhere in a forum that jisook lookalike was actually Jokwon lol

    But here she looks prettier ^^ Taeyon is fabulous too.

  10. oh snap! which one is taeyeon again? O_O

  11. look alike after wearing make-up lol!

  12. she looks like combination of taeyeon and miss A’s suzy to me :/

  13. Out of all the wonderful pictures of JiSook, you just had to choose this one. Does her no justice.

    JiSook looks like a mixture of Taeyeon and IU ❤ and she's freakin adorable!!!

    People who aren't familiar with JiSook will base their comments by this picture. ;( Such a pity! The hair just makes her look weird, but she's a total goddess in real life. Prettier than Taeyeon, even.

    • naahh… i dnt think so.. saw them both in person already… but taeyeon looks better…

      • oh pease. If you’re gonna bluff, bluff realistically. how did you meet both of them? And did you get a closeup? Even if you did, how much time would you get to actually scrunitize them to see who was better looking?

        please, if you think taeyeon’s prettier, say just that.

  14. Lol so we got “Z.zz” and “3 dots” as the trolls here so beware guys xD Trolls can pretend to be a fan of a group and bash on another just by changing their display username and stir things up.

  15. Nope, honestly these two girls don’t look similar.

  16. Taeyucky is fugly, how can u compare her to JiSook?

  17. mmm… they don’t look alike.
    btw, what a stupid article.

  18. i dont think they look alike.

    many look similar when young, but when people grow older, they start differentiating themselves in various ways

  19. LOL just to say that Rainbow has a huge crush on Taeyeon also, it’s kind of funny

  20. what? hell NO in her dream maybe… …nobody can be as perfect as taeyeon she is a goddess.. no offence but that girl looks so fake compare to taeyeon ….

    • LOL, woooow, overreaction….

      • why don’t you guys even think that Z.zz is a SNSD hater, too ?? there are many ways to smear repute of a group these days, and one of the way is pretend to be that group’s fan and say things that make others angry. Don’t hate SNSD and Tae Yeon for people like this !!!!! She definitely a hater ! True fan will never do such thing

    • LOL I’m a Taeyeon biased but I must agree with @loveholic, Overreaction LOL

    • what? hell NO in her dream maybe… …nobody can be as perfect as JiSook she is a goddess.. no offence but that girl looks so fake compare to JiSook ….

    • lolz….. calm down…

  21. They have the same exact facial structure. cheekbones, chin…

    Jisook is prettier, but Taeyeon is more attractive

  22. Out of all of Rainbow, she was the only one I was iffy about from her looks. It might just be the bangs, she looks kinda like a chipmunk.

    • But she does look like Taeyeon, not in that picture though. I saw her on Heechul’s radio show and had to do a double take.

      xD There’s no edit button!!

  23. LOL no. How can ppl compare a perfect angel (taeyeon) to that?

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