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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Dong Bang Shin Ki’s temporal Japanese promotion suspension a worry for the ‘new Kpop hallyu’ in Japan

There has been great concern in Korea after news went out that Dong Bang Shin Ki trio Micky YooChun, Hero JaeJoong and Xiah JunSu had left their Japanese agency.

The news came directly from the trio’s Japanese agency AVEX Trax on 16th September, announcing the temporal suspension of the trio’s Japanese activities. With that on 17th September, the trio’s representative responded on 17th September that the report is an one-sided report from AVEX Trax and have posed the trio with adverse conditions.

Even though this is for the trio’s Japanese activities, there has been great interests coming from Korea’s side as well. This is because currently, we are looking at the ‘new hallyu’ by singers who are promoting in Japanese currently like Big Bang, Supernova, KARA, So Nyeo Shi Dae etc.

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TaeYang to end solo promotions and start preparation for Big Bang’s Korean comeback

TaeYang has recently ended the promotions for his album ‘International release’ and will return to Big Bang for group activities.

TaeYang who is currently busy with preparations of his upcoming independent concert ‘I’ll Be There’ on 25th and 26th September will have his goodbye stage on MBC Music Core on 18th September. His recent album ‘Solar’ has achieved great results by going up to the #1 and #2 spots on Canada and American iTunes R&B/Soul chart even though there was no overseas promotions for it. And the ‘International Release’ also went up to the #5 spot on the chart.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae up #4 on Oricon weekly chart, best results for debuting foreign female singers on the chart

So Nyeo Shi Dae has once again written a new history on Oricon chart.

According to Japanese music chart Oricon charts on 14th September, the girls are up #4 on the weekly chart. This is just 1 week into the official release of their Japanese debut single, which sold a record of 40~50K, surpassing the results achieved by KARA, achieving the best results any Korean idols have achieved with their debut single album.

Oricon chart wrote, “9-member Korean group So Nyeo Shi Dae’s debut Japanese single ‘Genie’ sold over 40~50 K copies in the first week of its release, went up to #4 on the weekly rankings in just 20 over days. This is the best results so far for any foreign female singers including KARA who released their debut single ‘Mister’ on 23rd August which went up to as high as #5 on the weekly chart.”

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Core Contents Media New Group “Co-Ed” unveils their 3D MV Concept Photos!

As previously reported, 10-member mixed idol group Co-Ed will release their title song MV in 3D.

According to a Core Contents Media Rep, Co-Ed debut title song won’t be a “bling bling” music yet it will be a music that has electronic sounds in it.

The new group will hold their press conference as well as launching their 3D Music Video on 27 September 2010, at COEX-MEGABOX, Samsung-dong, Seoul.

Meanwhile, Co-Ed is currently practicing their choreography as well as finalizing their debut album before debuting by the end of this month.

More concept photos under the cut and move your mouse over the image to know the members’ name!

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Girl’s Day JiSeon and JiIn leave the group, 2 new members to be added

New girlgroup Girl’s Day will have 2 members leaving the group just 2 months into their debut.

Their agency Dream Tea Entertainment revealed on 13th September, “JiSeon and JiIn have left the team and we will be adding 2 new members to the team.”

JiSeon had left the group on personal reasons while for JiIn had wanted to concentrate on acting. According to the agency, JiSeon will continue to receive vocal and dance lessons and will promote as a singer through another direction in the future while JiIn will be preparing for auditions for dramas and movies.

Girl’s Day will be back with a new album in early October.

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2PM JunSu gets 10 stitches for left index finger injury

2PM JunSu injures his finger after his previous knee injury.

His agency JYP Entertainment revealed, “JunSu injured his left index finger on 10th September while opening an ampoule. He was sent to the hospital where he received treatment for that. He had about 10 stitches for the injury.”

JunSu’s injury was known after he was absent for 2PM’s performance for Hallyu Dream Concert on 12th September in KyeongJoo. The JYP rep also added that JunSu is sad not being able to participate in the performance since it is the group’s performance on stage after so long.

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2NE1 Park Bom hospitalised for flu, schedule for 13th Sep canceled

Schedules for 2NE1 Park Bom on 13th September has been canceled because Park Bom is down with flu.

This is according to a YG rep on 13th September, “Park Bom showed symptoms of flu and could not wake up in the morning. Currently she is giving a drip at the hospital and is resting.”

The previous day on 12th September, 2NE1 had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo and right after that they attended the Hallyu Dream Concert in KyeongJoo.

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