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Dark horse ZE:A Kim DongJoon on KBS Dream Team with incredible results of 2m30cm for high jump

Idol group ZE:A member Kim DongJoon appears on ‘Dream Team’.

Kim DongJoon was on KBS Dream Team 2 aired on 23rd May to stand in for Lee SangIn who was unable to join the filming due to injuries.

DongJoon then achieved incredible results with a jump of 2m 30cm during the dark horse team match. But seeing his jump, director Yoo OkRyeol of the dark horse team then yelled, “This is not it.” Kim DongJoon then commented jokingly, “Director Yoo is angry.”

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f(x) Krystal breaks high jump record set 10 years ago on Dream Team Season 2

f(x) Krystal attempts the record of 1m 60cm for high jump set by Kim HeeSeon and Lee NaYoung.

On KBS Dream Team season 2 aired on 21st March, celebrities were grouped into 6 couples – Danny Ahn-Jin Bora, SangChu-Jessica, Brian-HyoYeon, JunHo-Yoon JooHee, MinHo-Krystal and Cheon MyungHoon-Kim JungMin for the ‘Couple Dream Team’ special.

The groups played a total of games – relay zigzag run, wrestling, couple dance battle and couple high jump. And the youngest couple team MinHo-Krystal had stood out with their amazing sports capabilities.

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Danny Ahn, “I want to change my profile! My special talent has been stated as dishwashing for the past 11 years”

Singer Danny Ahn reveals that as a singer, he has a special talent.

It was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February when he talked about how his singer talent on portal site is listed as dishwashing and that he wishes to change it.

On the show, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha revealed her real height, she said, “Even though my profile says my height is 164 cm, my true height is 158cm.”

With Narsha’s revelation, Danny Ahn also said, “I also have something I wish to change on my profile. For the past 11 years, my profile says that my special talent is dishwashing. For other singers, their special talents are usually rap, exercise, dance, but mine is dishwashing. I want to change mine to rapping.”

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Omona! Is that Narsha touching SHINee MinHo’s thighs?

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha touching SHINee MinHo‘s thighs?

The action was noticed during Narsha‘s appearance on KBS Dream Team filmed on 24th January where it was the girlgroup special.

During the show that day, MC Lee ChangMyung had Danny Ahn and MinHo play against each other for cockfight. And then the MC turned to the girlgroup members present Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, GaIn, KARA Nicole, Han SeungYeon, Secret Jeon HyoSeong, So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, Sunny, Jewelry Ha Yoo Jeon, Kim EunJung, “Go stand behind the one you think will win. And if he really does, you will get 2 points.”

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Song JoongGi introduces younger sister Song SeulGi teary-eyed on KBS Dream Team

Actor Song JoongGi‘s younger sister Song SeulGi (18) makes a special appearance on broadcast!

The 2nd part to KBS Dream Team Season 2 Canada expedition was aired on 3rd January. And during the show, before the match Song JoongGi introduced his younger sister who is currently studying in Canada on the show and was seen teary.

Song JoongGi said, “She must be lonely staying here alone. I will win the match today for my sister.”

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Kim Hyun Joong, “I’ve dated a female celebrity for 5 months before”

SS501 Kim HyunJoong reveals that he had once gone out with a famous female celebrity.

He was on SBS ‘Strong Heart’ aired on 15th December when he revealed, “I have once been in association with a female celebrity for a period of 5 months.” He had revealed that after being ‘attacked’ by Danny Ahn with the question when SES Shoo was talking about ‘Idols’ Love Secrets’.

Danny Ahn said to Kim HyunJoong, “Even though you don’t have a girlfriend now, you have past dating experiences (with female celebrity)” and Kim HyunJoong gave many a shock by saying coolly, “That’s right”.

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Kim TaeWoo, “I’ve bought Seo In Young underwear as presents before”


Singer Kim TaeWoo reveals that he has given a special present to Jewelry Seo In Young.

Kim TaeWoo was on the most recent filming of MBC ‘SaeBaKwi’ when he revealed, “I have given underwear to Seo In Young as present before.”

The MCs to the show had asked, “We heard that Kim TaeWoo like Seo In Young a lot, and you even invited Seo In Young for your birthday. Is it true that you gave her underwear for her birthday present?”

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DreamTeam Is Back


Some of you should remember sitting around a TV / Computer and praying some guys like Jo SungMo, or Shin JungHwan trying to jump a over a stack measuring up several meters.

Don’t remember? Never heard of it? Worry no more,  because season 2 is coming back hard.

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