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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Tablo talks about how a life can be nearly destroyed by malicious netizens

In the middle of fighting a cyber-witchhunt questioning his degrees from Stanford University, singer/actor Tablo sat down with the JoongAng Daily yesterday for an exclusive, two-hour interview in which he discussed family, his music career – and the ability of anonymous netizens to destroy both. Here are excerpts.

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f(x) Sulli, “I was asked if I had botox done on my lips…”

Group f(x) speaks up about speculations going around that they have undergone plastic surgery.

f(x) Luna said in a recent interview with MyDaily, “There were many rumours of plastic surgery when we first debuted. It was really tough.” Krytal then said jokingly, “(Pointing to the face) This?”.

Sulli explained, “We really heard a lot of these rumours. That I’ve undergone plastic surgery for double eyelids. When I open my eyes real big, it gets thicker and when I don’t pay attention, it disappears. I think people are too doubtful.”

She continued, “There was even people who said that I’ve got botox done on my lips. I was so hurt in the beginning. I asked myself ‘Does this make sense?’. But people around me told me that people only said that because my eyes are pretty like those underwent plastic surgery. And so I was like ‘Ahh, so that’s why’ and I liked it.”

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Taeyang, “I really want a girlfriend this year”

With a shy personality, Taeyang (23, Dong Young Bae) has truthfully never really dated anyone.

“I really want to meet a girlfriend this year. I feel like if I get older, I won’t be able to date.”

Taeyang has a couple he envies a lot, Sean and Jung Hye Young. He says when he sees Sean living happily he thinks, “I should live that way too.”

“I think it was 3 months ago. I went to Sean hyung’s house because he said he would make dinner for me. I was eating, and when i saw HyeYoung nuna with HaEum, HaRang, and HaYul, I felt so many things.”

What he saw was the result of a happy home. It was a home that makes you happy even by seeing it.

However, Taeyang is a man weak to dates. He loses his timing by debating, saying, “What if it doesnt work out?” and “Won’t it be a burden?” even if he likes someone.

“I had my first love when I was in school. But I thought I wouldn’t be a help to that person so we didn’t start well. If I think about it now, we could have done well…”

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f(x), “We also don’t understand what ‘NU ABO’ lyrics mean”

Hailed as Asia’s dance pop girlgroup, f(x) was recently back with their 1st minialbum and the title song ‘NU ABO’.

While the catchy number is well received by music fans, the f(x) girls confess that they do not know exactly what the lyrics to the song mean. The girls recently did an interview with 10Asia and revealed what they feel about the song.

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Heechul was in depression after Hankyung left Super Junior

In 2008, Super Junior has achieved an unprecedented hit with ‘Sorry Sorry” They became the record king and also swept various awards including Golden Disk Awards, becoming dignified overseas including Taiwan and Hong Kong. However, the good comes with the bad. After moments of happiness and glory pass, bad news came. Member Hankyung requested the dissolution of his contract against SM Entertainment

The wound that Kim Heechul has received was especially big. He lived in the same dorm as Hankyung and had a special relationship with him. Their special relationship can be observed with his cyworld minihompy containing full of pictures that they took together. He said, “I was in a big chaos. It was difficult for me to laugh on TV and dance on stage.”

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Leeteuk, “I’m thinking of entering into the army next year”

Super Junior Lee Teuk ’6 years since the debut’ has confessed about entering the army.

Super junior met with the reporters at Seoul Kangnamgu Ahpgujung on May 20th afternoon and said, “if we are to appeal to the public, we have to fulfill the duty of national defense.”

Unlike from their title as ‘Junior’ and ‘idol’, Super Junior includes the leader Leeteuk and Heechul wh0 are 28 years and other members who are reaching their mid to late 20s.

Super Junior said about getting old with the fans, “we are surprised ourselves that we were able to do it for this long” and also said, “we experienced incidents that we don’t think we won’t be shaken by little things anymore. We have gained endurance and will be able to survive longer. We believe that we will last for 20 to 30 years without harm.”

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Lee Hyori, “To be like me, you need honesty, sense and money”

Singer Lee Hyori reveals the 3 things required to become like herself.

She was featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 15th May when she was asked what are the things required to “become like Lee Hyori”.

Her answer was, “The first thing, you need to be truthful and confident. People say that when I smile, I show too much gum. But that’s how I was born, what can I do about it.”

“The 2nd thing you need is sense. To be someone fashionable, you will be to have some fashion sense.”

And the last one, she said, hesitating a little, “It seems you will need money too. This came to be instantly if you ask me the secrets to become like me.” smiling.

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Gummy ranks Se7en as the top charming YG guy

Gummy was recently featured for an interview with tvN ENEWS ‘Behind Star’.

And she was asked to rank 7 guys from YG Entertainment according to their charms. And Se7en is ranked #1 with the Big Bang member ranked from #2 to #6 and Yang HyunSeok at #7.

Go under the cut to know what Gummy has to say about the YG boys.

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