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Park JaeBum, “I exchanged birthday wishes with Nich Khun”

2PM ex leader member Park JaeBum reveals, “I still exchange birthday wishes with Nich Khun,” dismissing rumours of dispute with the 2PM members.

JaeBum revealed during his interview with IlGanSports on 31st August, “I sent Nich Khun birthday wishes on his birthday on 24th June and he replied me. Even though I did not meet up or contact the members, it is not because we are on bad terms. I am really happy that 2PM is doing well.”

JaeBum left 2PM after his MySpace controversy last September and returned to Seattle. And in February, JYP revealed that JaeBum has permanently left the group due to personal reasons. He then returned to Korea 9 months after in June for the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

When asked the sensitive question ‘Do you still keep in contact with the rest of the JYP members like WonderGirls?’ and his answer was “Since there is no reasons to, I do not think I need to talk about my private life.”

But JaeBum did send a message showing his affection to the 2PM members. He said, “I am happy that the members are doing well with their album promotions and stuff. I will always support you guys. If I get to meet you guys, I hope we can catch up. I hope we can get along well.”

S: IlGanSportsNews

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