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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Seo In Young apologises to Crown J for being mean?

Seo In Young reveals an episode where she had sent an apology message to Crown J.

Seo In Young is known to have previously played make-believe couple with Crown J on MBC We Got Married. The ‘Ant couple’ is well-loved by viewers for their special chemistry during the show, and Seo In Young has also earned herself nicknames like ‘witch’ and ‘shinsang nyeo’ for her aegyo image on the show.

She revealed during an interview with T-News recently, “There was once when I coincidentally caught the rebroadcast of the show on TV. And I saw how I was on the show back then. So I sent a message to Crown J ‘Sorry for being mean’. ”

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Lee SeonHo and Hwang WooSeulHye to replace UEE-Park JaeJong on MBC We Got Married

Actors Lee SeonHo (28) and Hwang WooSeulHye (27) will be the new couple on MBC We Got Married.

After couples like After School UEE and Park JaeJung, Hwang JungEum and Kim YoungJoon left, the show got itself a new couple. Lee SeonHo is known to have taken part in drama MBC ‘Tamna Island’ and Hwang WooSeulHye also participated in movie ‘Penthouse Elephant’, and the 2 will start appearing on the show from January next year.

The 2 had their first filming for the show on 17th December. This is also their first time meeting.

And many are anticipating that the 2 will reach stardom like the previous stars on the show like Crown J, Marco, Hwang JungEum and UEE.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Twitter accounts not authentic, “We don’t do Twitter!”


Group So Nyeo Shi Dae has came out to reveal that they do not use Twitter.

Recently on the internet, there has been several Twitter accounts claimed to belong to the members of So Nyeo Shi Dae, and causing netizens to be confused if they are real. With that their company SM Entertainment came out to say, “They are not true at all.”

The SM representative said, “Fans who have heard about these accounts, they have went to leave messages on these accounts. The truth is the members don’t even know the friends added to these accounts on Twitter. So Nyeo Shi Dae do not use Twitter.”

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Singer Navi is the queen of covers


Admit it, we all love this new singer.

She has brought us all but only good hits since her debut like ‘I Love You (Feat Tablo)’ and ‘Heart Damage (Feat Crown J)’.

Now take a look at all the good cover songs she did, and I bet it will make you love her more.

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Great stages on Music Core 02.05.2009


I’ve been looking forward to Music Core this week – great stages in line – awesome featurings and awesome comeback stages.

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K Bites – 01.05.2009

WonderGirls SoHee on life in America, “It’s hard to adjust to changes in bed and food”

wgsh_010509WonderGirls SoHee updates fans about their current status in America.

She wrote an article on their fan cafe Wonderful, “This is the first time I’m writing this. I heard it’s raining a lot now in Korea. But in New York here, the weather is more like summer than spring.”

“But I’m glad it is getting cooler here. Also now that the bed and eating habits etc our surrounding environment has changed, it’s getting hard on us since we are sensitive to it.”

“We also heard that it is the exams period for fans these days. Even though it can be sensitive and tiring because of the exams, I hope fans will find the strength and pull through it. HWAITING.”

members have been updating their current status in America preparing for their American debut through online community sites and blogs.


Super Junior KangIn, “I only sing 11 secs to the song ‘Sorry Sorry'”

ki_010509Super Junior KangIn was on KBS ‘Game Show’ as the leader to Kang Team. He has to lead a team to play a game where players are blindfolded, and had to jump but also avoid a fly swatter after exactly 10 seconds. And he has, “I have confidence to do that well”

He then added, “Of the 13 members singing Super Junior‘s song ‘Sorry Sorry’, I just have 11 seconds of time to sing. I think I can do an accurate jump.”

And SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon and 2AM Im Seul Ong who were present shared his pain as part of an idol group. Seul Ong revealed that he also have 10 seconds worth of time to sing for 2AM’s 2nd album’s ‘A Friend’s Confession’.

This episode of game show will air on 3rd May at 10.50am.


2PM JaeBum is next featured on Navi’s ‘Heart Damage’


2PM JaeBum will be the next to support Navi‘s perform of ‘Heart Damage’ taken off her 2nd single released early April.

JaeBum will appear on Navi‘s performance of ‘Heart Damage’ on music programmes this weekend. JaeBum will perform a totallyly different rap which he wrote on his own to replace Crown J‘s rap portion in the song. He will also perform the rap portion live.

Until now, rappers featured for Navi‘s performances are Crown J and Untouchable’s Sleepy. The song is also doing very well on various music charts.

원더걸스 소희가 미국에서의 근황을 전했다.

소희는 최근 원더걸스 팬카페 원더풀에 글을 올렸다. 소희는 “이렇게 글을 쓰는 건 이번이 처음”이라며 “한국은 요즘 비가 온다고 들었는데 여기 뉴욕은 봄 날씨를 넘어서 거의 여름이다”고 인사했다.

이어 “그대로 이제 조금 시원해지고 있어서 다행이다”며 “잠자리 음식 등 주위환경이 바뀌는 것에 예민해서 이것 저것 고생 중이다”고 말했다.

또 “팬들은 요즘 시험 기간 중이라 들었다. 시험으로 예민해지고 힘들텐데 그럴수록 더 힘내길 바란다. 화이팅”이라고 덧붙였다.

한편 원더걸스는 현재 미국 뉴욕에 머물며 미국 데뷔를 준비 중이다. 원더걸스는 최근 여러 블로그나 매체를 통해 자신의 미국 생활기를 소개하며 미국 데뷔에 강한 욕심을 드러내고 있다.

Photos with Dong Bang Shin Ki and Big Bang – what’s SeeYa new members’ true identity?


SeeYa‘s new incoming member JiYeon‘s photos taken together with other popular singers have been the topic amongst netizens in forums.

There were photos of her posing with groups Dong Bang Shin Ki, Big Bang, 2PM, Crown J etc.

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K Bites – 03.04.2009 – Comebacks

younha_260808YounHa to comeback with 3rd album ‘Part. A Peace Love & Ice cream’

Known as ‘Oricon Comet’ YounHa will comeback with a 3rd album ‘Part. A Peace Love & Ice cream’ on 16th April.

For this album, YounHa will be bringing us some acoustic pop, modern rock and ballad which she is popular for.

She previously released her 2nd album ‘Someday’ last August, and this is her comebakc after 8 months. These few months, she has been busy running between Japan and Korea for her promotions of Japanese movie ‘This Sunday’ and also recording for her new album.


Navi for collaboration with Crown J for comeback new song

New singer will get the support of hip hop singer Crown J for her comeback song after 1 year.

She first released her single ‘I Love You’ last April which features her collaboration with Tablo. And the song had won her the title of ‘Korea’s Alicia Keys’ for her strong vocals, and she even won the new singer of the month last June. And now she is back with a new song ‘Because it hurts my heart’.

The song will be revealed online on 7th April.

Kim Joon to join T-Max on Music Bank on 3rd, coming back as singer after 1 year

‘Boys Over Flowers’ Kim Joon will comeback as singer as part of T-Max after 1 year.

He will be joining T-Max for their performance of Boys Over Flowers OST ‘Fight the bad feeling’ on KBS Music Bank on 3rd April.

This will be the first time Kim Joon perform as part of T-Max after his role as Song Woo Bin in the drama Boys Over Flowers.


Group AStar1 to comeback after 10 months


With their member HaiMing’s surprise appearance in the drama Boys Over Flowers, group AStar1 is also coming back after 10 months.

They will be performing on KBS Music Bank on 3rd April. They will be performing their OST song for Boys Over Flowers for about 2 weeks, after which they will release a new album on 13th April.

The group debuted in 2008 with 6 members coming from Korea, China and Japan.