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GDragon rumoured to be in a love relationship with Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko

Rumours have surfaced that Big Bang GDragon and Japanese model are in a love relationship.

A report was featured on Japanese newspaper SanKei Sports on 14th August, “Big Bang GDragon and Mizuhara Kiko in a relationship.” And after the news went out, there was overwhelming interests in Korea as to who Mizuhara Kiko is.

Mizuhara Kiko is born in 1990 in the States. She debuted as a model in 2007 in fashion magazine ‘vivi’. She is currently gaining popularity as a model.

And according to the news report, the 2 had met when Big Bang first debut in Japan in June. But GDragon’s representative’s response to the news is, “They are just close friends and not lovers.”


49 Responses

  1. Isn’t he too short to date a model ?

  2. So afterall he is not gay!! :O

  3. Close friends my ass. Of course they’ll deny it. And I’m hoping taeyang and yuri aren’t just close friends. Lol this is a very typical yg scandal. Maybe wait 3 or 4 years and then gd will reveal he’s been on a long relationship with the girl for six years.

  4. what is DCGD ?

    and it’s good to no that he likes girls! lol i kid i kid.

    • DCGD= Daum Cafe G-Dragon.
      its GDs exclusive fanclub =D
      i actually don’t mind if he likes boys or girls. i just feel sorry for his real girlfriend. i’d hit him over the head with a bat if i were her. she’s too nice though 😦

  5. so,he’s dating someone in korea?
    Who? Could it be Dara???

    • She’s dating BB TY

      • YB may be dating someone now, his behavior is all types of suspicious but no one knows if it’s Dara. He has turned out to be surprisingly close to a lot of girls. Supposedly (according to GD), he’s been sort-of, maybe seeing someone. Boy has been unbelievably happy since around March.

      • LOL no.

  6. im happy that he’s dating right now… =D

  7. “They are just close friends”
    really close I think,

  8. He likes Sun Ye.

  9. KVIPs know who GDragon is dating and they are saying it is not this Japanese model. Visit related Kblogs, his me2day or his cyworld, because some of them are commenting there. The girl GD is dating is full Korean and resides in Korea. They’ve been seen together often- shopping and dining in exclusive places or just in his Bentley cruising. They are not referring to her by name, though. Obviously, they are protecting her. They’ve known since last year that’s why this news did not really foozle those in the know which is like most of the regular members. It’s an “open secret”-I’ve been told and is generally accepted. I guess because its not yet the right time to reveal her identity that’s why they’re holding out. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll share it with us at the right time.

    • I’ve read that too. He’s dating someone (that’s a fact), could be her or someone in Korea -there’s evidence for both. Whatever, this isn’t the first time he’s dated since BB’s debut and it may not be the last time either.

    • wah! I wanna be in the loop too! lol dang gotta go visit those kblogs then…

      • i searched dcgd but fans have taken down most posts. i cant find anything about them saying his gf is a korean, but i know that most kvips and a few ivips already suspected GD to have a gf.

      • this is really killing me of not knowing who she is but I have to give it to the kVIPz for protecting GD and his real gf…that’s what you call true fans. Ones who look pass their jealousy and takes precaution in protecting their artists private lives…

        two thumbs up if it’s true…

    • If you have a KVIP friend ask her who she is, or to ask around among the other members if she’s not aware. They’ve known since last year but the relationship has been going on since GD was 19-20.

      • Actually, she’s his ex-gf. Supposedly when he was still a trainee. But she resided abroad and went back home. They got back together when he was already with BB two years later.. They have a long term relationship. GD has been linked with other girls and had flings or two but he always stays with her.

        He does stray. This Japanese model is just one of the statistics. I think he ended it when his girlfriend found out.

      • i have one person in mind she’s his butterfly

      • wait does this mean this japanese girl is one of gd’s fling?

      • I think it isn’t a good idea to be asking around real KVIPS. They are protective you know, unless you are really close with the KVIP then don’t bother them Let us just let it be. It’s more difficult for artist to maintain a relationship when they are scrutinized often.

      • @queenbee A fling is a brief affair usually sexual in nature.

      • @unik They won’t tell you if they don’t know you. That’s why ask a friend. Someone you know personally.

    • oh really!…he’s dating someone since last year.
      dang! who could that be?…maybe when the time comes to reveal it, the news would be they are already a couple and planning to get married..yay!
      just like Seven and Han Byul news. mannn!
      Int. fans are always late on updates of Idols. lucky korean fans.

    • ohh…..if it’s true,,,i’m so happy for Ji ^o^
      i really hope he can get a good girl n get marriage >O<
      n just can imagine jiyong already get marriage without fans know ^^

  10. Dating or not, that model is stunning!!

  11. whoa! so it might not be kiko?? who then? argh! this is just killing me!

  12. sookyeong you are a bit late..this news was like 2 days ago..keke~

  13. @ jammae
    He said that a long time ago (boa being his ideal type)

    if hes not daiting her who is he daiting and how do K VIPS know?

    • GD has aoi yu as his ideal japanese girl..

      if u look at it closely, aoi and boa looks petite and they both have boyish charms.. now compare them to kiko, what do u think?

      and i think GD is the type that will denied rumors about him dating..

      if u read YG official statement, they said that he is not dating her, NOT GD is Not dating anyone.. and if u watch bb interviews, Gd never said that he doesnt have a gf.. he always confess that he wants to be together with the girl he loves and he wanna settle down..

      ans according to KVIP and in DCGD, GD is currently dating a full blooded korean who is base in KOREA…

      try to read chloe is here comment

      have a good day =)

      • oppsss.. got dis one wrong…

        and i think GD is the type that will NOT denied rumors about him dating..

        try watching this clip… this is how GD looks like when he is crushing on someone..

        if u watch the vivi interview of GD when he said that kiko looks nice in the magazine, you will understand what i mean..

  14. wonder who is the lucky gal that captured g-dragon’s heart if he is really dating someone now..If he is really in love right now,then i’m happy for him..idol love stories are very interesting 2 me.. =)

  15. KOREAN VIPS knows that gd is dating someone. not the model..

    ti think the model is using gd to promote her movie

    • i thinks so too.. the writer was the model friend

    • “KOREAN VIPS knows that gd is dating someone. not the model.” yep, I heard that too..
      but I think he used to date with that model too..

  16. Btw, the source of the rumor is Mizuhara’s friend..
    GD’s fans at DCGD know that he is already dating someone and it’s not her..

    • daiting who?

      GD had actually picked this same model as his “ideal” in the past:
      In November 2009 on Vivi Magazine they asked GD “Your ideal type?” GD answered “Before I saw a girl who I thought ‘Wow, nice~’. *points at Kiko in page 143 in December issue* This model is so cool. My ideal type! I like mysterious looking girls.”

      i think they r daiting

      • i dont think so.. GD just said that the model looks nice.. he just said it because he is in japan, the girl is japanese model..

        GD ideal woman is BOA and the girl kiko doesnt have any similarities with BOA.. GD likes boyish and petite girls..

        and they said in DCGD that GD is not dating that girl, it was for promotion for the girls movie..

        i know that GD is dating right now but not her…

      • but kiko is korean american.

      • that was according to KVIPs..GD made a promise before that if ever he’s dating they will know straight from him..KVIPs are ignoring this matter..you know how they protect the secret of their idol..only iVIPs are the ones making this rumor a fact..
        GD said before that his ideal girls are sunye,boa and another Jap model, is that mean he dated them all?! nope!
        i wanna see YB falls in love!! haha! that would be interesting! i want them all to be happy!

      • @naninoona
        yup! but she is an exclusive model for Vivi magazine..Vivi magazine was the one that held that interview that’s why they are looking at those mags during their interview..

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