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Big Bang TaeYang’s backdancer Kim JiHye closes minihompy

Big Bang TaeYang and his backdancer, whom he had kiss performances with, Kim JiHye make topic.

Kim JiHye’s minihompy was recently closed down, but even so some of the posts she posted up on the minihompy were revealed by fans. There were netizens who posted up encouragement saying that she and TaeYang look good together while there were also netizens who commented that they wish she don’t debut as an entertainer.

Not only so, some netizens also left comments “(nickname: Dong YongBae) You really like it that much to kiss Dong YongBae?”. Even there were fans who commented like “If you are a fan, do not disrespect”, with other anti-fans’ comments posted up, Kim JiHye has closed her minihompy.



45 Responses

  1. These netizens are out to ruin someone’s life again. *sighs*

  2. i soooo jealoussss

  3. stupid people… honestly VIPs need to get a life.

    • Totally agree with you. jealous fan girls are pathetic.

    • so do u. fandom can change ppl including u n me.

    • Cassies should too..” Always keep the faith always the faith” blablabla the group is done get over it.

    • Moron fan…Idiot Cassies should do that too.
      as if stupid cassies never done such thing…
      have u read the article it might be anti fans and Please dont ever generalize all VIP’s…

      am a fan of dbsk too but mannn! a cassie like You makes me wanna puke of bashing other artist and fanclubs. Suggestion You should have not become a cassie coz You dont belong them.
      Your Shameful and Ignorant even to their ‘so called word’ phrase they’re believing.

      I guess your a Cassie TROLL!!!

  4. -comment taken down-

  5. -comment taken down-

    • Lol coming from a snsd fan ur comment doesn’t mean much.

    • what an F***! girl…’know what there are more crazy fans out there on fanclubs not just them…
      mannn!!! what planet are you from? Ignorant!

  6. KIM JI HYEEEE <333 *3* she's hella SEXAYY!
    And correct me if I'm wrong, but she closed down her minihompy cuz of privacy reasons and nawt cuz of haters riight? haha, idk, as far as I know, she has more lovers than haters, even YB stated that he feared of her fanboys xD

    • yeah. I think it’s not because of haters but because more people are interested in her. Since INAG promotions started she’s been a hot item, she’s topped search list like 2 or 3 times. Most of YB’s fans love Jihye and the INAG dance isn’t the most scandalous dance they’ve done together, plus they’ve even been filmed hanging out a lot backstage. It’s just that ppl outside the BB/YB fanbase are now taking notice of her. She just wants to maintain privacy.

      YB fans have always adored her and even send her gifts.

  7. i dont even think those ppl are YB fans; she kissed him since the beginning of his promotions and he has been kissing her for the last 2 or 3 performances.. and nodoby made a huge deal out of it. so why now? i say it’s the antis trying to make yb fans look bad.

  8. lame and brainless netizens are on the rise these days.. i mean she’s not only good-looking but a good dancer as well.. i just don’t get it..they could be obsessive fans of taeyang or haters..I mean even if they are fanatical fans,they shouldn’t say something low like that..they are just envious that she gets2 b near taeyang every week. don’t tell me they are gonna show their hatred towards iu 2? i mean,since she gave taeyang a peck on the cheek too on the sbs show-heroes..

  9. Pssh haters are just jealous!
    Kim Ji Hye is such a talented dancer,
    & the kiss isn’t even anything MAJOR, &
    it’s not even on the lips! VIPs love Ji Hye unni (:

  10. WTF??? WTH is wrong with them these days? this isn’t even a frikkin issue! some haters are really up in arms abt bringing us down lately. their comeback is nearing and i suspect some of them are getting anxious with jealosy or something. srsly.

  11. i think that VIPs can be respectful and are the majority of the time. the ones that aren’t are the stupid ones.

  12. If I were her, I wouldn’t shut it down but announce it to the anti-fans’ faces instead in BIG BOLD LETTERS on her minihomphy……



  13. most Taeyang’s fans are very supportive and they really like Jihye
    i guess just some of them are over jealous

  14. seriously? come on, it’s just a performance. the anti-fans seriously need to stop… think they are random trolls though because it’s a lil too late to get worked up when promotions for INAG has ended… lol.

  15. they’re just trolls. jihye and taeyang have been dancing together for years. and a brush of the lips on the cheek is nothing.

  16. aren’t those antis late…he just finished i need a girl promotions..i doubt that they are taeyang fans

    • srsly, i think those are antis cuz i visited lots of YB korean fansites n none of them said bad stuff about her . they even send her gifts!

    • well he performed on music core yesterday and this time he kissed her instead of her kissing him… so i guess thats why ppl r upset.

      I’m sure she knew b4 hand that there well be hater
      she’ll be allright~

  17. Those netizens need to get a life.

  18. so immature..they really think that YB will gonna marry them..

  19. wow.. delayed. they obviously havent been taeyang’s fan/anti fan for long.. the two of them has been all over each other (in perfs) since tae yang was still shy about touch girls xD
    ❤ ji hye.. i hope she isn't too upset about it

  20. wow people need to get over it and worry about real issues.
    The girl is doing her job, just as she has been doing it for years as a YG back dancer. Heck, she’s being paid by YG to kiss TY on the cheek >.> poor Jihye having to deal with harrassing and mean comments just because she’s doing her job

    • Who cares about that girl???? LOL

      • Lots of peeps; her family, friends, YG family, her dancing crew, ppl who wants to be as good as her at dancing… U who even bother to comment.

  21. wth?! i mean, come on, she’s a dancer for god’s sake….she is only doing her job o___0
    fucked up netizens -__-

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