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Boygroup BEAST teasing again with “SOOM” Radio Teaser!

Previously catching the fans’ attention with their MV Teaser for upcoming title track “SOOM” a.k.a “Breathe”, boy group BEAST is once again teasing their fans via different media and this time they use radio.

The radio teaser for “SOOM” was firstly released through KBS Cool FM ‘Narsha’s Raise the Volume’ on 25 September and instantly became one of the most searched not long after released.

BEAST unleashes title track “SOOM” MV Teaser!

Boy group BEAST who recently teased us with their newest ballad song “Clenching a Tight Fist” has back to tease the fans with their MV Teaser for their newest title song “SOOM” a.k.a “Breathe” off their upcoming album “Mastermind” on 23 September 2010.

The MV teaser shows us rapper JunHyung lying on the floor (supposed to be ‘dying’ ?) and received a breathe mask from a red dress girl. Then the teaser continues to tease by showing BEAST members GiKwang and HyunSeung dancing in the rain topless!

The full MV is expected to be released in no time!

Like it or not?

BEAST gains explosive feedback after revealing their new song from their album

The group BEAST had revealed one of the songs from their 3rd album, ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ on the 17th on various music sites.

The R&B track ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’, which was released ahead of time despite their comeback coming up in late September, had successfully made it had the top searched song on portal sites and music sites. BEAST was able to experience the popularity as it seemed like the song wasn’t moving from first place.

BEAST had been recognized as skilled dance artist with perfect live, however they gained more attention with emotional acting and explosive vocal ranges that matches up well with traditional ballad singers.

This is why ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ had gained the hot anticipation and attention from the public.

This ballad song from BEAST will bring in the emotions of the fall and like the lyrics of the song, ‘We can live apart there is a farewell for us too,” composed by Ahn Youngmin, others have rated that BEAST’s voices carry on the sadness like the lyrics of the song making a wonderful harmony.

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[Highlights] 2010 Mnet 20’s Choice by Walkerhill RiverPark Swimming Pool

2010 Mnet 20’s Choice was held on 26th August at 5pm in Seoul Walkerhill Hotel RiverPark Swimming pool which saw the participation of various stars and their hot live performances.

The MCs of the night were Seo InYoung and Jo Kwon, and about 1000 over audiences were also present. And the event had seemed like a summer night poolside party. Unlike last year, Mnet 20’s Choice this year was held with the prize ceremony for the 20 most influential stars for 2010.

Go under the cut for the highlights, performances and winners list.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae voted as #1 most popular Kpop unit in Japan

So Nyeo Shi Dae is gaining great popularity in Japan.

Japan BigLobe Music released the results for a popularity poll on K-pop units on 17th August. During the 4 days the poll was conducted, 33,090 netizens took part. And ranked #1 on the poll is So Nyeo Shi Dae with 61.1% (20,212) of the votes. Following behind are WonderGirls with 29% (9598 votes), Super Junior with 5.2% (1717 votes), SHINee with 2.9% (944) and BEAST with 1.3% (417 votes) of the votes.

Biglobe Music said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae has earned the popularity amongst the young females in their 10s~20s. They get good reviews for their song, dance and fashion style.”

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BEAST signed on as models for fashion brand Clride.n

Popular idol group BEAST have been signed on as models for causal wear brand Clride.n.

Just 300 days into their debut, BEAST have shown that they can shine both on stage doing their music as well as in other areas like variety shows. And this time, the whole team has been signed and featured as models for 2010 F/W Clride.n catalog.

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B2ST & 4Minute Win Gold Disk Awards Oversesas

Both B2ST and 4minute received the honor of receiving Golden Disk Awards from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand at the 2010 Summer CUBE Stars Party on August 10th.

B2ST received the awards from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for “B2ST is the Best” and 4Minute was given the honor by Thailand for their debut LP, “For Muzik. Although, 4Minute were busy promoting in Japan they sent a video expressing their gratitude as a Cube representative accepted on their behalf.

B2AST’s leader Yoon Doojoon said, “We are so thankful that you gave us such a big award, and we will work even harder from now on. We will work harder to get awards like these.”

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‘Hallyu Dream Concert’ to take place on 12th September with 22 performing Kpop stars

The Hallyu Dream Concert hosted by Korea Entertainment Producer Association, ‘Visit Korea’ Committee and GyeongJoo; and sponsored by Ministry of Culture will take place on 12th September in GyeongJoo Citizen Stadium at 6pm.

This concert is planned in line with the 2010~2012 Visit Korea project which is a large scale cultural event for those in Korea and overseas to enjoy the drama, fashion and music which are the main elements to the Hallyu wave.

The performing artistes for this concert are confirmed to be Super Junior, 2PM, KangTa, 2AM, 2NE1, SE7en, 4Minute, BEAST, Son DamBi, KARA, After School, miss A, FT Island, Supernova, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, Ukiss, ZE:A, Secret, Flower, Seo InKook etc. There are a total of 22 performing teams (102 singers). And already, there has been growing interests from audiences in Korea and overseas.

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