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Epik High will be back as a duo with release of new album ‘Epilogue’

With the early ending of their previous 6th album promotions after member DJ Tukutz had to go to the army and also get married, group Epik High will be back next month.

According to their company, they will be releasing a new album ‘Epilogue’ in early March. It will be their new album after their 6th album released last September.

Tablo recently wrote on their official homepage, “The recording for ‘Epilogue’ is completed, we will be starting on mixing. And we are designing on the album jacket.” and it has been known that the album is 90% done in productions.

And a company official also revealed, “The members are in the last lap of their promotions, and have been staying in the recording room.”

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[Special] KBites Kpop Report 2009

Coming nearly to the end of the year, let’s take a look back at some of the major Kpop events for 2009 in KBites ‘Kpop Report 2009’.

It’s been such an eventful year, with its up and down periods in the Kpop circle. Fans have also stood strong by their idols, and showed belief and support through the different events and happenings.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2009 and welcome a good start for 2010 for Kpop!

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Epik High’s goodbye stage with ‘Wannabe’ on Music Core

Hip hop trio Epik High had their goodbye stage with ‘Wannabe’ aired on MBC Music Core on 17th October. The show was a pre-recorded from last week’s show.

The group will be saying goodbye for now as DJ Tukutz get enlisted for military duties previously on 15th October.

Epik High releases ‘Trot’ and ‘High Technology’ MV

After member DJ Tukutz headed for his military service today, Epik High released a part 2 to the MV of their 6th comeback album title song ‘Wannabe’ featuring the songs ‘Trot’ and ‘High Technology’.

It will be goodbye for now from the group with DJ Tukutz serving his military duties. Meanwhile, let’s all enjoy the hilarious part 2 MV.

Photo Of The Day 15.10.09 – Epik High Tablo says goodbye to Tukutz from afar

Photo of the day! Epik High Tablo looks at fellow member DJ Tukutz waiting to report for his military service from afar.

Go under the cut to read more about DJ Tukutz‘s reporting for military service today.

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Tablo and Kang HyeJung to get married on 26th October


Hip hop group Epik High member Tablo will be holding his wedding with actress Kang HyeJung on 26th October at 2pm.

Previously in September, Tablo announced on Epik High‘s official website MapTheSoul the news of Kang HyeJung‘s pregnancy and also news that the couple will be getting married within this year. And the date of their wedding has been chosen.

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DJ Tukutz to get married on 13th, and enlist for military service on 15th Oct


Group Epik High member DJ Tukutz (Kim JungSik, 28) will be getting married with a female 2 years older than himself on 13th October.

He posted the news of his upcoming wedding and also the date of his enlistment for military duty on 7th October on Epik High‘s official site.

He wrote, “I will be enlisting for military service coming 15th October. Before I get enlisted, I would like to relay the happiest news of my life. I finally get to make the promise of ‘Stand By Me’ with my love of 10 years real.”

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Tablo, “I’m a genius? The best brain in Epik High is DJ Tukutz”


Epik High member Tablo, who will be getting married with actress Kang HyeJung coming October, has pointed out that the best brain in Epik High is DJ Tukutz.

Tablo was on KBS 2TV ‘1 Against 100’ aired on 22nd September where he has taken up the challenge to win the 50 million KRW prize but he suffered defeat at the 10th stage.

And then fellow member DJ Tukutz said, “It seems like genius Tablo has made a mistake. Tablo is stupid. It’s just all an illusion.”

Find out what happened next under the cut.

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