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Big Bang SeungRi meets with big embarrassment on his first blind date, “I like GDragon more”

Big Bang SeungRi meets with an embarrassment on his first blind date.

On MBC ‘Enjoy Today’ on ‘Sunday Night’ corner aired on 29th August, SeungRi was featured for his first blind date ever. On the show that day, SeungRi had told Jung HyungDon and Seo JiSeok that he wants to get a girlfriend.

And the 2 had driven around in a convertible in KangNam asking for female’s phone numbers. SeungRi also revealed that his ideal is someone who is cute. However, the females whom Seo JiSeok brought along for the blind date are not locals but foreigners like Singaporean. And SeungRi was not able to communicate well on his first ever blind date.

Luckily the Singaporean female said, “My younger sibling is a fan of Big Bang and I heard about Big Bang through her,” and she had brought along her younger sister.

SeungRi was excited at first to meet a fan, however he was disappointed again when the fan said, “I like GDragon better”. The fan also stated that she is a fan of 2NE1 CL.

In the end, SeungRi gave up on the blind date and set up a phone conversation between the fan and GDragon. But GDragon did not pick up his call. SeungRi then tried calling CL who also did not pick up his call which are all embarrassing for SeungRi during his first blind date.

S: MoneyTodayStarNews

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