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Nine Muses tell their feelings after their first broadcast

On August 12th’s Mnet ‘MCountdown’ was the first debut of Nine Muses. Their words they told to Sports Today was “Very sorry” about their debut.

Member Hye-Mi says. “I didn’t think much. For the first time, I didn’t know what to do. Being at the broadcast was very strange and that made us even more nervous. It was a shame I couldn’t do better.” She told us truthfully.

Erin used scores for the first stages quality. “I wanted to give it 20 points. After the first stage, the members could not say a word. ‘More than 2 years of training to only get this result.’ This seemed to upset the members.” She said.

Of course, Lee Sam also spoke her mind, “The publics opinion after such a long time was upsetting. We lack a lot but from now on we will try and do harder. The Nine Muses you see now will be more advanced in the future.” She told us her ambition.

Nine Muses’ producer is JYP who produced Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” along with Rainstone who worked together to make the pop dance song “No Playboy” which has been moving up in popularity.
Translations: Mango@AM
Source: AngelicMelody Forum

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