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WonderGirls SoHee and YooBin back in Korea temporarily


WonderGirls members YooBin and SoHee will back temporarily in Korea from America.

JYP Entertainment revealed through a phone interview on 26th September, “SoHee and YooBin have returned to Korea on 25th September. The 2 of them are back on personal reasons. They will be sending time with their family this ChuSeok (mid Autumn). They should be returning to America by mid week next week not their schedule has yet been confirmed.”
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K Bites – 19.06.2009 III (HyunA, WonderGirls)

HyunA with happy tears coming back after 2 years

hyuna_190609Tears fall for 4Minute HyunA to have come back after 2 years.

HyunA had her comeback after leaving group WonderGirls after 2 years with group 4Minute performing their debut stage with ‘Hot Issue’ on 18th June on Mnet M!Countdown.

And after the performance, HyunA was tearing in the backstage, she was seen overwhelmed by emtions. People around also encouraged her on seeing her tearing, “You did well”.

HyunA said betweens tears, “I’m really both relieved and sad.” This is her dream and her comeback stage after 2 years, and she had wanted it to be her best as well.

An official said, “She was tearing after she came down from the stage. It has been long since she stand on the stage to performa. She was touched. She finds it a pity as she had wanted to perform better than she did since this is her comeback stage.”

America will like sexy YooBin best from WonderGirls


Group WonderGirls is currently working on their American debut. And fans who have been following through their development all this while, may have also changed their preference of favourite member of the group.

The girls will be debuting there with the English version of ‘Nobody’, and even though they will be dancing the same dance and singing, and donning the same performing outfits, the response from the American listeners will be different from that of the Koreans.

In Korea, cute and refreshing SoHee may be in the spotlight, but sexy and glamorous YooBin is said to be the one receiving the attention.

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K Bites – 14.06.2009 (Park HanByul-Se7en, Jang Geun Seok)

ash_140609WonderGirls SoHee to quit school?

There has been rumours that group WonderGirls SoHee will be quitting school.

A post was posted on one of the Korean online forums on 10th June about the rumour. Part of the netizens were saying that there has been news that ChangMoon Girls High the school that she is attending will want her to quit school voluntarily. And there was also searches on portal sites on the keywords ‘SoHee quitting’.

JYP representative said, “We were not informed about SoHee’s voluntary quitting.” And a representative from ChangMoon Girls High also revealed that they reveal about their student’s information.

Meanwhile the girls will be releasing official American album in September.

Park Han Byul, “As compared to myself, Se7en does more aegyo”


Talent Park Han Byul revealed that her boyfriend singer Se7en does more aegyo (act cute) than herself.

She revealed on KBS Entertainment Weekly on 13th June, “I don’t call him by ‘dear’ or ‘darling’ because it is just not my character to do so. So on the phone, I normally call him by ‘yaa’.”

She added, “Instead Se7en has more aegyo than me”. And about their 7 years late reveal of their love relationship, she said, “We are so sorry for acknowledging it. But until now it still doesn’t feel real to me. To be in an interview like this talking about my relationship with Se7en has been my dream.”

Jang Geun Seok, “I didn’t eat for 3 days after the kiss with Shin Bong Seon”


Jang Geun Seok had a phone call with close friend Super Junior HeeChul on the episode of KBS Shin Dong Yeop and Shin Bong Seon’s Champagne aired on 13th June.

And with the phone call, he revealed the shocking truth about his kiss with Shin Bong Seon on Coming-of-age day.

Currently filming in Australia, Jang Geun Seok, “After my kiss with Shin Bong Seon, I didn’t eat for the next 3 days.”

Jang Geun Seok also did an imitation of gagman Choi YangRak’s voice with a song during the show that day.

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Same pose different feel – WonderGirls SoHee vs Andre Kim


We have topics on ‘Same Clothes Different Feel’, here’s one funny one on ‘Same Pose Different Feel’. And we have WonderGirls Ahn So Hee and designer Andre Kim.

In the photos we have the whole paparazzi peering into the car of the celebrity going on.

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K Bites – 22.05.2009 IV

WonderGirls will debut in America with the English version of ‘Nobody’

WonderGirls is set to debut in America with the English version of their song ‘Nobody’.

They are currently preparing for their American debut there, and recently they did an English interview with NY1. And the video for their interview was revealed on 21st May on the internet. And member So Hee revealed that they recently recorded the English version of their song ‘Nobody’, a retro hit of from the Motown period, and that will be their American debut song.

Great anticipation as to how the girls’ debut there will be. We also have other Asian stars trying to break into the American market like Se7en, BoA and Utada Hikaru.

Go under the cut to see netizens’ responses to the girls’ American debut…


Joo Ah Min about boyfriend MC Mong, “He’s a really good man who can bring laughters”


Joo Ah Min, girlfriend to singer MC Mong, posted up photos of MC Mong and her father playing pool on her minihompy last October and lately the photos have become the topic amongst netizens.

Joo Ah Min said, “The man I love… is a cool man who can give up himself for me”.

“I can still remember that early winter when my body and heart became colder. And coincidentally he met with dad in the neighbourhood~ Our dad didn’t know who oppa is! ”

She continued, “The man I love do not like places with a lot of people. Many it is the tiredness of always in contact with the mass public and in the middle of so many relationships. The man I love had put a smile on the face of my dad, who hasn’t smiled for a long time”.

“Oppa put a smile to dad’s face from his body and his heart. When I saw that from oppa, I thought, ‘You are really a good person…’.”

Meanwhile, photos of Joo Ah Min in biniki posted up on her minihompy has also been the topic amongst netizens lately.


‘Boys Over Flowers’ producer Song Byung Joon in a love relationship with a woman 19 years younger


Drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ production company Group Eight’s Song Byung Joon (49) is said to be in a love relationship with a lady 20 years younger than himself.

This was known that the lady is a female talent Miss Lee (30). She debuted through a youth drama in 1999. And recently she has been more actively in theatre stages.

But Miss Lee’s company had voiced, “There is not support to the rumours about the 2’s love relationship. There were only news about the 2 being close.” and Song Byung Joon has refused any interviews.

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K Bites – 01.05.2009

WonderGirls SoHee on life in America, “It’s hard to adjust to changes in bed and food”

wgsh_010509WonderGirls SoHee updates fans about their current status in America.

She wrote an article on their fan cafe Wonderful, “This is the first time I’m writing this. I heard it’s raining a lot now in Korea. But in New York here, the weather is more like summer than spring.”

“But I’m glad it is getting cooler here. Also now that the bed and eating habits etc our surrounding environment has changed, it’s getting hard on us since we are sensitive to it.”

“We also heard that it is the exams period for fans these days. Even though it can be sensitive and tiring because of the exams, I hope fans will find the strength and pull through it. HWAITING.”

members have been updating their current status in America preparing for their American debut through online community sites and blogs.


Super Junior KangIn, “I only sing 11 secs to the song ‘Sorry Sorry'”

ki_010509Super Junior KangIn was on KBS ‘Game Show’ as the leader to Kang Team. He has to lead a team to play a game where players are blindfolded, and had to jump but also avoid a fly swatter after exactly 10 seconds. And he has, “I have confidence to do that well”

He then added, “Of the 13 members singing Super Junior‘s song ‘Sorry Sorry’, I just have 11 seconds of time to sing. I think I can do an accurate jump.”

And SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon and 2AM Im Seul Ong who were present shared his pain as part of an idol group. Seul Ong revealed that he also have 10 seconds worth of time to sing for 2AM’s 2nd album’s ‘A Friend’s Confession’.

This episode of game show will air on 3rd May at 10.50am.


2PM JaeBum is next featured on Navi’s ‘Heart Damage’


2PM JaeBum will be the next to support Navi‘s perform of ‘Heart Damage’ taken off her 2nd single released early April.

JaeBum will appear on Navi‘s performance of ‘Heart Damage’ on music programmes this weekend. JaeBum will perform a totallyly different rap which he wrote on his own to replace Crown J‘s rap portion in the song. He will also perform the rap portion live.

Until now, rappers featured for Navi‘s performances are Crown J and Untouchable’s Sleepy. The song is also doing very well on various music charts.

원더걸스 소희가 미국에서의 근황을 전했다.

소희는 최근 원더걸스 팬카페 원더풀에 글을 올렸다. 소희는 “이렇게 글을 쓰는 건 이번이 처음”이라며 “한국은 요즘 비가 온다고 들었는데 여기 뉴욕은 봄 날씨를 넘어서 거의 여름이다”고 인사했다.

이어 “그대로 이제 조금 시원해지고 있어서 다행이다”며 “잠자리 음식 등 주위환경이 바뀌는 것에 예민해서 이것 저것 고생 중이다”고 말했다.

또 “팬들은 요즘 시험 기간 중이라 들었다. 시험으로 예민해지고 힘들텐데 그럴수록 더 힘내길 바란다. 화이팅”이라고 덧붙였다.

한편 원더걸스는 현재 미국 뉴욕에 머물며 미국 데뷔를 준비 중이다. 원더걸스는 최근 여러 블로그나 매체를 통해 자신의 미국 생활기를 소개하며 미국 데뷔에 강한 욕심을 드러내고 있다.

K Bites – 06.04.2009 II

Jo Kwon, “SoHee is the nearest to my ideal type of girl”



During WG's concert previously

2AM Jo Kwon has revealed that WonderGirls member SoHee is near to his ideal type of girl.

Jo Kwon was on KBS Cool FM Maybee‘s show when he revealed, “WonderGirls SoHee is the closest to the ideal type of girl for me.”

He was posed the question ‘Of the 5 members in WonderGirls who is the nearest to your ideal type of girl and what about her do you like the most?’. Jo Kwon said, “I like SoHee‘s chic feel the most.”

“Even though she likes to wear the indifferent expression on her face normally, she is actually very chic, and unique and playful which makes her really cute.”


Tablo, “Kang Hye Jung doesn’t feel like someone from this world”


Epik High Tablo talks about his love relationship with Kang Hye Jung.

He was on SBS ‘Kim Jung Eun‘s Chocolate’ telerecording on the 4th where he referred to Kang Hye Jung as “someone who does not feel like a person from this world”.

He revealed when asked about his relationship with Kang, “In whatever thing one do, she would think and say that it is art and her sincere and hardworking side of her just don’t seem like someone from this world.”


Jo In Sung waves a tearful goodbye


Actor Jo In Sung reported for his military service on the 6th at GyeongNam Air Force Training centre.

He will be going through basic training for 6 weeks and then serve as part of the military band for the Air Force operations for 26 months.

More photos here…

K Bites – 10.03.2009 II

Introducing duo group The Day

td_100309Officially introducing male duo group The Day, members DL and Lee Young Ho, who had made topic on the internet with their R&B rendition of So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s ‘Gee’.

The Day is a upcoming new group who roused much interests amongst netizens after their R&B version of ‘Gee’ were released on UCC video site. Their popularity rose as more netizens like their sensable and smooth vocals.

Meanwhile, for their debut album ‘soulLIGHT’ they had the participation of other singers like Kim Jo Han, Sung Shi Kyung and Brown Eyed Soul.

The Day said, “This is the album we have been preparing for for a long time. We have sang the lyrics in the melody faithfully and truthfully. Hopefully that fans will enjoy the music.”

Watch their cover of ‘Gee’ here


8ight ‘Without A Heart’ full MV ft WonderGirls SoHee

The song that was highly praised by Park Jin Young, who said he would not mind listening to for 24 hours non stop.

It features WonderGirls member SoHee, the idea recommended by Park Jin Young himself.

More photos of SoHee as vampire in the MV here