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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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BEG JeA fans are angry, “Child Of Empire is ZE:A? Change the name”

There has been some disagreement between the same names of Brown Eyed Girls Jea (제아) and upcoming 9-member group ZE:A (제아).

ZE:A is the name of an upcoming 9-member group previously known as Child Of Empire under Star Empire Entertainment. The group has revealed some album jacket photos on 28th December and will be releasing their debut album on 7th January.

But this has met with some strong protest from Brown Eyed Girls JeA‘s fans. The reason is that they have the same name (in Korean that is). And it has been known that the fans have been calling up Star Empire to ask about the same-name issue.

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[Special] KBites Kpop Report 2009

Coming nearly to the end of the year, let’s take a look back at some of the major Kpop events for 2009 in KBites ‘Kpop Report 2009’.

It’s been such an eventful year, with its up and down periods in the Kpop circle. Fans have also stood strong by their idols, and showed belief and support through the different events and happenings.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2009 and welcome a good start for 2010 for Kpop!

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SBS Inkigayo 01.11.2009 – SHINee wins Mutizen with ‘Ring Ding Dong’!


For SBS Inkigayo today, SHINee wins their 1st Mutizen with their current hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’! The song is also #2 on the digital mobile ranking chart on the show.

Meanwhile, check out more performances under the cut:

  • Comeback stages by SeeYa, Andy and Ivy
  • Other hot stages by SS501, SHINee, 4Minute, T-ara, Secret etc

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BTS to BEAST ‘Bad Girl’ MV revealed!

Can’t get enough of this rookie boyband?

The behind-the-scene video to BEAST‘s debut song ‘Bad Girl’ MV has been revealed recently.

And as you can see, we are in for some AJ goodie in the MV.

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Showdown of the rookie boybands – MBLAQ and BEAST to debut on the same day


There are 2 upcoming idol groups who released their debut single on 14th October.

Rain’s 5-member boyband MBLAQ released their 1st single album ‘Just BLAQ’ on and offline on 14th October with the title song ‘Oh Yeah’. Also, Cube Entertainment’s upcoming 6-member beast team boyband B2ST released their debut minialbum ‘BEAST IS THE B2ST‘ on the same day with the title song ‘Bad Girl’.

While both groups released their debut single on the same day, they will also be having their debut on the same day.

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‘October Big Bang’ – a month of debuts of idol groups


October is the month of the debuts of many upcoming idol groups.

We will be seeing debuts from B2ST, MBLAQ, Secret, December, JQT, Top.AZ, Lady Collection, Child of Empire etc.

And of these groups, some of them have already revealed themselves via reality programmes.

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Kpop ushers in its new batch of maknaes!


With new singers and groups debuting lately, Kpop world is experiencing a flood of new and definitely younger singers.

We are looking at a crowd as young as 15 years old, and born in 1994. Did time really fly that fast or are we looking at a younger group of singers now?

Go under the cut to know who they are.

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K Bites – 24.08.2009 III (B2ST, DBSK, Chae DongHa, JYP-Nich Khun)

Group B2ST set to debut mid-September


Jang HyunSeung who was part of debuting in Big Bang but was eliminated during the process, is back as part of B2ST (pronounced as Beast).

The first episode of the group’s documentary ‘MTV B2ST’ was aired on 23rd August on MTV.

Jang HyunSeung who had to be painfully taken out of Big Bang said in the documentary, “I was practising with the hyungs and friends and it was a shame to be taken off the team like that, and now I’ve found the golden chance again. I will not forget how that feels and I will work my best this time.”

Also in the team B2ST are 2PM and 2AM eliminated member Yoon DooJoon, “The wallpaper on my mobile says ‘Poisonous gas emission a month ago’. This is the first time we talked about our debut date and also our performance today. I had many thoughts about my trainee days.”

B2ST consists of Jang HyunSeung, Yoon DooJoon, AJ, Young JoonHyung, Yang YoungSeob and Son DongWoo. They are set to debut mid-September, and are in the same company as 4Minute, under Cube Entertainment.

Dong Bang Shin Ki picked as the popular artiste of ASEAN in Thailand


Group Dong Bang Shin Ki has been picked in Thailand as the popular artistes of ASEAN.

During the Channel V 2009 Music Video Awards 2009 held in Thailand on 22nd August, Dong Bang Shin Ki was awarded the ASEAN popular artistes.

Dong Bang Shin Ki has won the award with 48% of netizens votes online, surpassing the votes for artistes like Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, WonderGirls etc.

This is the 2nd time that the group has won the award after their previous award in 2006. Since the award ceremony did not take place in 2007 and 2008, this can be said to be Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 2nd consecutive win for the award.

Meanwhile, the group members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong are going through a court trial to retract the exclusive belonging terms in their contract with their agency SM Entertainment.

Solo debut for Chae DongHa postponed due to vocal disk

cdh_240809Singer Chae DongHa has to postponed the date of his album release due to vocal disks.

His company said on the 24th, “During the practice session before his solo debut, he has strained his vocals and diagnosed with vocal disks. Recently he has been missing sleep to work on his upcoming solo album, and it was obvious that fatigue was piling for him. ”

With his current health conditions, Chae DongHa is not allow to use his vocals at all. And his album, which is set to drop on 29th August, will be postponed to the 1st next month.

Chae DongHa has debuted as part of SG Wannabe in 2002 and has left the team about a year back. This album will be his first solo album in 7 years since his debut.

Park Jin Young reveals the reason why 2PM Nich Khun’s recording will go well


Park Jin Young has uploaded a new photo on his Twitter account on 23th August at 5.30pm featuring him and 2PM member Nich Khun.

In the photo, Park Jin Young was seen doing the recording works with 2PM Nich Khun for 2PM ‘s upcoming album. And Nich Khun was seen giving Park Jin Young his favourite food – rice cake – and Park Jin Young looked obviously delighted.

Park Jin Young also posted a message with the photo, “I think Nichkhun’s recording will go really well today because… “

A representative from JYP Entertainment also revealed on 24th August, “Park Jin Young is back in Korea to do the recording works with 2PM. Do look forward to the group’s upgraded features.”