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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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2PM JunSu gets 10 stitches for left index finger injury

2PM JunSu injures his finger after his previous knee injury.

His agency JYP Entertainment revealed, “JunSu injured his left index finger on 10th September while opening an ampoule. He was sent to the hospital where he received treatment for that. He had about 10 stitches for the injury.”

JunSu’s injury was known after he was absent for 2PM’s performance for Hallyu Dream Concert on 12th September in KyeongJoo. The JYP rep also added that JunSu is sad not being able to participate in the performance since it is the group’s performance on stage after so long.

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SBS Kim PD who called 2PM, 2AM and SHINee ‘trash’ apologises

The SBS variety show PD who was caught calling idol groups 2PM, 2AM and SHINee ‘trash’ had apologised for his statement.

Kim PD wrote on his Twitter on 4th September, “Twitter is not a private space after all! I am sorry for those who were unhappy with my comment of ‘trash’. I hope you will understand that this is just a comfortable joke amongst colleagues hehe”.

He added, “2PM, 2AM and SHINee are definitely not trash. They are precious guests to our programs hehe”.

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Park JaeBum, “I exchanged birthday wishes with Nich Khun”

2PM ex leader member Park JaeBum reveals, “I still exchange birthday wishes with Nich Khun,” dismissing rumours of dispute with the 2PM members.

JaeBum revealed during his interview with IlGanSports on 31st August, “I sent Nich Khun birthday wishes on his birthday on 24th June and he replied me. Even though I did not meet up or contact the members, it is not because we are on bad terms. I am really happy that 2PM is doing well.”

JaeBum left 2PM after his MySpace controversy last September and returned to Seattle. And in February, JYP revealed that JaeBum has permanently left the group due to personal reasons. He then returned to Korea 9 months after in June for the filming of his upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

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Secret ‘Madonna’ up #1 on Dosirak music chart for the 2nd consecutive week

Secret’s latest song ‘Madonna’ is up #1 on music site Dosirak weekly chart for the 2nd consecutive week.

According to Dosirak’s weekly music chart for the 4th week of August, Secret is up #1 with the song ‘Madonna’. And at #2 is 2AM ChangMin and 8eight Lee Hyun’s ‘I was able to eat well’.

At #3 is Rainbow with ‘A’, rising up 6 spots from their previous ranking and #4 is Brown Eyed Girls Narsha with ‘Mama Mia’.

Find the rest of the top 10 rankings under the cut.

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2AM and 2PM for a showdown with their bigmatch performance for Mnet 20’s Choice

‘Sentimental idols’ 2AM and ‘beastly idols’ 2PM will come face to face in a showdown.

The 2 groups are set for a powerful big match performance for the upcoming Mnet 20’s Choice on 26th August. There has been great interests for the special stages lined up for Mnet 20’s Choice every year.

Through their special stages, 2AM will be shedding their usual ballad-dol image and attempting a different genre, while 2PM will be showing a strong appeal as beastly-dols.

Other than that, girlgroups who have came up with their unique fashion trends the early half of the year will be appearing again in this fashion trends ie Narsha will be sporting the see-through look, 4Minute the military look etc.
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2PM unveils full MV to ‘Thank You’

The full MV to 2PM’s new song ‘Thank You’ has been released on 17th August.

The song is dedicated to thank their fans for the support they have shown through the different times.

2PM JunHo, “Nich Khun pretends to be an angel”

2PM member JunHo exposes Nich Khun?

On SBS HaHa Mong Show aired on 15th August in the corner ‘Please, Mother’, 2PM members reveal stories never before revealed on broadcast.

The MCs Haha and Mong, played one-day mothers, and visited 2PM’s dormitory. What had caught their attention is that the 2PM members would sleep freely any way around the house, not carrying it is the room or living room.

On the show, the 2PM members also talked about stories never before revealed. JunHo said “Nich Khun is a trickster who pretends to be an angel. There was once when we were in the States for public performance, and we went to the park. Nich Khun who went to school in the States pointed to a wooden stage and said that it came from a tree which lived 10 million ears. But after that, I went to do some research and that tree only lived for 100 years.”

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2PM to hold 4 encore concert performances coming September

2PM will be holding 4 concert performances coming late-September for 38K fans for their encore concert.

Their concert planner representative revealed, “2PM will be holding their first encore concert in September in Seoul and Busan.” 2PM previously held 2 concert performances for ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ on 31st July and 1st August and 2 concert performances in Busan on 7th and 8th August.

The concert was visited by fans in various other countries like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, England, America and China etc, garnering much interests.

JYP Entertainment commented, “We are thankful for the support and interests for 2PM’s concert. And through the encore concert, 2PM will show even more upgraded performances.”

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