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BEAST gains explosive feedback after revealing their new song from their album

The group BEAST had revealed one of the songs from their 3rd album, ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ on the 17th on various music sites.

The R&B track ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’, which was released ahead of time despite their comeback coming up in late September, had successfully made it had the top searched song on portal sites and music sites. BEAST was able to experience the popularity as it seemed like the song wasn’t moving from first place.

BEAST had been recognized as skilled dance artist with perfect live, however they gained more attention with emotional acting and explosive vocal ranges that matches up well with traditional ballad singers.

This is why ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ had gained the hot anticipation and attention from the public.

This ballad song from BEAST will bring in the emotions of the fall and like the lyrics of the song, ‘We can live apart there is a farewell for us too,” composed by Ahn Youngmin, others have rated that BEAST’s voices carry on the sadness like the lyrics of the song making a wonderful harmony.

The voices of the BEAST member portraying that there is nothing wrong in front of farewell but in reality suffering behind the truth has established ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ as a much more dramatic song.

Meanwhile, BEAST plans to bring another issue to the music industry when they make a comeback in the end of September.

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