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2PM JunHo, “Nich Khun pretends to be an angel”

2PM member JunHo exposes Nich Khun?

On SBS HaHa Mong Show aired on 15th August in the corner ‘Please, Mother’, 2PM members reveal stories never before revealed on broadcast.

The MCs Haha and Mong, played one-day mothers, and visited 2PM’s dormitory. What had caught their attention is that the 2PM members would sleep freely any way around the house, not carrying it is the room or living room.

On the show, the 2PM members also talked about stories never before revealed. JunHo said “Nich Khun is a trickster who pretends to be an angel. There was once when we were in the States for public performance, and we went to the park. Nich Khun who went to school in the States pointed to a wooden stage and said that it came from a tree which lived 10 million ears. But after that, I went to do some research and that tree only lived for 100 years.”

Nich Khun then responded, “So sorry. I also have nothing to say. I was going to show in a while, that I lied.”

S: Asiae

11 Responses

  1. There’s nothing wrong with nick khun joking around.. I don’t get why junho said that about nick khun..junho only have himself 2 blame for trusting what nick khun said..

  2. No one in 2pm is angel btw….

  3. ^
    Haha, I think someone with Khun’s charm can deceive anyone =p

  4. No offense, but who’s stupid enough to believe a tree is 10 million years old? xD

  5. i think wat junho said is wrong. nickhun shall always be the angel;ppp

  6. LOLLL How is that ‘pretending to be an angel’ hahah. Khun just likes to joke around but is still the most innocent XP

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