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2NE1 in the midst of filming for comeback title MV ‘Go Away’ and CL for transformation as car racer

It is known that the title song for 2NE1’s comeback has been decided and they are in the midst of filming for the MV.

2NE1 is set for their comeback 1st full length album release to be on 9th September. According to a YG representative on 30th August, one of the triple title song to the album will be ‘Go Away’. And the girls are in the midst of filming the MV for it in KangWonDo.

The MV is set to be directed by Cha EunTaek and the filming will take place all the way till 31st August. And it is also known that one other highlight to the MV is the radical transformation of leader member CL.

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CL – The Fashionista of 2NE1, “I can’t live without sunglasses!”

OnStyle, OnMedia’s style channel’s ‘Style Magazine’ meets girl group 2NE1 on the scene of a fashion photoshoot.

On this day’s broadcast, the 2NE1 members unanimously agree “2NE1’s fashionista is definitely CL”, attracting attention.

Sandara Park revealed “CL has always had a lot of interest in fashion but it seems like she was naturally born with fashion sense”, “When there are no stylists, CL would match our accessories for us and take care of styling the members.”

2NE1’s sylist, Seo Hanyung also added “CL would always come to photoshoots dressed in accessories, scarves or shoes that she chose herself. Since she really does have a strong sense of fashion, there are several occasions where we’ve actually used those items in the shoot”.

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Sandara Park, “We have came to see Gummy’s concert”

After Se7en, Park Bom is the next one to hold on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair.

Sandara Park posted on her me2day on 25th July, “We went to see Gummy unnie’s concert” and posted a photo of 2NE1 members at the concert.

She added, “The concert just ended a while ago. Kyaa~ Really cool! (Hands clapping)!! There was instances where I felt so touched listening to the sad songs. Personally I really like ‘I’m Sorry’. The MV was good too. We also want a concert.”

In the photo revealed, it can be seen that Park Bom was holding on to Sandara Park’s ‘palm tree’ hair while CL has her back facing the camera.

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Sandara Park reveals photos of 2NE1 taken in LA!

Girlgroup 2NE1 is currently in LA America!

Sandara Park posted up photos of the other 2NE1 members Gong MinJi and Park Bom taken in LA on her me2day on 25th June.

Sandara Park wrote, “MingKki who is carrying Bommie unnie and Bomtori who is trying to annoy Ssantokki. DaRong who is showing a shy expression. And our leader who is setting the table for our next meal. Let’s not leave out our leader.”

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2NE1 celebrates their 1st year debut anniversary with a bash!

2NE1 member Sandara Park reveals the 1st year debut anniversary of the team.

Sandara Park wrote on her me2day on 24th May, “Today’s party, Mingy is in charge of decorations, Bommie in charge of serving, and I’m the MV. The one I worry the most is CL in the kitchen…Ke.. Not that I’m worried about how the food taste! I’m just worried if she is able to make so many dishes on her own Ke but anyway hwaiting! ^.^”

Ahead of that, she also revealed photos taken at the mart with the girls while shopping to prepare for the party.

Netizens’ comments were, “Sandara Park seems excited about the party”, “I want to join the party too”, “I am very curious about CL’s cooking” etc.

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Lee Hyori picks SNSD Yuri and 2NE1 CL as the most impressive girlgroup juniors

So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri and 2NE1 CL have been chosen by Lee Hyori as ‘female singers who will be able to secure a future in the music industry in the long run’.

Lee Hyori was asked ‘Which girlgroup junior have caught your attention’ in an interview on 13th April and her answers were Yuri and CL. She said, “The 2 of them will do well if they come out as solo singers.”

Hyori’s reasons were, “It’s like looking at myself in the past. When I saw So Nyeo Shi Dae’s concert, Yuri’s solo performance was the most impressionable for me. My solo performances during Fin.K.L concerts had also garnered much attention from the music industry. I see that Yuri will have great potential as a solo singer.”

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2NE1 Transform into Cosmetics Models!

2NE1 is a girl group that has always filled the stage with their charisma, but what would they look like as cosmetics model?

Last year, the groups successfully launched their consecutive hits, “Fire” and “I Don’t Care,” making the new group become instant super stars. And now, 2NE1 would be the protagonist to a new cosmetics ad.

On the 15th, SBS TV “One Night TV Entertainment” would broadcast the filming of 2NE1’s cosmetic ad. In the filming, the girls showed off a youthful and energetic charisma; a welcome show to fans who don’t see what they are up to these days since it has been rare seeing them on stage nowadays.

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2NE1 transform into glamorous shoppers for 11st

2NE1 participated in the online shopping mall 11st’s most recent CF shoot. These girls worked the sexy image 100% in daringly exposing mesh dresses and vibrant patterns, while at the same time not revealing too much. In addition, they put on an air of glamour with their elegant hairstyles and provocative makeup.

Go under the cut for more photos and videos.

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