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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel

2PM members ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transformed as Orange Caramel for their first independent concert.

The photo of the 3 members dressed up as Nana, Raina and Lizzy in After School unique group Orange Caramel during the concert last weekend was posted up on a fan cafe. Fan accounts stated that, “Their costumes and choreography were perfect, but they gave a different feeling as compared to Orange Caramel.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Oh gosh cute”, “This is really funny” etc.

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f(x) Krystal, “As a female singer, I was hurt”

f(x) member Krystal reveals the pains of a female singer.

Krystal will be appearing on SBS variety show ‘Delicious Invitation’ aired on 30th July. During the filming, Krystal revealed, “I’ve been hurt as a female singer.”

She explained, “Because I’m in a girlgroup, it’s tough because I’m being compared from my vocal capabilities to my body. Apart from that, this is felt by members from all the girlgroups.”

Singer Gummy who was present commented, “It is lonely to be a female singer,” and her reason for saying so is, “Because I sing sad songs, life felt sad, and it seems like it is hard to love comfortably.”

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Newcomer group Young Gun member Lee Min almost debuted as part of 2AM

New group Young Gun member Lee Min’s photos taken with 2PM and 2AM members when he was a trainee revealed online garner interests.

The photos revealed show Lee Min posing with 2AM and 2PM members like Jo Kwon, SeulOng, TaecYeon, ChanSung, JunHo etc. It is known that Lee Min is a JYP trainee. He entered JYPE in 2003 through an audition and received 3 years of training.

He was one of the candidates up to debut as part of 2PM or 2AM but in the end he was eliminated. Following the elimination, Lee Min continued to take part in other auditions and eventually he got to debut as part of Young Gun.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 for KBS Music Bank for the 1st half of 2010

Today on KBS Music Bank – 2010 1st Half Year Special – girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae won #1 with their hit ‘Oh’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including special stages lined up.

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2PM members’ childhood photos revealed on KBS Star GoldenBell

On KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell aired on 5th June, the childhood photos of the beasty idols 2PM members were revealed on the show.

One of the photos revealed, there was little ChanSung whose photos stood out. The MCs said, “The chubby cheeks and build reminds us of Psy. Luckily, you grew up well.” Nich Khun’s childhood photos also garnered much interests. The MCs commented, “His eyes look the same now and then.” and Nich Khun did the exact same pose as the one featured in his childhood photo.

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2PM’s sleeping habits revealed, “Nich Khun snores”

Group 2PM members’ unique sleeping habits revealed.

2PM members Nich Khun, WooYoung, JunHo and ChanSung were recently on KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell to be aired on 5th June when they revealed one another’s sleeping habits. ChanSung revealed, “I have ‘groped’ member WooYoung before,” which had the other guest appearances shocked.

WooYoung then explained, “I was sleeping in the living with ChanSung at the dorm once, and I have been beaten by him in his sleep before. He even had his leg crossed over to my side, that I almost got suffocated once by him.” JunHo added, “There was once ChanSung suddenly woke up in his sleep to close the lid of his notebook and then he got back to sleep.”

With that, MC Ji SeokJin asked, “Someone angelic like Nich Khun, does he have any sleeping habits?”

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2PM to end album promotions, and to fly to the States for WonderGirls concert tour in June

2PM will end their album promotions and fly to the States in June.

Currently promoting the album ‘Without U’, the group has been promoting as 4 members as member JunSu is down with knee injury and ChanSung hospitalized for enteritis.

A JYP Entertainment rep revealed, “Even though we have planned for the goodbye stages this week, the situation don’t allow. The album promotions will end naturally and the boys will  be flying to the States in June.” 2PM will be doing opening guest appearances for WonderGirls’ American concert tour.

Also, member TaecYeon will fly to the States with the member after his current drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ comes to an end on 3rd June. The JYP rep also added that the boys’ individual activities like MC on SBS Inkigayo, on Family Outing 2 and on KBS WinWin will go on as usual even though they are going to be touring with the WonderGirls.

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Hospitalised for enteritis, 2PM ChanSung to be discharged from hospital this weekend

Hospitalised for enteritis, it is known that 2PM member ChanSung will be discharged from the hospital this weekend.

A JYP Entertainment rep said on 28th May, “ChanSung’s conditions have improved a lot. Looking at how things are going now, he should be discharged from the hospital this weekend.”

ChanSung has complained of abdominal pain after the recording of SBS Inkigayo on 23rd May, and was brought to the hospital for a health examination. Afterwhich he was diagnosed of enteritis and was hospitalised to receive treatment. Member Nich Khun also wrote, “On our way to see Chansung before going to radio! ^^ He’s gonna be ok!” through his Twitter.

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