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Will Kpop’s youngest girlgroup GP Basic become Korea’s Disney singers?

Korea’s youngest girlgroup GP Basic has been garnering great interests outside Korea as Korea’s Disney singers.

Some famous Disney singers include Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus etc. And debuting as Korea’s youngest girlgroup, GP Basic has been referred to many netizens on Youtube after the release of their debut song ‘Game’ MV as Korea’s Disney singers.

The criticisms from netizens circled around the role of singers debuting so young and whether they will be able develop their individual styles. The discussions on this are also seen going on on various local community sites amongst netizens.

Even though there are such concerns for the mentioned American Disney singers at first, they are all successful as representatives of the American pop market now. But it is a good sign since the girls are being compared to these successful artiste and are even receiving good reviews from foreign netizens.

This is good news for Korea since it may signal that the Kpop market is following the American and European music market, taking on the trend of going high-quality and having the cultural contents as a music market.

The girls’ agency also voiced that it is encouraging to know that the girls are being compared to as Disney Singers, who are known for their singer capabilities, on Youtube which is an international site even before it did on local community sites.

The agency added, “Singers from our country has once again received acknowledge from the foreigners. And we look forward to the era where we will be able to have influence not just in Asia but also in the States and in Europe.”


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