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Your favourite celebrities in army for ‘Army Broadcast Power Concert’!

Celebrities who are in the army currently – Kim JaeWon, Tony Ahn, Kim JungHoon, Jo InSung etc are seen in one place together.

They came together on 5th March in GyeongGiDo Kintex 5th hall for ‘Army Broadcast Power Concert’ where they met up with fans.

Other artistes who appeared at the concert include Dynamic Duo, Andy, Sechkies Kim JaeDeok, Sung ShiKyung, Lee Jung, JaeHee etc.

The MCs for the concert are Jo InSung, Boom and Kim JaeWon.

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Boom, “I miss Lee Teuk, EunHyuk and 2PM”

Currently serving his military service, broadcaster Boom (Lee MinHo) reveals that he wishes to see/misses juniors 2PM and Super Junior.

Boom revealed after f(x)’s “2010 Friends APEC Goodwill Ambassador” held on 29th January in Seoul. He told reporters present that he misses the colleague celebrities whom he did not get to meet after he entered the military.

He said, “Even though I haven preparing to enter the military for a long time back, because I could not tell those around me, entering the army had seemed like very sudden. I cannot say that there was no regrets since I’m doing well on broadcast shows, but I thought as a Korean this is due duty which I have to serve.”

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Photo Of The Day! Boom greets his fans with recent photo in uniform!

Broadcaster Boom (real name Lee MinHo) has sent a greeting to his fans via his minihompy.

Boom posted up his recent photo in uniform on his minihompy on Jan 22nd and put “Loyalty” as the subject!

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Netizens over heated debate over rumours that After School ex-member SoYoung is Boom’s girlfriend

There has been heated debate over the rumour that After School ex-member Yoo SoYoung is the girlfriend of broadcast personality Boom who is currently serving his military service.

Boom made a surprise appearance on SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December where he was awarded the newcomer award for the variety category. He said during the award ceremony after HyunYeong asked him to send his regards to her, “Our So-Bba-Bba”.

And netizens had inferred from Boom‘s nickname for his girlfriend that she is After School ex-member SoYoung. Already previously, there was already much interests for Boom‘s girlfriend when he revealed that he does have a girlfriend on SBS Strong Heart, even though he did not reveal who she is.

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Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Hyori awarded the Daesang at SBS Entertainment Awards!

Gagman Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Hyori have been both awarded the daesang at SBS Entertainment Awards, which took place on 30th December at the SBS GongGae Hall.

This is Yoo JaeSeok‘s 2nd year winning the daesang amidst strong competition from other entertainers like Kang HoDong and Lee GyungGyu. He said, “Really grateful. I don’t know that I will get the award. This is so sudden I don’t know what to think.”

Yoo JaeSeok
has been active as the MC for SBS Family Outing from June 2008. And the viewership for the show has even peaked at 30% once. This is his 2nd daesang for this year after the one received at 2009 MBC Broadcast Awards on 29th December, and making his 6th daesang award received.

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Boom pays a visit, Lee Teuk and EunHyuk win variety newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards

Currently serving his military duties, Boom gives a surprise visit during 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December.

He had made a surprise appearance during the awarding of newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards.

The newcomer awards for variety category have gone to Boom, Super Junior Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk for their appearance on ‘Strong Heart’.

Video under the cut.

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More recent of ex After School member SoYoung revealed!

It has been about a month since After School member SoYoung left the group.

Many fans have been curious how she has been getting along, and previously she revealed some photos of herself during her vacation to Japan.

And recently, she went on a trip to Australia and posted up more recent photos of herself.

Go under the cut for more.

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Brand new Teuk-kigayo on SBS Strong Heart

After Boom left for army in October, Boomkigayo is taken over by Super Junior Lee Teuk for Teuk-kigayo aired on 24th November on the show.

Eun JiWon and MC Mong‘s photos pawned everything!