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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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KMusic New Releases 26.08.2009 – Color Chocolate, B2Y, Park Ki Young, Taru, Hong KyungMin


Reviews to some of SooKyeong‘s recent favourite KMusic releases:

  • K Will and Mario for ‘Color Chocolate’ with the song ‘Chocolate’
  • New group B2Y releases 1st minialbum ‘BabyBoys to YearningGirls’
  • Park KiYoung comes back with a new single album ‘Recorded Tapes are Closed’
  • Taru finally releases full length album!
  • Hong KyungMin comes back with 10th album

Full article here…

K Bites – 25.08.2009 (K Will, Mario, f(x))

K Will and Mario for a music project ‘Colour Chocolate’


Singer K Will will be singing a sweet love singer with Mario for the song ‘Chocolate’.

The song ‘Chocolate’ is one of the songs included in the colour project ‘Colour Chocolate’ like the previous projects ‘Colour Pink’ by SeeYa, Davichi and Black Pearl; and ‘Colour Purple’ by Shin HyeSung.

‘Colour Chocolate’ project will feature K Will, known for his previous hits like ‘Love 119’ and ‘Tears are flowing’, and Mario who is known for his hits like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘SuperMan’. They will work together with one of the best hits maker in Korea Kim DoHoon.

‘Colour Chocolate’ will be revealed through various music sites like Melon on 25th August.

SM set to debut f(x) coming September


The faces of the members to SM Ent’s upcoming girlgroup f(x), set to debut in September, are revealed.

The group previously released their teaser video on 24th August, getting the attention from netizens. The group consists of Korean members Sulli, Luna, Krystal; American Chinese Amber, Victoria – the 5 members will form Asia pop dance group.

Also f(x) known to be a Mathematical function, like the variable x in the function, the members will show a variety of charms and talents not only in the Korea but also in the rest of Asia.

f stands for flower, and x stands for the XX chromosomes in females – they will be a feminine group like flowers, and will be the best Asia pop dance group being the hot icon of Asia.

More photos will be revealed from 26th till 30th August on their official homepage.

More individual photos here…

GDragon’s “Look Only At Me Part2” rose up directly to 5th place on Mnet chart

Music portal Mnet.com released the music chart for the first week of July (30th June to 6th July) and Brown Eyes‘ “Dont’ Go, Don’t Go” was at number 1 spot.

At number 2 spot is WonderGirls with “So Hot” and number 3 spot is SeeYa, Davichi and Black Pearl with “Blue Moon”.

Big Bang GDragon who came out with another version of TaeYang solo minialbum title song “Look Only At Me” called “Look Only At Me Part2” ranked at the number 5th spot. The song was also ranked at number 2 spot after Brown Eyes‘ “Don’t Go, Don’t Go” for download ranking, proving to be a popular hit.

Other than this, Davichi‘s “Love and War” and Um Jung Hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O” was at number 8 and 14 position. Especially for Um Jung Hwa‘s song from which the album was produced by YG Entertainment, rose to number 1 spot for MVs taking Brown Eyes off from the number 1 spot on the chart.

Meanwhile, Gummy‘s “You at a distance”, Hong Kyung Min‘s “Come back, Come back” and SS501‘s “You are my heaven” was seen rising up many rankings in the last week.