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Korea’s top celebrities at Andre Kim’s Wake!

World known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam), who passed away on 12th August at the age of 75 has left many of his friends in tears and that includes his celebrity friends.

Famous faces were spotted attending Andre Kim’s wake at Seoul University Hospital.

Andre Kim was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia after being down with flu and on 12th August at 7.25pm he was announced dead.

Goodbye Andre Kim, we surely do lose such a great fashion designer.

More photos under the cut and hover your mouse over the photos for names!

21 Responses

  1. OMG! who’s the woman above geunsuk?? she’s drop dead gorgeous!!

    RIP andre kim. where will we find more fantastical designs after this?

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  3. Thanks for the news, may he rest in peace.

  4. Was never much of a fan, but it’s sad to see someone who so many people looked up to die.

    May he rest in peace

  5. Rest in Peace Andre Kim…

  6. Sorry, but Choi SiWon looks too fine to be going to a funeral~^^

    yea~ poor Andre Kim…no more frilly clothes from him that no one wears anyway…

    • I thought siwon was KangTa for a few seconds…

      Rest in paradise Andre Kim, you awesome, eccentric designer! ❀ You and your unique sense of fashion will be missed dearly. I'm sorry you had to go through so much pain );

  7. Andre Kim Sonsennim, He was One of a Kind and His Kind Will Not Be Seen Again. Rest in Peace~~~

  8. wow…the photo they pick for andre kim…..
    omg geun suk what happened to ur hair? O_O

    well RIP. consolences to the family & friends.

  9. RIP Andre Kim… 😦

  10. What?? What happend?
    wow.. so sad..

  11. RIP Andre Kim

    it might be in bad taste to say this, but wtf is going on with jang geun suk’s hair?

  12. He will be missed dearly..May god bless his soul..Hope that his family will overcome the rough patch of losing andre kim..my prayers are with the family..

  13. RIP Andre Kim…

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