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Sean and Jung HyeYeong can do 21 kisses in 5 seconds

Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple shows off their kisses on screen.

The couple had made appearances on SBS TV ‘Delicious Invite’ aired on 16th July. On the show that day, MC Lee SooGeun had said, “Can you kiss for more 15 times in 5 seconds?”

On the mission given to the couple, other appearances on the show DongHae and Brian said “Yes” and Nam HeeSeok and Jung JoonEun said, “No.” With that, the couple got on to do their mission. Sean was seen determined to complete the mission while Jung HyeYeong seemed shy from the many kisses from Sean.

And it turned out that the 2 completed the mission with 21 kisses in 5 seconds.

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‘Prince of tears’ Super Junior DongHae talks about how he cries easily

Introducing himself as ‘The prince of tears’, Super Junior DongHae confesses that he had cried a lot due to the other members.

DongHae had revealed during his appearance on SBS Strong Heart on 13th July, “There is a saying that guys only cry on 3 occasions, but I cry a lot. After debut, I have cried a lot because of the other members. ”

DongHae went on to explain, “We were travelling to an event in the countryside, and ShinDong and EunHyuk were sitting behind me in the car. It had been about 4 hours when ShinDong said ‘So the hyung sits at the back and the dongsaeng sits in front’.”

Back then, DongHae’s popularity was on the rise. And Kim HeeChul commented, “It is like that when you are popular,” and Lee Teuk came in to help. DongHae then stood up wanting to change seats, but another comment came, “Just stand put. Things have been like that anyway.”

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[Photo Spam] Celebrities attending WG SunYe father’s wake

With the unfateful news of WonderGirls leader SunYe father’s passing earlier today, many Korean celebrities have also attended his wake and paid their last respect.

Some of the celebrities spotted at the wake includes WonderGirls ex-member SunMi, 2AM Jo Kwon, Super Junior DongHae and HeeChul, Park ShinHye and Park KyungRim. The rest of the 2AM and 2PM members are also set to attend the wake.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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Super Junior DongHae, “I really like children”

Super Junior DongHae reveals a photo taken with beautiful children.

DongHae posted the photo on his Twitter on 14th June featuring him posing with 2 children and he talks about his wish to become a father. DongHae, “I met 2 angels. Really really pretty children. I like children a lot. Will be get to be a father of lovely children later?”

Meanwhile, the group is promoting the song ‘Bona Mana’ off their 4th album.

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Super Junior, KARA and BEAST shouted,”TAEHANMINGUK Fighting!”

As South Korea started their 1st match today ni the 2010 World Cup against Greece, Koreans are all in hype and that includes the Kpop celebs.

Super Junior Donghae also showed some supports with the Super Junior boys by wearing red clothes.

KARA JiYoung tweeted her supporting photo as she headed to COEX to watch the game.

Whilst the BEAST leader DooJoon tweeted a photo of GiKwang and HyunSeung who looked stunned and says that the boys showed the same supports though they can only watch the game inside the car due to schedule.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Super Junior Lee Teuk, “When I first saw the 13-year-old SunYe, I thought I had stopped breathing”

Super Junior Lee Teuk confesses on the special memory he had of WonderGirls SunYe.

Lee Teuk was on SBS Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee Come To Play aired on 31st May when he had sent a text message ‘Do you remember oppa?’ to SunYe in the ‘Chamber Room Meeting’ corner on the show. He explained, “I know that SunYe debuted through an audition show. When I was watching that on the TV, I thought that she is going to do well. I was a fan.”

He added, “Back then I was still a trainee. One day, I was hungry and I had went to a fast food restaurant, and there in front of me was the 13-year-old SunYe. The first time I saw her I was so nervous I thought I was going to stop breathing.”

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Super Junior DongHae, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl”

Super Junior DongHae reveals his unique theory of love relationship.

DongHae was recently on MBC Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee’s Come To Play aired on 31st May. And on the show, he said, “Once I have my eyes on a girl, I will make her my girl.”

But before he had said that, DongHae had revealed that he has once impersonated as an overseas fans and hugged WonderGirls SunYe. And the MCs asked, “By any chance, do you have a thing for Sunye?” And DongHae explained, “I’m a fan. Since I saw the audition, I have been watching her on TV. I hope she will continue to do well.”

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WonderGirls SoHee-YooBin, “Sorry that we did not treat new member HyeRim well enough”

WonderGirls SoHee and YooBin reveals their apologies to new member HyeRim.

The girls were recently present for the filming of MBC Yoo JaeSeok Kim WonHee Come To Play with the Super Junior (HeeChul, Lee Teuk, ShinDong, DongHae and KyuHyun) for a special episode of the show. The MCs then asked HyeRim, “When you first joined, it must be pretty awkward, who was the one who treat you the best?”

HyeRim then answered, “They all treat me very well, I can’t just pick one person.” With that the Super Junior members joked, “I guess there is none.” The MCs then asked the WonderGirls member, “Is there anyone who thinks ‘To be honest, I didn’t treat HyeRim well enough’?” And member SoHee and YooBin raised their hands.

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