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2NE1 releases ‘Can’t Nobody’ MV

After the delay of a day, the MV to 2NE1’s comeback 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ title song ‘Can’t Nobody’ has been revealed through the girls’ official Youtube channel.

This song is one of the triple title songs to the album. Love it or not?

2NE1 reveals MV to ‘Go Away’


2NE1 revales the MV to their 2nd title song ‘Go Away’ off their 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ on 10th September.

Love it or not?

2NE1 releases MV to ‘Clap Your Hand’

Coming back with their 1st album ‘To Anyone’ on 9th September, 2NE1 releases the MV to one of the 3 title songs ‘Clap Your Hand’.

The rest of the 2 MVs will be revealed tomorrow and on Saturday. Love the MV or not?

2NE1’s 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ revealed!

Girlgroup 2NE1’s comeback 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ has been revealed on 9th September!

What is special about this album is that it contains triple title songs ‘Go Away’, ‘Clap Your Hands’ and ‘Can’t Nobody’.

Go under the cut for the rest of the album.

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2NE1 criticised for performing full songs for comeback stage

2NE1 has been criticised for their upcoming special comeback stage where they will be performing their triple title songs.

According to YG Entertainment on 8th September, “2NE1 will be performing 3 songs for their comeback stage – ‘Go Away’, ‘Clap Your Hands’ and ‘Can’t Nobody’. All 3 songs will be pre-recorded.”

The usual case for singers’ comeback stages is that they will perform at most 2 songs and for the case of the song which is not the title song, the performance for it will be a shorter version. But in 2NE1’s case, they will be performing 3 full songs.

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D-2 to comeback, 2NE1 gets over 120K album reservations

Ahead of their comeback with 1st full length album, girlgroup 2NE1 is already making headlines with the amount of reservations to their new album.

2NE1 is set to release their 1st album ‘To Anyone’ on 9th September. And according to YG Entertainment on 7th September, there is already great interests for the girls’ comeback. YG Entertainment told MTStarNews, “There has been already overwhelming amount of reservation to the girls’ 1st full length album. We have received 120K album reservations.”

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2NE1 reveals teaser to 2nd title song ‘Clap Your Hands’

Ahead of their comeback, girlgroup 2NE1 reveals the preview to their 2nd title song ‘Clap Your Hands’ through YG’s official blog YG-Life on 6th September, as well as a few photos to the MV filming of the song.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is set to promote 3 title songs for their upcoming 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ which will be released on 9th September. They will then have their comeback stage on 12th September on SBS Inkigayo.

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2ne1 reveals teaser to ‘Love Hurts’


2ne1 releases the audio teaser to ‘Love Hurts’ off their upcoming 1st album.

Love it or not?