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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Photo Of The Day! Uljjang rapper E.via poses with world star Rain

Recently back with new song ‘Shake’, uljjang rapper E.via reveals a photo taken together with singer Rain backstage.

E.via posted up the photo on her minihompy on 30th May, and amongst other photos she posted up are photo taken together with singers like Hwayobi, Lyn, f(x) Amber, Sulli and Rain etc.

The one that caught the attention of many netizen is the photo taken with Rain. The 2 had looked like they are close friends. In addition, Rain was seen with a tank top showing his toned muscles, much to the contrast of E.via’s sweet and cute image.

E.via wrote jokingly, “World star Rain seonbaenim, really standing next to him, I almost wanted to ask ‘Can I touch those muscles?’. Really cool really cool.”

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Super Junior DongHae, EunHyuk and KyuHyun are loving their Music Bank trophy!

Celebrating their winning on KBS Music Bank 28 May 2010 episode, Super Junior members DongHae, EunHyuk and magnae KyuHyun shared their winning trophy with their fans E.L.F via Twitter.

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Photo Of The Day! Father Tae JinAh is glad to see his son Eru discharged from army!

Photo Of the Day! Singer Tae JinAh is happy to see his son Eru becoming a ‘mom-jjang (best body)’.

Tae JinAh has told the reporters, “Eru has become a mom-jjang” during the press conference on 28th May before Eru got discharged from the army. He added, “Eru has changed a lot. He has been exercising a lot, and his body has got better. He is not the Eru 2 years back.”

And upon his discharge, Eru told the reporters, “I have been working out a lot lately, and I’m going to build up some muscles.”

Meanwhile, Eru is set to have his comeback with a new album in mid July.

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Gummy, “When I first saw MinJi she was like a baby, and now she has become a lady”

Back with a new album recently, a photo taken of Gummy and 2NE1 Gong MinJi attracts the attention of many netizens.

Gummy posted up the photo through a UFO Town message recently and wrote, “Cute MinJi who came to show support for my concert performance. When I first saw her she was like a baby, and suddenly she has become a lady ^^ Always reliable!”

The 2 first met in 2005 when MinJi joined YG Entertainment after being accepted through an audition, and MinJi was only 11 years old back then. Even though the age difference between the 2 is pretty big, they have known each other for more than 5 years already.

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Photo Of The Day! SHINee Key is f(x) 6th member?

Photo Of The Day! SHINee Key is f(x) 6th member?

A photo taken at the recent Dream Concert red carpet was posted up by netizens on portal community sites. In the photo, SHINee Key was seen posing with the f(x) members and Key’s feminine features had allowed him to blend in with the girls so well making him appear to be part of the group.

More photos under the cut.

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Photo Of The Day! GDragon poses with Flo Rida backstage!

Singer Flo Rida gives praises regarding Big Bang GDragon.

Flo Rida was in Korea on 21st and 22nd May for his first Korean public performance, and he wrote on his Twitter, “Great show with GDragon in Korea!”

GDragon did a guest performance for the 22nd May concert performance, and the 2 did a joint performance of ‘Heartbreaker’.

Photo Of The Day! f(x) Sulli’s smile while watching 2PM perform

Girlgroup f(x) member Sulli smiles as she watches male group 2PM performing.

New photos are posted on SBS Inkigayo homepage on 15th May, and the photos featuring Sulli have attracted much attention from netizens.

In the photos revealed, Sulli was seen with a wide smile, and clapping and cheering along to the performance. The official who posted up the photo commented, “It is the performance of the MC oppas. She said that the performance was cool and she cheered along during the performance.”

Netizens’ comments to the photos were, “Sulli with a ‘mother’ smile is really cute”, “It is good to see that they are showing support to one another” etc.

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Photo Of The Day! Kim HeeChul and Victoria’s ‘beauty selca’

Super Junior Kim HeeChul reveals a photo taken together with f(x) member Victoria.

Kim HeeChul wrote on his Twitter on 16th May jokingly, “They call her the queen from China, Victoriua. Assa, acting like we are close friend keke” and posted up a selca photo taken together with her.

Netizens’ comments to the photo was, “Totally bejeweled by this 2”, “The 2 of them are a beauty”, “Really cute” etc.

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