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2PM to hold 4 encore concert performances coming September

2PM will be holding 4 concert performances coming late-September for 38K fans for their encore concert.

Their concert planner representative revealed, “2PM will be holding their first encore concert in September in Seoul and Busan.” 2PM previously held 2 concert performances for ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ on 31st July and 1st August and 2 concert performances in Busan on 7th and 8th August.

The concert was visited by fans in various other countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, England, America and China etc, garnering much interests.

JYP Entertainment commented, “We are thankful for the support and interests for 2PM’s concert. And through the encore concert, 2PM will show even more upgraded performances.”

The tickets for the encore concert will be available online from 16th August on Interpark and Auction.com.


41 Responses

  1. suuuuuuuurrrrreeeeeee ROFLOLMAO!!!

  2. lol 2pm antis. You’re so left behind. Even Jay & 2pm already move on & didnt really care about that issue anymore. You better update yourself with jay & 2pm current news. Not from their past last year news

  3. GO 2PM!!!

    As JYP, YeEun & Junsu said: “the truth always comes out”.

    Never give up because of naysayers. Proud of you always!

  4. 2pm is <333

  5. geez , they should make concerts all over asia rather than make another encore concerts in korea

  6. I hope they will make another solo perf different from their first concert..
    nevermind 2PM, ignore the haters till they fade away

  7. Dear JYP Ent,

    Please release this onto DVD and have it on English subtitle.

  8. upgraded performances?…okay are we gonna lower the age to 5 and hump girls this time lol.

    • No, …. this time I’m gonna rip my pants off, for our coming hardcore concerts.

  9. I wish I will be in Korea next month to go and watch this concert.

  10. Pish 38K fans I wonder how many were actually under 13 year olds?

  11. i honestly don’t see the logic in adding 4 more un soldout concerts….its like jype is making them look bad on purpose.

  12. One more thing i love how people make excuses about how 2pm fail because they gaved away a few free tickets lmao, why cant you just admit that they had a successful concert.

    • so true. i feel like everyone’s always so hard on 2pm all the time. 2pm are extremely successful, whether they like it or not. they’ve got a huge fan club, and continue to be loved (which is why they have cf deals and they appear on variety shows). they hold encore performances for a reason. also about the whole free ticket stuff.They give away free tickets for things like promotion, and for those who can’t afford it to have a chance to go. not that big of a deal.

      • Um….they’re hard on 2PM cuz they’ve got no talents whatsoever…they only got famous thanks to Jay’s incident…they’ve got a huge fanclub?! sure, but it’s drop alot every day too compare to other groups who are inactive like them….they hole encore performances for hardcore fans if u haven’t notice…b/c JYP is in desperate need for money right now b/c they’re using alot of money for Wonder Girls overseas promotion, so they need to make money in Korea in order to support other groups within the company…

        And I think 2pM concert is the only group where I’ve heard of them giving out free tickets as opposed to other groups where hundreds of thousands of fans fight for their chance to get their tickets….

    • IKR? every single concert out there has given out free tickets for promotional purposes. they will always give the media like magazines and radio or tv shows free tickets for fans to win and get a chance to go and maybe sometimes they gave the media coverage extra tickets.

      if what all of you are saying is true, then JYP will go broke wasting money like this. if it’s not true, it means korea still loves them and y’all need to get over it.

      it’s a win-win situation. simple as that. unless y’all can’t stand the thought of 2PM being successful, which in that case, y’all just immature haters. nuffsaid.

  13. more sex scenes??
    as if that wasnt enough?
    and like wtf is wrong with korea and their bias double standard shit??

    and jyp has totally lost his balls
    cuz like for the first concert if they had to give away tickets then y a second to waste more money??

    this is full of shit

    • i wonder 2PM antis is actually same person who post with different name but whatever
      they dont have live overall

    • “more sex scenes??
      as if that wasnt enough?”
      Totally agree.

      they should show people some talent not their bodies..

  14. ^^ I laughed at your fail logic (Really did you just say Khun?) but anyways as much as people hate 2pm right now they are doing fine even with all the controversies that happen to them. There slowly coming back, its going to be another SNSD story. Look how far SNSD made it. Same thing going to happen with 2pm. People need to get over the whole Jay and 2pm issue and move on.

    • 100% agree

    • lol, people are over it. your the only that brought up jay…you get over it.

      • if they’re over it, then they wouldn’t continue harrassing 2PM and their fans. obviously they’re not over it.

      • They’re over Jay leaving 2PM. They’re not over the image-damaging scandals post-Jay 2PM keep having.

      • ppl cant get over it to the fact that they dissed ex-fans and talking rudely at em without being sorry..so be it.

    • as far as i know SNSD and 2PM have different story…
      good luck to 2PM! i know they are still one of the top groups in kpop! i’m fine with that!^^

    • cimparing SNSD and 2PM… wtf
      let’s see how far can 2PM go on the future.
      i dont think they have a bright future

  15. what? i thought they had to GIVE away tickets to their first concert. why the hell are they having an encore show. obviously nobody wants to see them.

    and shit, i am still freakin’ mad over their on stage sex-choreography and how the media didn’t take them to task the way they did GD. freakin’ bullshit.

  16. Will they give out free tickets again? =D

  17. don’t think it will as huge as WG’s concert 😦
    but anyways, I love these boys! goodluck…

  18. JYP is desperately trying to keep 2PM going, it’s hard to whip a dead horse to go faster! Only Khun has any charisma and promise from 2PM, the rest are all has-beens!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

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