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K Bites – 12.05.2009

Super Junior ‘It’s You’ MV released

The MV to Super Junior‘s new single ‘It’s You’ is finally released today. The MV looked a little like a dance version of the song but good thing is fans get to see more of member KiBum in the MV. But it makes me wonder if KiBum will join the 12 for the promotion of the song.

Anyway, the song is great and addictive, and I’m looking forward to their comeback stage this weekend.


GDragon ends Europe vacation, and will start on activities in Japan


Big Bang GDragon, who has been on an Europe trip recently, has ended the trip on 10th May.

After he ended the vacation, he headed straight for Japan to start on promotional activities like going on broadcast programmes etc.

YG Entertainment said on the 12th, “GDragon will go straight from Europe to Japan. He is currently in Japan and preparing to start promotional activities. When he will return to Korea, we have not decided yet.”

GDragon was on the Europe trip both as a getaway and also to study fashion for his upcoming album postponed to August.


SHINee to release 2nd minialbum on 21st May


Group SHINee will release their comeback 2nd minialbum on 21st May.

The group debuted last Maywith their first minialbum and caused a craze with the song ‘Noona is very pretty’.

This minialbum will be their comeback since their 1st album ‘The SHINee World’ released last August after 9 months.

SHINee, “We are very excited and nervous about showing our new music and performance. We hope to showcase a better side of us we worked hard on showing. Please look forward to our performance.”


Netizens love So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park Jung Hyun’s rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’

The duet ‘You Raise Me Up’ sang by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Lena Park (Park Jung Hyun) during the Korea Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl on 9th May has become the topic amongst netizens.

After the performance, Park Jung Hyun and Jessica said, “It was fun”, “Really fun and interesting”. This is the first time the 2 sang together.

Other than Jessica, other members like Tiffany and Sunny had performed with Lena Park before. For instance, Sunny performed with Lena Park on ‘The Starry Night’ during a radio show on MBS in 2007.

Meanwhile, netizens’ responses to this stage area also overwhelming and positive.


New singer Again’s 2nd teaser video to ‘603’

As reported earlier, new singer Again released a teaser video new song ‘603’ on 10th May.

The 2nd teaser video to the song was released today. The song didn’t not turn out like I expected, and as reflected by many readers who got to me about the song. But I thought I would want to judge by the full song.

Meanwhile, other information about who this Again is is still not revealed. We’ll just wait and see.

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K Bites – 10.05.2009

Big Bang fans are angry with KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’

gd_100509Big Bang fans are angry with the programme ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

On KBS, the episode of ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 8th introduced the composer to Big Bang‘s song ‘Lies’ as the Brave Brothers instead of GDragon himself.

According to the Korea Music Copyright Association, the composer to song ‘Lies’ is recorded as GDragon. GDragon did the lyrics and composition to the song, while ‘Entertainment Weekly’ had introduced the composer as the Braves Brothers, who did the song arrangement instead.

This comes with great anger since YG president Yang Hyun Seok has gone all the way out to explain rumours about GDragon‘s song compositions lately.

And viewers have also commented on the show’s notice board, “The composer to the song ‘Lies’ is GDragon and not the Brave Brothers“, “Please do your research well before reporting”.


Upcoming new singer Again with ‘603’ 1st teaser


Upcoming new singer Again has recently released a teaser video to new song ‘603’.

The teaser was released on 10th May. And singer Again is a new singer who used the past 1 year in preparation for the debut.

The teaser video, with the concept of ‘603 Factory’ became the topic amongst netizens for showing lascivious content.

Again will release the 2nd teaser to ‘603’ on 12th May releasing 1 minute long of the song.

I like what I hear. And concept is interesting too. Looking forward to more from Again.


Fans go all the way out to congratulate 2PM on winning #1



2PM recently won their first #1 on music programme on 7th May on Mnet M!Countdown with their comeback hit song ‘Again&Again’.

And their fans have been on celebrating and congratulating spree on the win on their noticeboard.

The fans, including overseas fans, posted up various contents to congratulate the boys on their noticeboards – videos of them following the song’s choreography, congratulation placards etc.

2PM also responded, “We are very thankful to have received all these congratulations letters and gifts. Because of all the love that fans are showering on us, we will work harder in the future.”

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