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SBS Inkigayo 15.08.2010 – SHINee wins 2nd Mutizen with ‘Lucifer’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, SHINee won their 2nd consecutive Mutizen with their comeback title hit ‘Lucifer’

Find the rest of the performances on the show today under the cut.

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  1. infinite r growing on me day by day..they are 1 of the rookies that i’m keeping my eyes peeled for.. L becomes more n more good-looking by every performance.. =p

    miss a i didn’t bother 2 notice them @ 1st but i gotta say that they impressed me with their performance each week..they sing and dance well 4 a rookie..

    g.na dig the song..she’s got good vocals..i think she can go very far..

    cheers 2 shinee 4 winning 2 weeks in a row.. =p i’m delighted 4 them..lucifer is addictive so it’s no surprise that they won..don’t know if they will win again next week; but i hope they do..ahh,shinee’s whisper is the lucifer.. =p

  2. OMG, GP Basic is adorable in every way. I was smiling throughout their performance. They are definitely still kids. There is so much energy in the performance. The song is pretty catchy too. Their first performance was surprisingly good. Whatever, I love this group and Miss A.

  3. it’s interesting to see how different this nine muses perf. is compared to the first. the choreography looks a lot cleaner. they still need to work on their vocals though. they sounded better on their m!pick show rehearsing.

    this is off topic, but i wonder if all the other girls from the empire show are still with the company.

  4. Someone give me the MR version of Nine Muses and GP’s performance in Inki.

  5. gp basic is unexpectedly gooood!!! some need to sing louder and use mic properly but overall the perf. is good..
    i love janey so much, shes so cute.. but its just weird looking at sixth grade student shouts “dont touch my toy!”

  6. I wanted Hurricane Venus to win, still congratulations to Shinee.

    GP Basic were really cute, they didn’t wear heavy makeup and their outfits were very appropriate for their ages. I don’t get why their video has soo many dislikes?

    Secret were awesome, great vocals. JiEun is soo beautiful.

    Good bye Miss A~

  7. Oh Infinite can I just put you guys in my pocket cause you guys are talented and adorable =) It amazes me how talented these young guys are and how happy they look on stage it is just A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. They definitely made a noona fan out of me.

    Hwanhee: Loved you since FTTS debut days so you can do no wrong in my eyes. Plus you are just hot.

    Se7en: Love the voice, love the performance, still not feeling the hairstyle though

    BoA-> loved your performances since you debuted in 2000 and still do (even though I am not feeling this song) but please fire your stylist and hairdresser. The blond is not working for her ( I don’t think it works for many people) and the outfits are just plain unflattering which is sad because BoA is actually quite pretty and talented.

    Secret and Rainbow: Definitely glad both of you brought your A game because you are brave souls to go head to head with the veterans while still being relatively newbies. I am currently loving both songs and performances of both of the groups. Although I will admit I am Secret biased and think that they are highly underrated.

    Nine Muses: Not feeling the song and they really need to work on their vocals and charisma.

    MissA (you will be missed), Shinee and G.NA: Great performances as always.


  9. awesome, congrats to the boys!

    • why does boa’s stylist think she’s 40?
      heh stars seem like they’re lining up to feature in G.NA’s song.. it’s great, like a surprise every week xD

  10. GP Basic did good Janey is cute but got a annoying voice the other rapper is good they look like F(x) younger version.

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