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UKiss SooHyun leaves musical ‘Chorus Line’ to concentrate on preparing for UKiss’ new album

UKiss member SooHyun will leave his first ever musical participation ‘Chorus Line’ amidst busy schedule in preparing for UKiss’ new album.

SooHyun was first casted for the musical in June, but he had joined later than the other cast who did their practising for the musical earlier. And even amidst his busy schedule, SooHyun had worked hard to practise for the musical. He was also busy with the preparations for UKiss’ upcoming album as well as various variety show appearances.

The first showing for the musical was on 29th July and SooHyun had received compliments from the seniors for his professionalism and good performance. However SooHyun will have to leave the musical as he had to concentrate on the new album productions as well as the group’s Asia tour schedule.

SooHyun said, “This being my first musical since I debuted, I had work very hard for it and it is shame that the efforts I put for it was not fruitful. I apologise to fans who looked forward to the musical. I will work hard and present a better show next time when given the chance again.”

Meanwhile, UKiss is set to release a new album in September.


6 Responses

  1. i remember feeling so bad for after school’s jung ah when she had to pull out because she was so excited, but i feel worse for him because he went through the entire process and had to leave right before.

    there will probably be more chances for both of them though, they’re very talented.

  2. wahhh! this is the 1st time i see an artiste pull out of musical in interest for his members instead of going ahead with his own pursuits!…im so touched! ukiss is really a very loving family :}

  3. soohyun is 1 of my most fave u-kiss members besides eli.. soohyun is 1 talented entertainer.. His singing and dancing makes me go weak in the knees everytime.. =p luv him 2 bits.. i’m so anticipating u-kiss comeback album.. guess i’ll b getting a double dose of my 2 faves boy groups in sept=u-kiss & b2st.. counting down the days impatiently 4 their comeback.. =)

  4. awww, it’s really sad to leave the musical when he’s enjoying it and compliments are given to him.
    well, goodluck on soohyun and ukiss’s comeback.
    hope to hear new music from these guys. ^^

  5. I love this guy! He’s so hard working and just oozes talent and leadership.

    Can’t wait to see what club hits U-Kiss will bring next!

  6. Umm..Soohyun didn’t appeared on July 29th musical either..
    But this is sad..he prepared hard for his musical debut…

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