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MBLAQ Mir is sad no one showed interests in him, “I dyed my hair. Please show some interests”

MBLAQ Mir talks that he has not been shown enough attention.

Mir wrote on his Twitter on 13th September, “I dyed my hair but why does no one know about that. Whyyㅠㅠ I made a big decision to dye my hair. The others, SeungHo hyung with his pantie, G.O hyung with his hair, Joonie hyung with his body and CheonDoongie hyung with his charms. I just hope that even for a short while I will get some attention and concern. I dyed my hair.”

It seems that Mir is sad that no one showed interests about his newly dyed hair even though it was a hard decision to him. Fans who saw the tweet commented, “Who is the one who made our Mir sad?”, “The hyungs, please show some concern to Mir” etc.

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FT Island with Teen Top, “We have got ourselves new dongsaengs!”

FT Island Lee HongKi posted on his Twitter on 8th September photos taken together with newcomer 6-member boyband Teen Top.

He wrote, “Teen Top came and told us that they are our fans since before debut and wanted to take photos together… It’s weird that we have now gotten ourselves dongsaengs! In anyway, Teen Top hwaiting!”

The photos revealed also had FT Island Choi JongHoon. Meanwhile, FT Island won #1 on SBS Inkigayo just 1 week into their comeback with title song ‘Love Love Love’.

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Too many similar faces amongst Kpop idols?

Too many similar faces amongst Kpop idols these days?

This was an observation by a Korean netizen who posted up a series of photos for comparison some of Kpop idols who look alike on an online portal community site recently. The post has attracted the attention of many other netizens.

There were many who agrees with this netizen while there were also many who disagree. What is your take? Go under the cut for more photos.

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BoA, YunHo and ChangMin pose for a photo on their personal plane to LA!

Singer BoA reveals a photo taken together with friends of the same agency YunHo and ChangMin on the plane.

BoA wrote on her Twitter on 2nd September, “On the plane!! Taking personal plane go go sing!! The headcover behind is the logo to our concert ^^ Good sense!!” and uploaded the photo.

In the photo, BoA was seen seated in between YunHo and ChangMin. Fans commented, “I’m so envious that you get to sit in between YunHo and ChangMin”, “The photo is daebak, the concert is daebak”, “They look really close” etc.

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f(x) Krystal’s past photos garner interests, “Really a natural beauty!”

f(x) Krystal’s past photos posted up by netizens online garner interests amongst on the internet.

The post titled ‘f(x) Krystal’s first promotional video’ was posted up on a popular online community site recently, and Krystal’s past features were shown through the photos shared by the netizen. It was known that Krystal had filmed the CF 6 years ago when she was only 11 years old.

Krystal had still looked the same back then when she was 11 as compared to her current features. There were also photos of Krystal during her other CF appearances when she was younger, and her features have remained almost the same throughout the years, earning her praises of being a natural beauty.

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More of After School Raina’s past photos revealed – same chubby cheeks and bright eyes

More of After School Raina’s past photos revealed.

The photos were recently posted up on an internet community site and have been garnering much interests from netizens. In the photos, Raina was seen looking modest in her glasses and her hair tied back behind, different from her current image.

However many netizens pointed out that Raina still has the chubby cheeks and bright eyes. Netizens commented, “Even though she look different now as compared to then. She was cute then and pretty now.”

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More miss A Suzy’s schooldays photos revealed!

More photos of miss A Suzy during her schooling days revealed!

Currently photos of Suzy during her middle school days posted up on various online portal community sites have been the hot topic amongst netizens. Suzy was seen with the same fair complexion now as before. She was also seen posing with cute poses like what a normal middle school student would.

Netizens’ comments to the photos include “She look the same”, “she is a natural beauty”, “She had the entertainer aura since then” etc.

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After School Nana’s middle school graduation photos revealed!

After School Nana’s schooldays photos revealed is hot topic amongst netizens.

The photos were recently posted up and circulated by netizens over online portal sites. And it featured Nana in her middle school graduation photos. She had looked different back then as compared to her cute and young features now.

Netizens commented, “She doesn’t have the entertainer feel back then”, “She look pretty in photos where she is smiling” etc with various responses to the photos.

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