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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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T-ara to advance overseas for 2nd album promotion

T-ara talks about making their overseas expansion and main focuses for album activities in 2010.

T-ara’s agency said on the 19th, “We’ve had love calls from 8 different countries including Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, but we’ve refused them all. Although T-ara members were busy acting in Korea during last years album and currently are, when the new album is released during the second half of the year we expected to advance overseas but stick mainly to Korean promotions for the time being,” he said.

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T-ara JiYeon’s first impression on BoRam, “What’s this elementary kid doing here?”

T-ara members revealed their first impressions of one another through their recent interview.

On KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 17th July, the girls get together to spend some fun time together ahead of their debut 1st anniversary. Except for SoYeon, the girls went to a theme park for a guerrilla date with the show MC.

And through questions and answers, it was found out that JiYeon is the member who gave the best first impression and HyoMin was the one who gave the worst for EunJung. EunJung said, “When I first saw JiYeon when she was in high school 3 year, she had long eyebrows and she was pretty like a child. The first impression was good.” And on HyoMin, “Her first impressions and usual features are different. I thought she was a fierce unnie at first impression.”

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KBites: T-ara group changes revealed, new member to Core Contents upcoming 9-member group introduced

‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon reveals new member to her upcoming group NamNyeoGongHak (남녀공학).

Their agency announced on 16th July, “The new member to the group is Ryu HyoYeong, 18 years old, who had appeared on SBS Star King on 29th May introduced as Miss ChoonHyang.”

With that, Jin HyeWon and Ryu HyoYeong will be 2 of the 4 female members for the upcoming 9-member mixed group. The profile of the other members have yet been revealed.

At the same time, Core Contents Media also confirmed that Ryu HyoYeong’s twin sister Ryu HwaYeong will join T-ara as the 7th member.

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SeeYa BoRam, T-ara HyoMin and JiYeon to sing for ‘Coffee House’ OST

SeeYa Boram and T-ara HyoMin and JiYeon will be participating in the OST of SBS drama ‘Coffee House’.

The 3 of them will be singing for the 2nd OST song ‘Coffee over Milk’, which is also the theme song for Kang SeungYeon (played by EunJung).

Boram, HyoMin and JiYeon has participated in the OST to show support for EunJung who is also starring in the drama The song will be revealed via music portal site Melon on 25th May.

Meanwhile, the drama has its first episode aired on 17th May, and has achieved over 10% in viewership rate, garnering good reviews even from the start.

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T-ara Boram garners interests with stalker role in Cass CF MV

T-ara Boram garners much attention as she has recently been casted for Cass CF.

Recently the full MV for Cass CF has been revealed, and in the MV, Boram was casted as a crazy fan stalker, this was different from Boram’s usual cute and bright image, much to the surprise of many fans.

Boram said in her recent interview, “To be honestly, initially when I was casted I was doubtful if I can do the role of a stalker well. But the director told me that he was surprised himself that I fit the role well.”

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2PM ‘Tik Tok’ full MV revealed!

The full MV ‘Tik Tok’ for 2PM and Yoon EunHye’s endorsement for Cass Beer has been revealed! TaecYeon and Nich Khun of 2PM plays the main characters in the MV alongside Yoon EunHye.

T-ara BoRam also plays cameo in the MV. Go under the cut for the 2nd part to the MV.

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T-ara BoRam in tears, “Goodbye now to 2nd generation celebrity”

Member BoRam of group T-ara, who took the 2010 Kpop world by storm with their hit song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’, reveals that she wants to shed away from the glory of her celebrity parents.

T-ara recently appeared for KBS 2TV ‘Park SooHong Choi WonJung’s YeoWooManMan’. Member BoRam is known to the be daughter of celebrities Jeon YeongRok and Lee MiYeong, and on the show, she reveals that she wants to shed away from the glory of them.

But recently, with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ getting very popular, her mother Lee MiYeong has been called ‘BoRam‘s mother’. Lee MiYeong, “Because of my status, my daughter also felt this sense of burden. But I will always support and root for my daughter.”

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SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara is back with new project ‘Wonder Woman’

SeeYa, Davichi and T-ara will comeback with their 2nd project single ‘Wonder Woman’ after ‘Female Generation’.

There were 5 members for their first project – SeeYa YeonJi, Boram, Davichi HaeRi, MinKyung and T-ara JiYeon.

But for this project, it will be a 7-member one with new members SeeYa SooMi, T-ara HyoMin and EunJung with the song ‘Wonder Woman’ written and composed by Jo YeongSoo.

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