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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Singer Park KiYoung to get married this May!

Singer Park KiYoung will be May’s Bride.

Coming 1st May, she will be getting married with her lawyer boyfriend who is one year older than her. They first met in 2004 at a church in Seoul. Park KiYoung who is born in 1977, released her first album ‘One’ for her singer debut in 1997. She went on to release hit songs like ‘Start’, ‘Blue Sky’, ‘Walk In The Hill’, ‘Butterfly’ etc.

She also had many collaborations with the other Fluxus Ent musicians like Clazziquai Alex and Horan, W&Whale etc.

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Stars together for ‘Visit Korea Year 2010-2012 Opening Ceremony’


On November 11,2009, besides having the stylish event ‘Style Icon Awards 2009′, there’s also another big event being held in Seoul city.

It is called -Visit Korea year 2010-2012’ 50 days Countdown Opening Ceremony-. The event is held on  Nov 11,2009 at Cheonggye Square. Why Nov 11 ? According to Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) it is simply because it’s exactly 50 days before 2010. And why 3 years campaign you say? Because it’s a joint program with 7 major events in it (held in 3 years time) and that includes the Korean Wave Festival. It is a huge and international event as 800 foreign tourists are reported attending the event.

And of course, the Kpop Stars are also supporting the campaign and gave their best performance in the opening ceremony of Visit Korea Year 2010-2012.

MCs for the event are : Park JungAh, Alex and Choi YoonYoung, whilst the Kpop performer line up : Insooni, Lee Junghyun, Ivy, SS501, MC Mong, FT Triple and MBLAQ.

Photos from event!

Moon Geun Young and MC Mong are entertainers netizens want to make song-pyun with this chuseok


Actress Moon Geun Yeong and singer MC Mong have been voted the stars Korean netizens want to make song-pyun (traditional rice cake eaten during Chuseok festival) with.

Specialist education enterprise EduWill did a survey on 1204 netizens from 14th to 25th September on the question, “Which entertainer do you want to knead song-pyun with?” and the results were released on 28th September.

Guess which other entertainers were voted on the survey.

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Clazziquai Alex and Horan deny living together


Clazziquai members Alex and Horan have denied rumours about them living together, while appearing on tvN ‘Taxi’ recently, saying “Definitely not true”.

They revealed, “We found it ridiculous after learning about rumours saying that we are living together.”

Alex, “There is no way the 2 of us will develop into lovers. I want to be Horan‘s friend forever.”

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KPop Highlights Of The Week [03.09.2009]


KBites has another Kpop highlight for you guys! Let’s get started shall we?

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KMusic New Releases 26.08.2009 – Color Chocolate, B2Y, Park Ki Young, Taru, Hong KyungMin


Reviews to some of SooKyeong‘s recent favourite KMusic releases:

  • K Will and Mario for ‘Color Chocolate’ with the song ‘Chocolate’
  • New group B2Y releases 1st minialbum ‘BabyBoys to YearningGirls’
  • Park KiYoung comes back with a new single album ‘Recorded Tapes are Closed’
  • Taru finally releases full length album!
  • Hong KyungMin comes back with 10th album

Full article here…

Kpop Style 28.07.2009: Lee Hyori-Wilber Pan, All Stars


Kpop Style! Today we have:

  • Lee Hyori and Wilber Pan kiss scene (successful only after 12 takes) for Hyundai new music drama
  • All stars at cultural discussion forum on 28th July – 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, 2PM, 2AM, Clazziquai, LPG etc

Image heavy this way!

K Bites – 14.07.2009 III (Sandara Park, Clazziquai, Kang JiHye-2NE1)

Sandara Park on Joseph Bitangcol’s statement, “It’s not true. We were just made-believe couple”


Sandara Park’s representative has come out to explain on Filipino entertainer Joseph Bitangcol’s statement recently.

A YG representative said in a phone interview on 14th July, “He used the expression of ‘ex-girlfriend’ because they had appeared together as made-believe couples in the Filipino version of ‘We Got Married’. They did not date each other.”

Joseph has referred to Sandara Park as his ‘ex-girlfriend’ previously in a media interview which got many’s attention. He also mentioned in the interview that he still keep in contact with her.

Netizens then became curious about her love relationship with Joseph. Her representative said, “Programmes set with love relationship in the Philippines are really popular. Hence Sandara had worked with this male entertainer. It seems that the truth has been distorted and misunderstood by many here in Korea.”

Clazziquai to work with sexy star Jarah Mariano for comeback


Electronic pop group Clazziquai is set to have their comeback. They release the MV to the title song of their new album ‘Love Again’ on 13th July.

And the MV features sexy star Jarah Mariano playing opposite Alex in the MV. Also in the song, leader to the group DJ Clazzi shows off his skills.

The MV ‘Love again’ has received overwhelming responses from fans with the video going up to #1 spot in just 1 day into its release. Fans are commenting, “This is Clazziquai after all”, “This is the music that we have been waiting 2 years for”, “Alex and Horan are really cool” etc.

Meanwhile their album is released online on the 14th. And the group will make their first performance of the song on 22nd July on MBC ‘LaLaLa’.

New singer Kang JiHye gets attention by singing ‘I Don’t Care’

kjh_140709New singer Kang JiHye has been attracting much attention from the netizens after she uploaded a video of herself singing 2NE1’s recent hit ‘I Don’t Care’.

Kang JiHye is a new singer who recently released her single album ‘Sweet Day’, and has sang a cover of 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ with her own style and voice. This video is currently one of the most popular video on various video sites with high amount of views to it.

Netizens commented, “As much as I like 2NE1, she has her own style”, “She has a good voice” etc

Kang JiHye is also known to have participated in KBS drama ‘Ajumma on the go’ OST in 2007 and is currently promoting her title song ‘The fool only you know’.

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