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TaeYang criticised for wearing top with swear words ‘F*** You’ printed on it

Big Bang TaeYang gets criticized for a top he wrote on stage with swearing words printed on it.

TaeYang won #1 with the song ‘I’ll Be There’ on Mnet M!Countdown on 2nd September. However what also caught the attention of netizens and fans is the black top he wrote that day with the words ‘f*** you’ printed at the back.

Netizens who saw the broadcast commented online, “It is irresponsible to wear something like that on a show that many young kids will be watching”, “Big Bang in another criticism for their fashion.. is their cordi an anti fan?”, “GDragon is also like that, did you learn it from hyung?” etc.

Meanwhile, TaeYang attended and did a congratulatory performance for the 37th Korean Broadcast Awards on 3rd September.


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