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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Brave Brothers ‘I Want To Cry’ featuring Park JaeBum revealed!

The collaboration between Jay Park and Brave Brothers ‘I Want To Cry’ is finally revealed on 9th August.

The song is off Brave Brother’s 1st full length album. Love it or not?

New group SISTAR debuts with ‘Push Push’, and set for debut stage on 4th June

Group SISTAR will debut with the song ‘Push Push’ revealed on 3rd June.

And the producer in charged of their debut song is Brave Brothers (31) who made hits like ‘Crazy’ by Son DamBi and Big Bang ‘Last Greeting’. The song ‘Push Push’ is a dance song with strong beat and African drum sounds. And as for the choreography to their debut song, the group has got DQ who is also the choreographer for 4Minute and BEAST.

Their debut single album will be a collection of 4 songs including ‘Oh Baby’ and ‘Hear We Come’. The group name SISTAR is a composite name from 2 words ‘sister’ and ‘star’. They will show a friendly image like sisters, and be aimed to be the big stars of Kpop. The group members consists of leader HyoJung (19) and members DaSom (17), SoYoo (18) and Bora (20).

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Sexy diva Son DamBi’s comeback date is fixed! Comeback is set in late-June!

Son DamBi will have her singer comeback this late-June.

It has been finalised that Son DamBi will be having her comeback this June, and she is currently preparing for her comeback. News of her comeback first surfaced beginning of this year, but after over 6 months, the comeback date has finally been fixed.

There is great interests as to the concept and the music that Son DamBi will have her comeback with. It has been revealed that she will have a change in composers for her comeback album. She will be working with Kim TaeHyun and not the Brave Brothers who did her previous hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’. Kim TaeHyun is the hit maker who produced songs like ‘Bang!’ for After School and ‘Crazy Because Of You’ for T-ara.

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Park JinYoung voted the #1 overrated composer

Singer producer Park JinYoung has been chosen as the #1 overrated composer.

A survey was done from 16th till 23rd March on DCInside on the question ‘Which famous composer do you think is overrated?’ and Park JinYoung was rated #1 on the survey.

1,769 of the total of 6,723 netizens who participated in the survey chosen Park Jin Young. All this while, Park JinYoung has received much love for his producing and composing for not only his own albums but also albums for singers like G.O.D, Park JiYoon, WonderGirls, 2PM etc.

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UKiss to release 1st full length album on 3rd February with title song ‘Without You’

After their previous hit ‘ManManHaNi’, announcement came on 27th January that UKiss will be back with a new album.

Coming 3rd February, UKiss will be releasing their 1st full length album and the song ‘Without You’ off the album will also be revealed online.

The new song ‘Without You’ is co-written and composed by Brave Sound’s main producer Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, and is the 3rd track in the album.

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Brave Brother’s ‘Finally’

Brave Brothers brings the song ‘Finally’ to the fans. The MV is a story of a heart as it faces a “heart-breaking” tragedy. Featuring the newly popular group, UKiss, it sounds like it is bound to be one of those “Brave Sound’s” hit!

Like it or not?

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Dance music maker meets dancer – Poppin HyunJoon to work with the Brave Brothers for comeback

One of Korea’s best dance music makers will come together with one of Korea’s most popular dancers.

Hit maker the Brave Brothers will be giving a song ‘Wonder Woman’ for dancer Poppin HyunJoon for his comeback.

Poppin HyunJoon will be coming back with a 4-member female dance group A-Force, popular in Taiwan, China and Thailand, as a performance group for his comeback.

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Overwhelming responses for UKiss comeback ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ in just 1 day after release


Group UKiss has received overwhelming response just 1 day after they revealed the MV to their comeback song ‘Man Man Ha Ni’.

UKiss revealed the full MV to the song ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ on their homepage on 5th November at 3pm. What was eye catching is that UKiss has dumped their usual cute image and are back with smokey makeup and a more charismatic image.

It is also known that the producers to the new single album includes one of Korea’s most famous producer the Brave Brothers. And ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ is an electronica number with hiphop gangster feel.

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