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Nich Khun and Victoria pose for a photo with their ‘daughters’ f(x) members

A photo taken of MBC We Got Married newly joined made-believe couple Nich Khun and Victoria together with the other f(x) members garners interests amongst netizens.

The photo was posted up on an internet portal forum site on 11th August and in the photo, Nich Khun was seen smiling and posing for the photo with the other f(x) members. Amber who is currently in the States was not present in the photo.

The f(x) members are said to be the ‘daughters’ of the couple as they are used to calling Victoria, the leader member, mother.

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f(x) Amber spotted by fans in LA Korean Town

Not appearing on broadcast or any events in Korea of late, f(x) Amber is known to be currently resting in the States.

Some fans in the States recently posted on online community portal site stating that they met Amber in Korean Town in the LA. Recently Amber has not been appearing on the weekly music shows as well as variety shows which had many fans speculating, “Is she leaving the group?”

But the truth is Amber is back in the States where her parents are, on a short break to recuperate her leg injuries. The fan wrote, “I met Amber at a cafe in Korean Town, she even say hi. I asked her if she is returning to Korea soon and her answer was yes.”

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Down with ankle injuries, Amber to be absent for f(x) ‘Mr. Boogie’ performances

Member Amber was not present for f(x)’s performance on MBC Music Core.

f(x) performed their followup hit from their 1st minialbum ‘Mr. Boogie’ on 17th July on MBC Music Core, after the promotions for their title song ‘NU ABO’ ended. However for the performance that day, only 4 f(x) members were present for the performance. It is revealed that Amber had injured her ankle and will not be able to carry out the choreography. With that, the girls will be putting up special stages as 4 members both on 17th and 18th July on the weekend music shows.

A SM Ent official said, “This is a small surprise event for fans. The girls will continue to greet fans through their individual activities.”

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f(x) Sulli has the most ‘ajusshi’ fans and Amber received money as a gift from fans

Member Sulli has been chosen as the member with the highest number of ‘ajusshi’ fans in girlgroup f(x).

The f(x) members made appearances on MBC Golden Fishery on 24th June and they talked about that. The members did a little poll on the show and Sulli was chosen as the member with the most number of ‘ajusshi’ fans.

Meanwhile, member Amber revealed that she has received an envelop with money inside it from fans. When asked what she did with it, Amber said, “I returned it. The envelop was really thick.” And Shin JungHwan joked, “That thickness, there should be about 700K KRW inside.”

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f(x) Amber, “My agency did not force me to keep the short hairstyle”

f(x) Amber talks about her short hairstyle.

f(x) members were on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 16th June when Amber revealed, “I’ve heard from many people that I am like a guy since I was little.”

When asked by the MCs on the show if she had kept the short hairstyle because her agency had made her to, Amber answered, “No. Because it is very comfortable, I cut it short.”

Also on the show, Amber mimicks the expression of her lookalike animal, which had everyone in the studio laughing.

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Photo Of The Day! Amber, “HyunA ya, happy birthday!”

f(x) Amber recently revealed a photo taken with seonbae and close friend 4Minute HyunA, with a fun pose and congratulating HyunA on her birthday.

Amber wrote the congratulatory message on the 6th and posted up the photo taken with HyunA on her me2day on 7th June. Amber wrote, “Huh? Huh? Birthday? Today? Ahh~ Today(6th) is 4Minute HyunA seonbaenim’s birthday! My friend! Happy birthday!”

Amber added, “HyunA ya! Hope your album promotions go well and I will always support you! HyunA hwaiting! HyunA hwaiting!”

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f(x) Sulli, “I was asked if I had botox done on my lips…”

Group f(x) speaks up about speculations going around that they have undergone plastic surgery.

f(x) Luna said in a recent interview with MyDaily, “There were many rumours of plastic surgery when we first debuted. It was really tough.” Krytal then said jokingly, “(Pointing to the face) This?”.

Sulli explained, “We really heard a lot of these rumours. That I’ve undergone plastic surgery for double eyelids. When I open my eyes real big, it gets thicker and when I don’t pay attention, it disappears. I think people are too doubtful.”

She continued, “There was even people who said that I’ve got botox done on my lips. I was so hurt in the beginning. I asked myself ‘Does this make sense?’. But people around me told me that people only said that because my eyes are pretty like those underwent plastic surgery. And so I was like ‘Ahh, so that’s why’ and I liked it.”

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Amber reveals photo taken together with YoonA, “Happy birthday YoonA unnie”

Girlgroup f(x) member Amber reveals a photo taken together with So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA while posing affably.

Amber posted up the photo on her me2day on 30th May and wrote a message to congratulate YoonA on her birthday. Amber said, “Everyone, have you congratulated unnie on her birthday? If not, do it with me. YoonA unnie, happy birthday. Thank you for always taking good care of me. I hope you have a good one today on your birthday.”

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