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“Turn It Up,” released + rose to #1 on music chart

After revealing solo song “Turn It Up,” 5-member boyband Big Bang’s TOP has achieved #1 on the real-time chart, showing his real ability.

“Turn It Up,” which was released at 11AM on the 21st, rose to #1 on community site Cyworld Music BGM at 2:45, receiving hot reactions.

On this day, released along with the music video, “Turn It Up” is a song that shows Top’s personality well with a hip-hop beat coupled with a deep bass tone and lyrics overflowing with wit and confidence, such as “The nunas’ dream is meeting me once” “I even make flowers that can’t bloom, bloom.”

On the other hand, “Turn It Up” will be a track in the Big Bang ‘2o10 Big Show’ Live Album, to be released on the 23rd.

(music video under the cut)

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News flash – music show specials this week

f(x) member Sulli will be appearing as the new MC for SBS Inkigayo this weekend.

And for her first MC show, Sulli will also be preparing a special performance for the song. She will be doing a dance performance dancing to hit songs like  So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Oh!’, ‘Genie’, Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ etc.

Inkigayo’s official also said, “Sulli’s bright and cute image does well with Inkigayo. We look forward to working with her.”  —

So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun will be doing a piano performance for rock band TRAX.

On KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core, SeoHyun will be performing with TRAX on stage for the song ‘Let You Go’, and SeoHyun will be playing on the piano for the performance, showing support to the group as a junior under the same company SM Entertainment.

SM’s rep said, “SeoHyun will show a different side to her from her image in So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Oh!’ with the piano performance for the song.” —

Hip hop duo Untouchable will have their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 5th February.

Coming back after 8 months with their 2nd minialbum, their comeback stage will also feature Brown Eyed Girls Narsha for the song ‘Living in the heart’.

The group will also be doing live performance with Narsha on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 6th and 7th February.

[Kpop Bites] Lee JaeJin leaving FT Island? Epik High MapTheSoul merges with ex-management company

  • Happening! Rumours of Lee JaeJin leaving FT Island

There has been some speculations amongst fans that FT Island Lee JaeJin is leaving the group. He recently wrote on his minihompy, “I shall wrap things up for a while”. But his company FNC came out to clarify, “This is ridiculous. He did the concert performance with the group on 23rd Jan. He will be performing with the group as planned for their Asian tour in over 10 cities.”

  • Epik High returns to ex-management company

Epik High‘s company MapTheSoul had merged with their ex-management company Woollim Entertainment. Epik High has been under WoollimEnt since 2003 but last year they set up their own company MapTheSoul. After which, the 2 companies continue with building relations with each other, and for great synergy, they have decided to merge as 1 company. And the outcome of the merger will be a 7-member boy group Infinite which is set to debut under the directing of Tablo and Mithra.

More news bites on CN Blue & SG Wannabe…

K Bites 21.12.2009 – Lee MinWoo’s last concert before army; Park JungAh collapse

1st news bite : Jewelry Park JungAh collapsed

Due to exhaustion from flu, all activities on 21st December for Park JungAh has been cancelled. It has been confirmed that it is not a swine flu case.

A staff said, “Park JungAh collapsed during a filming on 21st Dec from dawn. The cold weather and her flu has caused the exhaustion. And she has been going through a lot mentally about leaving Jewelry. She is sad about leaving a group after 10 years. Even though she is leaving for herself and Jewelry, she still feels sad about it.”

She was sent to the hospital immediately, and the schedule for the rest of the day was cancelled.

2nd news bite: M Lee MinWoo will have his last concert performances on 16th and 17th Jan 2010 before he enters the army.

This will be a farewell concert for fans before he heads for the army for 2 years. And because of that, it is anticipated that there will be a ‘war for tickets’ for the concert, and to add on, many fans from different Asian countries will be going after the tickets.

Lee MinWoo is currently preparing for the concert, which will not be using any MR sounds but will be using a live acoustic band for special memories with fans. (Source: Newsen)

K Bites 23.10.2009 – Brown Eyed Girls, Andy, Jumper

Brown Eyed Girls upcoming ‘Sign’ MV is going to be more shocking than ‘Abracadabra’


Actor Ryu DeokHwan will be appearing for Brown Eyed Girls’ new MV.

He will be the main male character for Brown Eyed Girls new ‘Sign’ MV. The filming of the MV took place on 19th October in a filming studio in GyeongGiDo.

The filming started at dawn and ended at about 6pm on 20th October, lasting for more than 12 hours as planned before.

Brown Eyed Girls’ company said, “The MV to ‘Sign’ talk about a more shocking story than ‘Abracadabra’.”

The teaser MV to ‘Sign’ will be revealed on 26th October, and the full MV will be released with the ‘Sign’ album on 29th October.

Andy to promote with Jumper for comeback ‘Single Man’


Coming back with ‘Single Man’, Andy will be promoting as a group but not as part of ShinHwa.

It is known that Andy will be promoting with Jumper, a boyband produced by Andy himself, for his upcoming comeback song ‘Single Man’.

Andy will show the charms of man in the early, mid and late 20s in the song.

The MV filming took place on 22nd October, and the director to the MV is Hong WonKi who also did MVs for Seo Taiji and Epik High etc.

The teaser video to ‘Single Man’ will be revealed on 23rd October, and the album will be released on 27th October.

K Bites – 10.09.2009 (KARA Han SeungYeon, T-ara BoRam)

KARA Han Seung Yeon, “There is a male entertainer who will call me everyday at 2am”

hsy_110909It has been revealed that many male entertainers are going after girl group KARA.

Member Han SeungYeon was on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell’ recently when she was asked, “To say the truth, is there any male entertainer you have worked with?” by MC Kim JaeDong.

And she answered, “There was this male entertainer who has asked for my contact number, and after that he would call everyday at 2am in the morning. And then he would send messages like ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘Did you think of me today?’.”

With that, other guest star appearances joked, “You sure he is not 2AM’s ChangMin?” And SeungYeon said, “He is not someone who is currently promoting now.”

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be aired on 12th September.

Singer Jeon YeongRok, “I do not allow my daughter BoRam to do sexy dance”

boram_110909Singer Jeon YeongRok has warned that his daughter Jeon BoRam, member of group T-ara, is not allowed to do sexy dance.

He was on a morning show on 10th September where he talked about his daughter who just debuted in group T-ara.

He said, “I thought her that she should never do sexy dances. There are so many kids who do that, and they go nowhere far. So the other T-ara girls are tied down with that.”

He continued, “I didn’t see BoRam promoting as part of T-ara. I said to her that she does not have the aura, but one day when she comes out and say ‘I have such strengths too’ – I can’t see that” feeling embarrassed.

He also showed photos of his son and BoRam on his phone during the show.

K Bites – 09.09.09 III (Secret, Brian, ShinDong, Jo Kwon, Kim Hyung Joon)

Member Song JiEun of upcoming girlgroup ‘Secret’ revealed!


Upcoming 4-member girlgroup Secret, consisting of ex-member of group ‘Five Girls’ Jeon HyoSeong, reveals another member – main vocal Song JiEun.

On 9th September, a video was revealed through GomTV featuring Song JiEun singing to a piano accompany of the song ‘Slow Motion’ by Karina, showing off her great vocals.

Before debut, Song JiEun has also sang for several drama OSTs like ‘Learning to Fly’ from drama ‘Air City’ and ‘Scent’ from ‘Korea Lawyer’ etc. She also sang for the song ‘Give you all’ from Untouchable’s 1st album.

Meanwhile, Secret’s own reality program ‘Secret Story’ will be aired on Mnet from 21st September.


Brian, Shin Dong, Kim Hyung Joon and Jo Kwon for new environmental variety show

Flower boys Brian, ShinDong, Kim

Hyung Joon and JoKwon will all come together for an environmental cause.

Fly To The Sky Brian, Super Junior ShinDong, SS501 Kim Hyung Joong and 2AM Jo Kwon will be appearing together for a new broadcast show SBS environmental variety ‘Find it! Green Gold’.

All 4 idol members will ride on their environmental-friendly bicycles in search of places with environmental problems and present a solutions to them.

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